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With a certificate, you get an individual underground excursion for your company from 1 to 25 people along one of several routes to choose from with individual coordination of the time of the excursion from the travel company «Matei Travel» with a discount.


After purchasing the certificate, be sure to book a place on the excursion through the google form:

Service description



Askold's drainage system - for those who are looking for the most active underground excursion. Just imagine, it was built back in the 1850s on the site where, according to legend, the first Christian ruler of Kiev, Prince Askold, was insidiously killed.

On the excursion you will pass from the mystical Green Theater to the ancient Dnieper descent, while visiting the depth of a 33-meter underground mine, erected under the most expensive residential building. As soon as you overcome the network of labyrinths, climb into narrow wells and walk through winding galleries, in return, the local atmosphere guarantees a portion of adrenaline and a chance to get rid of fears, complexes and laziness forever.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • What is under the fortress, which has turned into a mystical theater.
  • Why is this the longest Kiev dungeon.
  • You will learn how to walk through an underground waterfall without getting wet.
  • Take a look into the corridor of karst rocks.
  • You will take a decisive step on the fork of the «Gallery of the Three Bogatyrs».
  • Explore a rare mushroom plantation
  • You will see the Kiev «Underground Cosmodrome».
  • You will visit under the Pechersk Hill.
  • You will see the remains of the «Royal Corridors».
  • You will find the secret corridors to the «Tomb of Askold».
  • You will walk along the «Snail Tunnel" to the «Dog's Manhole».
  • Meeting point: Arsenalnaya metro station (next to the cannon).

If you want to take part in the group excursion «Askold's Cave» according to a pre-approved schedule, follow the link: -trevel.


Nikolskaya drainage system is one of the most interesting, it is with it that you should start when you first plunge into the world of unique tunnels and ancient passages under the capital of Ukraine. Its construction began back in the 1850s to perform an important function - the diversion
groundwater to counteract landslides on the road leading from the city center to the Chain Bridge. These dungeons embody daring engineering solutions that have no analogues in the countries of Old Europe.
Having visited the drainage system, you will immediately feel the entire palette of the diversity of the underworld: from complete darkness to bright light, from dull silence to the sonorous noise of spring water from a deep underground waterfall.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • This is where the name of this drainage system comes from.
  • Where is the throne of the underground idol.
  • Why the Toy Metro was built.
  • What are the functions of the «Bowing Corridor».
  • You will visit under the «Waterfall of eternal youth and rain».
  • Walk the promenade along the underground Broadway.
  • Hear the roar of applause in the cascading gallery with a three-meter ceiling.
  • You will unravel the mystical mystery of the Hall of the Three Brothers.
  • You will raise the treasures from the «Chest of Underground Pearls» to the surface.
  • Relax by the century-old wooden well with spring water.

If you want to take part in the group excursion «Underground Embankment» according to a pre-approved schedule, follow the link: -trevel # read-more.


Thanks to the heroine of the excursion, the ancient trade route «from the Varangians to the Greeks» passed through Kiev. This is because a port was built at its mouth, where ships from all over the world arrived. For centuries the Glybochitsa River divided the only port area of the city into two parts. To improve infrastructure and widen streets in 1860, the City Duma decided to hide this deep river under a brick collector.

Today these ancient catacombs have been preserved in excellent condition and are the only underground monument of national importance. Just imagine, you will find yourself 4 meters deep from the modern surface of the city through the hidden world of stone masterpieces 5 meters wide and more than 3 meters high. Definitely, such an excursion by Podol will not leave anyone indifferent!

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • Where were the first river gates of Kiev.
  • How the Podolsk rivers turned into the Kanava river.
  • Why did the first sidewalks appear here?
  • Find the lost home of the legendary hero Nikita Kozhemyaka.
  • You will visit the secret corridors along which the prisoners fled from the local prison.
  • See unique dungeons on three levels.
  • Find out where mammoths and Roman gold come from.
  • Find out what happened to the collector during the Second World War.
  • Walk under the oldest bazaar in the country.

