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With the certificate, you get an individual ground excursion for your company from 1 to 25 people along one of several routes to choose from with individual coordination of the time of the excursion from the travel company «Matei Travel» with a discount.


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«Paranormal Kiev» is a mystical excursion about places of fears and horrors with amazing events and facts of the presence of the world of the dead among us.

Of course, it is in Kiev that the eternal battle between good and evil is taking place, and thanks to this, a relatively shaky balance of power is still maintained in the world, otherwise how can you explain such a large number of holy temples and damned bald mountains in one place? On the tour, you will learn about terrible paranormal phenomena, from which the blood runs cold, they happened to the heroes of the stories, and can reliably happen to you.

On this tour you will learn and see:

  • Where there was an abandoned altar, on which until recently there was someone's blood.
  • Who the legendary snake fighter really was.
  • Where devils crawled to the surface in Kiev.
  • Why did the residents of Podil ask to rename one of the streets?
  • Where was the church, where the baths themselves changed for new ones.
  • Where did the Kiev inquisitors punish the sorcerers?
  • In which house was the poltergeist recorded for the first time?
  • Where in the center of the city is an ancient forgotten cemetery, which is better to bypass.
  • In which well the local witch Podol drowned the girls.
  • Who the first metropolitan witch really was.
  • Why do mystics use salt in rituals?
  • Who was the first Satanist of Kiev.


This tour is dedicated to the famous Kiev castles. In the past, however, as in our time, wealthy people of Kiev loved to flaunt luxurious houses in front of each other. The best architects brought to life all the whims of the customers with the help of bricks and concrete. Many of these buildings resembled real castles, which seemed to have descended from medieval engraving. And today they have practically not lost their flavor. It seems that it is worth crossing the threshold of such housing, as the guards dressed in armor will block the road with halberds and sternly ask - Why disturb the peace of the owner? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity and visit some of the most notable castle-style mansions.

The first object of the excursion will be the famous Baron's House, which is located at the beginning of Yaroslavov Val Street, one of the unspoken symbols of Old Kiev. You will spend about an hour exploring it, go around all the corners and go up to the famous tower. Further along the route - the Gothic castle of Lapinsky. You will study it externally and learn from what real prototype the clinic-shelter of the poet Ivan Bezdomny was depicted in the immortal novel The Master and Margarita.

The last in line is the picturesque, but dilapidated Steingel castle on the street. Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya, where the event will end. From there you can go down to Victory Square, where there is an excellent transport interchange. Of course, the excursion will be flavored with a fair amount of stories about all the adjacent buildings and natural boundaries, which border the sights described above.

You will learn:

  • What a mystical house in Kiev looks like from the inside.
  • Where the holy doctor and Mr. helicopter lived.
  • Where was the border between poor and rich Kiev.
  • Where is the real castle of the Baron.
  • How the only real boulevard in Kiev was built.
  • Where is the World War II two-story air defense bunker.
  • Where the apartment of the creator of the first computer in Europe was located.
  • What is the barbocan and where is the only object of this kind located in the city.
  • Why the house of the German millionaire was cut in half.
  • How Kiev castles were born and what function they actually performed.


Goloseevsky Forest is the largest park in Kiev, a life-giving place where strength is restored. You can see around this beauty in 4 hours of excursion.

Here, as if from lace, ancient paths and blue streams are woven. The secrets of our ancestors are preserved by a unique settlement of the times of Russia, thousand-year-old oaks that witnessed the flourishing of powerful Kiev remember all guests of the dense virgin forest, and all this harmony is guarded by three monasteries of different eras, which enveloped everything around with synergy.

Sometimes during the excursion you will get the impression that you are hundreds of kilometers from the metropolis with its noise and endless traffic of cars, but in fact you will not even leave the outskirts of the city.

The route will start from VDNKh - the reserve of the Soviet Union, here you will cross the border of time and space and find yourself in the places of leaks of the Slavic civilization, you will see the historical places of Samburka, Myshelovka, Kitaevo and other chronicle names that have been lost on the pages of history. On the way, another interesting surprise awaits you - a visit to a unique man-made cave (optional).

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • Why VDNKh was called the town of miracles.
  • Where is the secret botanical garden located.
  • When a whale from the ocean got to Kiev.
  • Why the founder of the Ukrainian neo-baroque style was sent to jail.
  • Where does the name of Goloseevsky forest come from.
  • Why the nun dug a cave on her own.
  • How a girl from these lands taught soldiers not to be afraid of fear.
  • With whom did the Cossacks play cat and mouse?
  • Where you can hear the sounds of the Earth's rotation around the Sun.
  • What an open-air monastery looks like.
  • Where was the line of demarcation between the Slavs and nomads.
  • How water from a holy well saves from various diseases.


On an excursion without illusions and decorations, you will be told about the sinful life of Kiev during the times of great debauchery, when the modern streets of the center were obscene red-light districts, where all the night butterflies of the city flocked to. At first glance, they are no different from others, but every old house that has survived here remembers tragic, comic, and sometimes happy stories.

