Public Offer for partners

Public offer agreement about service delivery


An offer is given, in accordance with the Civil Code of Ukraine, published (promoted) on the Internet site , in the official proposition of the Partnership with a special opinion, A. on the submission of the Statute, given in the text - "Vikonavets", the terms of the Agreement on the provision of services, given in the text - "Contract", and to revenge what is necessary for the delivery of services, given in the text - "Services".

Subject to Part 2 of Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, in case of acceptance of this Offer, legal and physical individuals approve of their own order to establish the Offer (agreement) on the proposed moment, when Viconavets is named at the fake "Party".

1. The designation of the term

1.1. For the purposes of this Offer, the lower the targeting of the term vikoristoyutsya at the offensive value:

The offer is a public agreement about the delivery of services.

Site - Internet site

Hotel - Hotel Vikonavtsya of nadannya Zamovnikovі personalnoї storіnki on Saytі Vikonavtsya in viglyadі (name - zmіnne value yak vіdpovіdaє naymenuvannyu Zamovnika) in vіdpovіdnostі of Minds danoї offer.

Acceptance of the Offer - more insanely accepting the Offer by the way of paying for the Viconavts' Servants.

The deputy is a physical person who is a legal person who has received the Acceptance of this Offer on the Site.

Vikonavets - Partnerships with an interconnected view of "Superdil", as we nada servants to the Deputy on the minds of this Offer.


2. Subject of the public offer

2.1. In view of the minds of the given Public Offer, the Viconavets of goiter will call on the Deputy of the Servant, referring to paragraph 2.2 of this Offer, and the Deputy of the Gobov will be obliged to pay for the Service of the Viconavts.

2.2. By means of service, the message of Zamovniki advertising services, the rise of personal events on the site of the Vikonavtsya at the (name - change meaning, like the name of the name of the Deputy) grows. The personal side of the deputy may be a revenge on the name of the deputy: name, logo, short description, address, contact telephone numbers, distribution on cards, messages, rating and rating. The deputy is hopeful the ability to independently edit information, as to take revenge on his personal side. A detailed description of the services that period you need to take revenge in the deputy, as soon as you get paid from the Deputy, that at the rakhunks for payment, as the Vikonavets to the Zamovnik.


3. The procedure for rejecting the acceptance of the minds given to the offer agreement

3.1. Acceptance (the moment of acceptance of the offer) the moment of payment.

3.2. At the time of acceptance of the victories in the grant of the Offer of Minds and the acceptance of the Offer, a physical or legal person becomes a Zamovnik.

3.3. Mind the given Offer can be changed and / or supplemented by the Vikonavets in a unilateral manner without any special notice. The continuation of the vicarious service of the Vikonavtsya by the introduction of changes and / or additions to the given Offer means the acceptance and the year of the Deputy with such changes and / or additions.

3.4. We will agree to an offer to be met at the time of the Acceptance by the Deputy.


4. Partiality and communication of service and payment

4.1. The partiality and the service of skin care services will begin on a case-by-case basis prior to the rakhunks given by the Vikonavets.

4.2. The Viconavets can unilaterally change the service of the Servants until the moment they are paid by the Deputy, without the need for any kind of stupidity.

4.3. The initial part of the replaced services starts as a sum of the part of the skin from the replaced services, clause 4.1. given to the Offer. Vikonavets has the right to stand up for his own appraisal of the information, bonus and / or proclaim whether or not you are interested in programs, talk about any Vikonavets published on the Site, or discuss it with the Deputy.

4.4. Payment The service is welcomed yak 100% overpayment in 3 (three) calendar days after the opening of the rakhunku by way of a non-prepaid rosary to the Vikonavtsya line rakhunok.

4.5. All additional vitrati, which can be tied with a change of catches, are not a Zamovnik.

4.6. The currency given to the Agreement is Ukrainian hryvnia.

4.7. At the time of the change of the Deputy, the service for the given Contract was given for payment of the Servants, the Viconavets turned over to the Deputy of the Deputy Servants at the time of such vidmovi.