If you want to take part in a group excursion «Underground Hem» according to a pre-approved schedule, follow the link: # read-more.


On this excursion you will see the underground river of the Solomensky district. A hundred years ago, it was cozy and quiet near the river, young people came to rest, there was a residence of the Kiev metropolitans, which owned a lush forest with century-old oaks. Subsequently, a cadet school was built here, the river was turned into a lake. In 1870, this reservoir was underground due to the construction of a railway in Kiev.

You will walk through the darkness of the labyrinths of the forgotten river, to revive it with your touch. And she will surprise you with her beauty, hidden under the asphalt and concrete of the metropolis.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • Where in Ukraine the balloon took off for the first time.
  • Where did the lake of cadets go?
  • How many tributaries there are in the famous small river of Kiev.
  • What animals live under the Kiev zoo.
  • Why was the first railroad built in the river valley?
  • Where the battle took place, about which M. Bulgakov wrote.
  • How the river built little Venice.
  • What does underground snowfall look like?
  • How to get from underground to a strategic facility.
  • Calculation of cartographers in the Cadet Grove.
  • Under what satellite is the cascading waterfall.
  • Where the remains of the famous Cadet Grove grow.

If you want to take part in a group excursion «Dungeon of the country's secrets» according to a pre-approved schedule, follow the link: kompanii-matey-trevel.

Behind the scenes of the baptist

You will reveal the main secret of the central street, along which for centuries a stormy river flowed, which often overflowed its banks, and its strong current destroyed everything in its path. In the 1830s, the Khreshchatyk valley began to be developed, turning it into a street with houses. It became the business center of a big city, but the stormy water still reminded of itself. Then a famous architect challenged the water element, overcame it, chaining it in a dungeon.

Get ready to dive through the wide tunnels of Kiev from the Olympic Stadium to Bessarabskaya Square. The underground work of the genius has survived; on the tour you will see it with your own eyes!

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • How the water element was pacified by means of a bet.
  • What does the legendary river of the first princess of Kiev look like today?
  • Look at the Kiev Milky Way.
  • You will learn how to kidnap a player of the opposing team in football.
  • You will visit the basin of three rivers.
  • Admire the underground waterfalls in the city center
  • Explore the catacombs under the old part of Khreshchatyk.
  • Look under the foundations of the country's most expensive market.
  • Help the midgets reach Gulliver.
  • Start place: Metro Olympic (at the exit).

If you want to take part in a group tour «Behind the scenes of Khreshchatyk» according to a pre-approved schedule, follow the link: matey-trevel.


This is an excursion along the underground river, which the people of Kiev jokingly called Skomorokh. The mouth of the river begins under the central railway station; the river has flowed along steep Kiev streets for centuries.

The ancient pond hindered the then investors, since it occupied a place favorable for urban development, so there was only one way out. From 1914-1950, the river was brought under the city. Quarters and streets were built on its former banks. Despite everything, the ancient Skomorokh invites you to visit, he has not disappeared anywhere, but continues to delight only the elite, who dare to disperse his darkness with the light of their lanterns.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • Why the river in trouble gave people sincere laughter.
  • What is the secret of the train station time capsule.
  • How to clear customs under the first customs office of the country.
  • Where did Skomoroshskaya street disappear?
  • How a concert of tram tunes sounds.
  • You will visit the performance of the Kiev underground circus.
  • How Skomorokh helped the workers of the motorcycle factory.
  • Find the lost treasures of the tobacco kings.
  • Find out how the diggers wanted to visit America without tickets and visas.
  • Become a participant in the events of the winning Death Match.
  • See the monument to engineering clumsiness.
  • You will stand on the land of sacred birds.