You will plunge into the whirlpool of urban sensuality in the early 1850s, remember the young and beautiful-bodied girls described in Kuprin's story «The Pit», reveal the role of a brothel Kiev during the Second World War, but you will not ignore the modern life of night fairies.
Searches in this piquant topic will end with the truth - «holy love is a great feeling, like the world, and not at all lying in bed».

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • What types of moths flew in Kiev.
  • What a hundred years ago was the daily routine for a courtesan.
  • Who became the first casanova capital.
  • Who are the cross girls and why did they live near the monastery.
  • When brothel houses were legalized.
  • Why were passports replaced with yellow tickets?
  • Which side of Khreshchatyk did the Duma girls go on?
  • Why Prince Vladimir was a witness to unconventional preferences.
  • How Babylon ended up under the walls of Hagia Sophia.
  • Who was the hero of a high-profile intimate scandal of the 19th century.
  • How sex was sold instead of bubbles.
  • Who drove the moths out of the main den.
  • Who put the sirens in jail for bad work.
  • How much did a brothel coupon cost in occupied Kiev?
  • What modern streets of Kiev glorify the most ancient profession.


Due to the bustle and development of the metropolis, it is increasingly difficult to find secluded corners that have retained their original look of the past era, but there is one area that certainly differs from others in its gloss and charm - Tatarka.

The area got its big name from the settlement of ethnic Tatars, mainly soap-makers and merchants, who, hiding from imperial persecution, settled in the suburbs of the capital. Later, the Ukrainian intelligentsia came here, the cozy locality and the tranquility of the moderate life inspired people of creative professions. The outstanding artist Murashko, writer Paustovsky, engineer Paton and many other personalities lived here.

On the excursion, you will see the city from a different angle, instead of modern skyscrapers you will be greeted by cozy old palaces and estates of famous Kievites, instead of noise and wide streets there is such silence in which you can hear birdsong, and narrow winding roads and paths instead of everyday history. Here are the events that changed the outlook of the whole country. By the way, from the highest point a stunning panorama of Podil, Pochayna, Obolon and Zadneprovye opens. Join us, the colorful Tatarka can surprise you!

During the tour, you:

  • See the oldest wooden church in Kiev.
  • You will walk along a street that is not on the city plans.
  • Visit the mystical Bald Mountain with an ancient abandoned cemetery.
  • You will find out why the Soviet leaders fell in love with Tatarka so much.
  • See where Khrushchev's real dacha is.
  • Embrace an oak tree that is more than half a thousand years old.
  • Explore the movie star ghost house
  • See local gems of the area - «Mansion with Horns» and «Academy of Good Deeds».
  • Find out what a temple and a nuclear power plant have in common.
  • Hear who found the Kiev Jordan and Kiev Jerusalem.
  • Find out why it was here that the Atlantean Emperor held the sky on his shoulders.


One hundred years ago Kiev was called the Third Jerusalem. The city was famous for its temples, monasteries and ascetic monks, many of whom were canonized. But, unfortunately, there was another side of the coin in this ostentatious holiness. Some areas of the city, for example, the port Podil, for a large number of criminals had the status of Kiev Odessa or even the famous Chicago. Where trade flourishes, crime flourishes.

Bandit dens, raspberries and hiding places covered the Podil and the surrounding hills. Even experienced law enforcement officers were afraid to step into some courtyards.

This walk will reveal to you all the secrets of the dark life of old Kiev, you will understand the motives, techniques and skills of the Kiev bottom.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • How the temple saved the Kiev smugglers.
  • Where did the purely Kiev nicknames come from - punks and shnaranty.
  • Where and how urban bootleggers illegally produced alcohol.
  • What writer actually became a troubadour of the Kiev bottom.
  • Where were the largest thieves' raspberries of post-war Kiev.
  • How cats and cats deceived naive traders during fairs.
  • What Podolsk wolves in uniform were famous for.
  • Where was the moonshiners' cave.
  • How Broadway was different from Brighton.
  • Where could you find prototypes of the famous Soviet film about bandits.
  • Why Podil has become the most criminal area of the city of Kiev.
  • Where the gang shooters took place in the evil 1990s.
  • Where one of the world's most wanted bandits comes from.
  • How the law enforcers contributed to the education of ordinary citizens.
  • What the leaders of the Kiev mafia were famous for.
  • The whole district was named after the corrupt official.
  • Where the Kiev Don Corleone was buried.


This excursion is a unique opportunity to find out what the main street of Kiev really was not only in the 19th or 20th centuries, but also thousands of years ago, to understand how, from an unsuitable suburb, this area became the center of a metropolis.

During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the inventions of the local residents that have changed the city and the world forever, hear the hidden stories from the life of the street and marvel at the unique personalities who upset this part of the city at the cost of their lives.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • Where is the sugar can, which was designed for post-war Kiev.
  • How the art of cinema upset the street, the first film rental and the largest cinema.
  • Where there was a unique Equestrian Palace, in which the strongest man in the world performed.
  • Why it was here that the first skyscraper of the richest architect was built.
  • What is this building in which 8 banks functioned at different times.
  • From where the first airship flew, which conquered the skies of Eastern Europe.
  • Where is now the factory of Kiev Cartier, the main rival of the famous Faberge.
  • Why in the first theater in Kiev, laughter purified customs.
  • What was the Kiev Golgotha - a place of imagination and faith.
  • Has the gate through which the Mongol khan invaded ancient Kiev survived?
  • Who had the first telephone on the territory of the empire.