5. Rights and obligations of the parties

5.1. Vicone of the goiters:

5.1.1. Nadavati Servants to the Deputy in order and on the minds of those who were transferred to the Tsim by the Agreement.

5.1.2. Provide the deputy with the information given to him for the distribution of materials to technical minds, which are necessary for the distribution of information on the Site, for the duration of three business days, from the moment of the beginning of the day. The deputy of advertising materials to technical minds, which is necessary for the distribution of advertisements on the Website, is not safe to inform the deputy of advertising materials.

5.1.3. We need the power to the Deputy to get to know the order of the service. The Servant and the control over the processes.

5.1.4. Secure access to the Vikonavtsa website (which was opened for the Internet - the address, through which Zamovnik will be їх їх trimuvati.

5.2. Vikonavets maє right:

5.2.1. Otrimuvati vid Zamovnika payment for the Service is in order and on the minds of those who have been transferred by the Agreement.

5.2.2. At any moment, the agreement will be considered in order and on the minds of Section 11 of this public offer.

5.2.3. Otrimuvati from the Deputy, be it information, I will need to check my crops, I will be bound by the Treaty. If the Information Deputy is not submitted, or is incorrect or incorrectly represented by the Information Deputy, Vikonavets has the right to submit a copy of her crops for the Agreement before the Information Deputy has been submitted by the Deputy.

5.3. Deputy of goiters:

5.3.1. Please make sure that the payment for the replaced Services is made in the lines established by the Agreement;

5.3.2. Provide the Vikonavtsy with information that is necessary for the delivery of services for the price of the Offer;

5.3.3. Informally inform the Vikonavtsya about all the furnishings that can be inserted into the visonannya by the Sides of their crops.

5.4. The deputy has the right:

5.4.1. The deputy has the right to externally and promptly reject the services he has paid for, and on the minds of the given Agreement.

5.4.2. On otrimannya vіd Vikonavtsya vіdomosti about nіdanі Poslugi by way of listing by e-mail;


6. Sanctions and Advertising

6.1. The deputy has the right to pay pennies for non-nominations (more often than not) Servants, who paid off, as a result of the agreement with the Vikonavtsia's innovations.

6.2. The sum of the turnover at the same time will start proportionally to the swearing-in. The servants, they don’t bother the Deputy.


7. Settlement of disputes

7.1. Effortlessly argue, disputes and claims, as there may be victories at the call of the visitor, the disclosure of the minds of the minds of the contract-offer, and the parties will be pragmatic about the negotiations. The party with any claims and / or breakdowns, directs the third parties about the relevant changes of these claims and / or breakdowns.

7.2. It’s unfortunate that the dispute overwhelms the way of negotiations, it’s guilty to submit to the court order for the issue of a court order and such a dispute is suspected before the honorable legislation of Ukraine.


8. Variety of sides

8.1. The parties hesitated, but in the event of force majeure circumstances (for an unfinished fortune, as not to lay down from the will of Storin), but itself: in the case of war, blockades, foreign exchange, those who have been Pozh, poveny, іншого spontaneous dashing, Parties zvіlnyayuyutsya vіkonannya of their crops'yazan for an hour of significant circumstances. In case of significant circumstances, it is more than 7 days old, the skin and from Storin may have the right to issue the given Agreement and not be aware of the fact that such a decision is made for the reason that you should ask the Party about it. Sufficient proof of force majeure circumstances є document, visions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.

8.2. At the vipad of non-acceptance of any unreliable vikonannya The deputy of the crop'yazan hundredfold payment of the price of the Agreement, Vikonavets has the right to vimagati from the payment of the penalty at the level of the subordinate regional rate of the National Bank of Ukraine for the payment of the leather day.

8.3. In vipadku nevikonannya abo unreliable vikonannya The deputy of the be-like from their goiters'yazan transferred tsim by the Treaty abo Dodatki to new, Vikonavets has the right to the period of such a stitching to receive the service.