A few hundred meters from the central street of the capital, there is a mysterious dungeon. Powerful brick vaults form a majestic hall the size of a real palace. In ancient times, the building had a strategic purpose, because drinking water was supplied from here to the houses of townspeople, which made it possible to prevent large-scale epidemics. After the refurbishment of the water supply network during the Cold War, a protective bunker with an autonomous self-supply system was equipped here. It has survived to this day.
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to see everything with your own eyes, touch the history, until the developers built another skyscraper on this place.

During the tour you will see and learn:

  • How Soviet bunkers of atomic war were equipped.
  • How many underground reservoirs are there in the city.
  • What epidemics happened in Kiev.
  • Where is the largest underground hall in the city.
  • Why were the bunkers equipped with sealed doors?
  • How electricity was produced underground.
  • How many secret bunkers there are in Kiev.
  • In which dungeon the Holy Spring flows.
  • Where to hide in case of war.
  • Where mysterious subway branches lead.
  • Where famous horror films are filmed in the city.
  • How to purify radioactive air.
  • What dungeon is under the People's Friendship Arch.
  • How many invisible streets there are under Khreshchatyk.
  • How the people of Kiev got quality water.
  • Where was the Kiev Palestine.


Exclusive author's excursion to the dungeon with a terrible history «Prison of the NKVD». An unknown underground was found during construction in Pechersk. Scientists historians who arrived at the site examined the find and made a shocking statement: in Stalin's times, these underground casemates were used as a prison. Political prisoners were exterminated here during the years of Stalin's repressions. Today anyone can visit this place. What other secrets do these dark vaults hold?

During the tour you will learn:

  • How many prisons there were in old Kiev.
  • Where was the Pechersk prison castle and what fate befell its last resident.
  • What experts from the museum «Kiev Fortress» found in the old dungeon.
  • How the city's central square turned into a prison.
  • Where were the transit points for the prisoners.
  • How the old underground casemates were actually used.
  • What is «Kiev-Arestantsky station».
  • How many underground passages were in the old fortress.
  • Where juvenile criminals were kept and buried.
  • How the famous Soviet teacher was remembered in the capital of Ukraine.
  • According to the authoritative historian, the remnants of the repressed were destroyed.
  • Where the famous Ukrainian science fiction writer was kept.
  • Where has the capital's «lip» moved and what troubles are connected with it.
  • How the prisoners built one of the most favorite resting places.

What is included in the price of the certificate?

  • Individual underground excursion (only for your company 1-25 people, no strangers).
  • Individual coordination of the date and time of the excursion.
  • Guided tour.
  • Rent of shoe covers and flashlights for all participants.

How to use a certificate?

Available dates:

  • from 06.08.2021 to 30.12.2021

The price includes payment for information services provided by Покупон on the basis of the Public Offer.

  • Please note that depending on the quarantine measures in the region, the partner may ask a visitor to provide a complete vaccination course COVID certificate, a digital certificate about negative coronavirus test result taken no later than 72 hours before the visit, or about recovery for the last 6 months (ask the partner about possible restrictions before purchasing a certificate). The requirements are valid for persons over 18 years old.


  • Services are provided as usual.
  • Pre-registration for the excursion is required, indicating the desired date and time of the excursion in the registration form at the link :
  • The meeting point is agreed individually, depending on the chosen excursion.


  • Discounts on certificates are not cumulative with other promotional offers.
  • To receive discounts, you must submit a certificate in electronic form.
  • Give the last digit of the certificate (activation code) only when you receive the service. After activation, the service is considered to be provided, and the certificate cannot be returned.
  • If the client has booked a place for the excursion, but did not arrive at the specified time and did not inform the administration about no-show at least 3 days before the excursion, the administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services with a discount and the excursion is considered passed.
  • The duration of any excursion is 2.5 hours.
  • For the excursion, tourists are given waterproof shoe covers to protect their feet and shoes from water and flashlights.
  • Comfortable pants and sports shoes must be worn during the tour.


