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With the certificate, you get a consultation on 1 important issue, a full consultation with energy correction and a tarological portrait of your choice from the Tarot reader «House of the Phoenix» at a discount.

Service description

The tarot reader conducts online consultations for everyone who is at a dead end in life and does not know how to find a way out of this situation. Family conflicts, personal problems, in the love sphere, at work, a state of loneliness, anxiety, a feeling of hopelessness, insecurity, depression, difficult choices, psychosomatic diseases, situations when you do not want to live, the presence of negativity ...

If you are ready for change, the tarot reader will become a reliable guide to the world of your subconscious and will help you to hear yourself, your true goals and desires, and find answers to existing questions.

1. 1 Important question (15-20 minutes) - we are considering one important issue that worries you, looking for ways and solutions. I ask you to describe the situation as truthfully and concretely as possible, the answer you received depends on the correctly posed question.

2. Full consultation with energy correction (1 hour) - we consider your past-present-future, situations, events, people who have influenced and influence you, situations in which you are now, what and who influences it and how it is change options and prospects for the near future (up to 6 months). During the consultation, a candle works, which I make specifically for you, for your date of birth, it is configured to cleanse you of negative influences of any nature and information overload, and launches new energies in you.

3. Tarological portrait - I compose a psychological tarological portrait according to your date of birth, using the Tarot arcana. With it, you will understand what energies you live in during your life, how they change, with what talents and abilities you were born, what is your purpose, how you see yourself, how others see you, your mission, life tasks, your karmic portrait ( who were, what they did, what tasks from past incarnations, how to implement it in this life) what are your blocks and complexes that can and should be worked out in order to make your life happy and abundant.

If the layouts of the Tarot change depending on situations, actions, your personal changes, then the Tarot portrait is drawn up for life, it is constant and unchanging.

4. General forecast for 2022 - how the previous year influenced you, what it taught, what experience you gained, what to take with you, what to thank and let go, the global task of the coming year, what will be the next year for you, to what extent you will be able to realize your plans, what will help, what will hinder, advice for a year.

5. Monthly forecast for 2022 is a global task for the coming year, which will bring each month of the year, what to expect, tasks for each month, the possibility of a month, the complexity of the month, personal life, finances, work, advice for the year.

What is included in the price of the certificate?


  • A 50% discount on the general forecast for 2022 and the monthly forecast - for UAH 250 instead of UAH 500.

How to use a certificate?

You can use the coupon from 08.09.2021 to 08.03.2022

The price includes payment for information services provided by Покупон on the basis of the Public Offer.


  • One client can personally use only one certificate.
  • Before purchasing a certificate, be sure to check the availability of seats for the desired date and time.
  • First, you need to agree on a call and send the necessary information for an answer (a description of the problem, your photo or the people in question).


  • Discounts on certificates are not cumulative with other promotional offers.
  • To receive a discount, you need to submit a certificate electronically.
  • Give the last digit of the certificate (activation code) only when you receive the service. After activation, the service is considered to be provided, and the certificate cannot be returned.
  • The consultation takes place online by telephone.
  • Refunds for Information Services are carried out exclusively on the grounds provided for in Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Protection of Consumer Rights'. To refund the cost of the Information Service, the User provides Покупон with the Seller's confirmation (in any form) that the Seller refused to transfer the Goods to the User on Special Conditions.
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«House of Phoenix» offers tarot reading services. Tarot cards, consultations on important issues, tarological portrait and energy correction.

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