On the excursion, you will learn how the capital of the entrepreneurs of the sweetest city in Europe was born and grew, remember the big names and secrets of the richest Kievans, see the legacy of patrons of the past and learn about their present no less wealthy descendants.

The economic miracle of Kiev began with big business, which was represented by brick kings, jewelry virtuosos, movie magnates, forest millionaires, beer barons, sausage manufacturers, stockists, showmen and pharmacists. They all turned the city into an industrial giant with their own unique stories of the fall and rise of their capital.

But over all of them were the parents of the Kiev business - sugar producers, it was they who made Kiev known to the whole world. The city was so rich that the main dynasties of the capital became founders, guardians and patrons of the arts, arranged a competition among themselves - who would help the sick and needy more with the scope of their donation, thereby amazing the townspeople and guests of the city.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • What does the residence of the most famous Kiev pharmacist look like?
  • Where was the first private business school in Kiev located and who studied there.
  • What the monument to the traditions of patronage looks like was built by six architects.
  • As a banker he accidentally founded the first financial pyramid of the city.
  • When the dump turned into a flourishing center of illegal trade.
  • Why a timber merchant built the best pedagogical museum in Europe.
  • The triumph and financial tragedies of the founder of the largest university.
  • Why was there no dry law in the oldest toilet in the city?
  • The first educational institution for the first Ukrainian air tycoon.
  • The street where the richest dynasties of Ukraine lived.
  • As the founder of the Kiev Stock Exchange, he saved the author of the anthem of Ukraine.
  • Where the owner of the largest circus in Europe lived.
  • Where did the author of the first Ukrainian skyscraper start his own business?
  • The building where the criminal who changed the economic development of tsarist Russia was born.
  • Residence of the brick «king» who planned free medicine in Kiev.


This excursion is about the highest area of Kiev, the founders of the Ukrainian state and inventions that changed world history. During the excursion, you will walk step by step along forgotten paths on the slopes of ancient mountains. At different times, these hills were the main centers of power and faith, the residence of the Kiev princes, the palace of the last hetman, the main necropolis of the country.

You will try to find hidden signs of the greatness of the leaders of the nation, hold your breath from the events that hide the walls of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, you will find the remains of the world's largest fortress, and all this not far from the center of a large metropolis.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • What is the height of the local mountains.
  • Has the main Pechersk gate survived?
  • Who built the theater in Provalya.
  • Why the Hungarians founded the princely necropolis.
  • Who became the patron of the first sports ground in the city.
  • Why wax candles were forbidden in the Lavra.
  • Where the main decisions were made in Russia.
  • Why prayer candles were forbidden in the Lavra.
  • What does the secret hideout of I. Mazepa look like?
  • How many entrances to the Lavra actually exist.
  • How through jokes the empress built the world's largest powder magazine.
  • Where the one-eyed General lived who tamed the Alps.
  • Why they never sang at the Song Festival Grounds.
  • Why exactly the Moscow gate stood in front of Kiev.

What is included in the price of the certificate?

  • Individual ground excursion (only for your company 1-25 people, no strangers).
  • Individual coordination of the date and time of the excursion.
  • Accompanied by a professional guide.
  • Group photos.

How to use a certificate?

Available dates:

  • from 06.08.2021 to 30.12.2021

The price includes payment for information services provided by Покупон on the basis of the Public Offer.

  • Please note that depending on the quarantine measures in the region, the partner may ask a visitor to provide a complete vaccination course COVID certificate, a digital certificate about negative coronavirus test result taken no later than 72 hours before the visit, or about recovery for the last 6 months (ask the partner about possible restrictions before purchasing a certificate). The requirements are valid for persons over 18 years old.


  • Services are provided as usual.
  • Pre-registration for the excursion is required, indicating the desired date and time of the excursion in the registration form at the link :
  • The meeting point is agreed individually, depending on the chosen excursion.


  • Discounts on certificates are not cumulative with other promotional offers.
  • To receive discounts, you must submit a certificate in electronic form.
  • Give the last digit of the certificate (activation code) only when you receive the service. After activation, the service is considered to be provided, and the certificate cannot be returned.
  • If the client has booked a place for the excursion, but did not arrive at the specified time and did not inform the administration about no-show at least 3 days before the excursion, the administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services with a discount and the excursion is considered passed.
  • The duration of any excursion is 2.5 hours, except for the excursions "Bald Mountain" and "Paranormal Kiev" (3 hours) and the excursion "From Goloseevo to Kitaevo" (4 hours.
  • Comfortable shoes must be worn during the excursion.


  • Clothes and footwear for the season: for adults and children - any comfortable, as for a walk.
  • For your convenience, do not take with you large backpacks and other things that may be unnecessary on the excursion.
  • Other: water/tea, as the tour is outdoors.

Call schedule

  • Mon-Sun: 09:00-20:00.
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