  • Temperature underground: in summer it is slightly cool up to + 17/+ 20 ℃, in winter it is always warmer than on the surface: + 10/+ 14 ℃.
  • Clothes for the season: any comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, or clothes in dark colors.
  • Shoes for the season: any comfortable, shoe covers are provided, you can take rubber boots, then shoe covers will not be needed.
  • For maximum comfort in shoe covers, it is important to have jeans / shorts with belt loops, or take your belt with you to tie the shoe covers to it.
  • Other: cap/hat, any gloves, raincoat, these clothes are recommended but not required.
  • For your convenience, do not take with you large backpacks and other things that may be unnecessary on the excursion.
  • Equipment: a lantern, it is provided for the excursion, but if you have your own, then it will not interfere.


  • The organizer of the event reserves the right to postpone the date of the excursion or tour, or to appoint an additional date if there are relevant requirements/conditions/recruitment of a large number of participants or in case of bad weather or other force majeure circumstances, which you will be informed about in advance.

Are excursions safe if they are underground?

  • Underground excursions are conducted exclusively in proven places, absolutely safe for visiting with a guide, subject to safety rules.
  • The group going underground is always accompanied by a dispatcher who monitors the weather and other factors from the surface.
  • The routes on which the excursions take place include warning signs on the walls about safe evacuation exits, which are visible from afar and are known to the guide.
  • The guides have many years of experience in escorting underground, they always have a first aid kit with them.
  • The guides of the company have passed the training course First Emergency Premedical Aid from the All-Ukrainian Union of Paramedics and have a corresponding certificate certifying practical knowledge.

Contraindications for visiting underground excursions

  • Such excursions are not recommended for people with diseases of the heart, back, legs, as well as fears of a confined space.

Is it comfortable to breathe underground?

  • On all underground excursions, it is comfortable to be and breathe, since a large network of ventilation holes emerges from the ground to the surface, supplying clean air to the tunnels included in the excursion routes.

Is the excursion dirty if it is underground?

  • The mud is different, usually it is clean, there is no garbage or some kind of waste on the route of the excursion, on the floor and walls you can see growths of stalactites and stalagmites, brickwork and concrete floors.

Are there sewage, sulfur, or other odors on the tour?

  • Not unless someone on the surface has made an illegal sewer tap into the drainage system (sewer / drainage system), which provides pure rainwater or groundwater only. There is a smell of dampness, moisture, because underground water flows into the tunnel underground.

Is there water along the route?

  • A tour of the collector, that is, an engineering structure hiding a river underground: usually the water level here is + 5/15 cm, no more, but if the weather suddenly deteriorates and a heavy downpour is expected, it is dangerous to be in the collector and in this case the excursion is canceled and postponed for a good, rainless breed. In winter, the water in the collector does not freeze, there is a relatively stable plus year-round temperature, the water level does not change from the melting of snow on the route of the excursion.
  • An excursion through the drainage system or DShS, that is, an engineering structure that drains underground and rainwater: usually the water level here is + 5/10 cm, not more, but if suddenly the weather has deteriorated and a heavy downpour is expected, in the drainage systems along which excursions are held, to be safe, in this case the excursion is completed and not postponed. In winter, the drainage system does not freeze, there is a relatively stable plus year-round temperature, the water level does not change from the melting of snow on the route of the excursion.

Call schedule

  • Mon-Sun: 09:00-20:00.
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Phones:+38 (073) 332-57-50

Travel company «Matei Travel» offers unusual excursions and tours around underground, ground, water, air and gastronomic Kiev. During them, you will learn a lot about the capital, immerse yourself in the whirlpool of history, interesting facts, unique locations, active leisure and unforgettable impressions.

The company is also the official operator of tours to the Exclusion Zone and on a regular basis in different languages organizes group and individual tours to Chernobyl, to the ghost town of Pripyat, to the ChNPP, the secret military radar DUGA.

In addition, you can choose one of the exciting tours around Ukraine or the world, which are the embodiment of every dream of a vacation.

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