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Отзывы - Бренд Ray Ban

163 отзыва


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Jefferson De Guzman
thankyou rayban. got my new sunglasses. love it😍😍😍
Carlos Gamon
they are the beat sin glasses
Phil Nuttall
I have purchased several pairs of Ray-Ban's over the years and have supported them many times spending close to $2000.00 buying their product. I recently damage my latest pair which were sold with NOT GLASS lenses? my lense has cracked when they were dropped from my hand onto the stone bench top. I asked for a quote from Ray-Ban for replacement cost of the lenses and got an instant reply stating they don't do repairs but supplied a link to the repair company they recommend. I found out later that my glasses were still under the 24 month warranty Ray-Ban supply. Now I am pursuing a warranty claim, customer services are completely ignoring my request. Not as good a company that they pretend to be!! why offer 24 months warranty and not follow up with peoples claims.
Carl Chin Wong
RB charitable sale activities. Each styles for Hkd189 , is that a fake Facebook page . Because I brought a product is poor quality, please check.
Caryn Yan
Purchased online directly from the Ray-Ban website and received a tracking number. Receives email a couple of days later saying "item was lost in transit". However, when i contacted DHL, I was advised the item was never physically handed to DHL. Dishonest service and sales much?
Claire Shane Turner
Didn’t even send the sunglasses I ordered, sent three completely different pairs and only offered a partial refund! I want to return these crap glasses for a full refund! The photos show what I ordered compared to what I got! Anyone can see they are not the same at all. Not even close! And they are definitely not polarised!
Ivette Quinones Ramirez
the best sunglasses,great quality and fab styles...my selection in this stuff always is Ray-Ban
Darshana Sati
The new raybans are of extremely poor quality. I bought new Raybans last week, and I haven't worn it after that. They were in my hand bag in the Raybans cover. And when I took them out the lens was cracked. How bad is the product quality that the sunglasses worth rs 11k are cracking up in the cover within a week of purchase?
Richard Wise
My rayban Justin have gone sticky got them in Manchester airport paid cash lost the receipt,rayban won’t do anything for me as I have no warranty.tossa’s
Miguel Santos Garcia
Son los mejores lentes de sol
Reidecel Sánchez Novoa
Todo, están super cómodos de ven increíbles
Eduardo Enrique Gamboa Latorre
excellentes, buena cslidsd
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