8.4. The deputy will not be aware of the violation of copyright and / or the rights of intellectual power of any third particulars, for the reliability of information, since it was the difference on the personal side of the Ukrainian website, The substitute zobov'to engage with his own forces and for his own rakhunok virishuvati all disputes and in regulating the claims of the third parties in connection with the changes in the information on the Treaty, and / or in the case of the victories of the victories (including the claims of the courts) the basis of the presentation of such information was the distribution of the information of the Deputy, who was guided by the minds of the Treaty.


9. Processing of Zamovnik's personal tributes

9.1. Accept the Offer, the Deputy has been catching up every year, so that the processing of the personal tributes introduced by him should be submitted to clause 6 of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On the acquisition of personal tributes".

9.2. The viconavets, when collecting personal tributes of the Proprietor of Craws, should be obliged to live in all persons transferred by the official legislation of Ukraine to those who have entered for unauthorized access.

9.3. On vikonannya vimog to the Law of Ukraine "About the acquisition of personal tributes" dated 01.06.2010 p. No. 2297-VI of the skin on the basis of the Agreement was approved, which has introduced its forerunners - physical persons, as from the names of the Parties to sign the Agreement, about the rights of such persons in relation to personal data, Agreements may be (may be) included before the base of personal donations of the other Party, or may be transferred to the advertised persons of the other Party, as well as to the counterparties, and in the cases transferred by the legislation of Ukraine, to the state authorities. The Skin Party pidtverzhu, so the forerunners - physical individuals, which from the date of the name of the treaty, will take on themselves the obligations of the representatives in the form of the written agreement on their personal agreement on the base of personal data of the other Party and for submitting the processing of personal data in the card indexes and / or for the additional information and telecommunication systems of the bases of personal data with the help of, when the processing of personal data is given to the parties, I agree with the parties. In the destruction of the minds, transferred by the clause of the Agreement, and / or the norms of the meritorious legislation of Ukraine to the capture of personal tributes, the Party of the given other Parties is responsible for the cause of the real beatings, in the order transferred by the Ukrainian law. Until the beatings, when it comes to getting through, waking up, to impose fines, financial and whether there are any sanctions, or even pennies, if the Party was rallied for breaking the minds of a single clause of the Agreement that / if


10. The term given to the Public Agreement

10.1. Tsey Dogovіr nabuvaє chinnostі of the time of acceptance of Yogo minds Zamovnikom that dіє to Povny vikonannya zobov'yazan Parties for vinyatkom vipadkіv Yogo dostrokovogo rozіrvannya.


11. Development of the offer agreement

11.1. Yakshcho іnshe is not directly transmitted by the Agreement or by the legislation of Ukraine, the Agreement can be made only for the households Storin, as it will be formalized by the additional land before the Agreement.


12.Inshi mind

12.1. Referred to this document by the public offer (proposition) of the Vikonavtsya at the address of the physical and legal entities, in order to avenge the majority of the contract for the service.

12.2. At the moment of accepting the minds of the Offer Agreement, the Contract-Offer will get involved, and the Zamovnik will become aware of it and wait a while with the Offer.

12.3. Requirements of the Viconavtsy as a whole and on the basis of visas are initiated by the minds of the offer price.

12.4. We are right in the name of the agreement, as well as in connection with them, including those in accordance with the terms of operation, orders, requests, changes that have been made in accordance with the agreement, not violated by the agreed agreements, the norms of the decent legislation of Ukraine, as well as stagnating to such a legal basis of legal turnover on the basis of the principles of good faith, intelligence and justice.


13. Requisites Vikonavtsya

TOV "Superdil"

Legal address: 04071, m. Kiev, st. Spaska, 1/2.

ЄDRPOU 37312071

P / r: 26006424547 in PAT "Raiffeisen Bank Aval" MFO: 380805

Є a pay-as-you-go tax on arrival at out-of-town shops

ІПН 373120726584

Certificate of PDV No. 200118663

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