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Я фанат Ray Ban. Но здесь главное не нарваться на подделку. Не зря комфрт и надежность данных очков завоевали многие сердца, ведь изначально их начали изготавливать для авиации. И первыми...
Spring Shareef
I ordered a virtual gift card on 05/30/20 and I have not received it yet, I waited on hold multiple times for over and hour each time to get hung up on every single time. When I tried to contact them by email I received this back. Horrible customer service. You took my money within minutes and I received nothing.
18:15 13 июняPeter Lumley
Same here, Honestly I can believe they are such a bunch of scum bags.
Kayla Albu
the customer service is a joke ! my husband bought me a pair of aviator raybans for mothers day and the lenses shattered when I set them on the table and they fell forward . I have had other raybans for years and never had this happen. So I called and was told the lenses are not under warranty after talking to a supervisor she said she would give me 30% off the lenses , but since there wasn't a code for it she would reimburse when they shipped 2 weeks later never received a reimbursement called and waited 1 :34 min just to be told they don't work in the department and to call another number after calling that number I waited on hold over an hour just to be hung up on . Never again will we buy from ray ban.
Ricardo Treviño
NO hay atención a cliente en Mexico, mucha falta de informacion, no se comparte estatus del pedido ni guías. Dos semanas intentando saber que pasa con una orden y sin respuesta por correo-telefono.
Carola Klaassens Beunder
Do not buy Ray Ban sun glasses on the Ray Ban official site. It really looks good showing the glasses on your face but there’s no costumer service available. We’ve ordered one 150 euros and was not wat we aspected, return is not postille. Phonenumber not in use, chat not available, they can call you back, but does not happen. Leave email, they will not contact you. We just do not understand why such a ‘high class brand’ still is standing with no servies at all. 🤬
19:25 12 июняJoanne Mills
I’m having the same issue luckily I paid through PayPal so I’m going to get my money back from them
Sergio De la Paz
Tengo más de 10 días llamando y mandando correos y no contestan, me cobraron por dos lentes y me sale que no los enviaran
23:59 12 июняRay-Ban
Lamentamos mucho las molestias. Hemos priorizado este buzón de correo electrónico con un equipo dedicado de representantes de servicio al cliente. Le pedimos que se ponga en contacto con nosotros directamente por correo electrónico en RBSocialEU@Ray-Ban.com y haremos todo lo posible para resolver su problema rápidamente. Gracias por su cooperación y paciencia. Una vez que podamos responder a su correo electrónico, por favor asegúrese de revisar también su carpeta de correo no deseado o basura.
Alan Carpt
Pesima atencion a cliente y en Mexico esta peor.
16:59 12 июняRay-Ban
Hola Alan,Lamentamos mucho escuchar esto! Le pedimos que se comunique con nosotros directamente por correo electrónico a RBSocialEU@Ray-Ban.com y haremos todo lo posible para ayudarlo. Durante estos días estamos fortaleciendo nuestro servicio al cliente para garantizarle el mejor nivel de servicio y resolver cualquier problema rápidamente. Gracias por su cooperación y paciencia.Saludos,Tye
Arturo Rubio
Pésimo servicio. No mandan número de guía, no contestan ni los correos ni el teléfono de servicio a cliente.
16:05 12 июняRay-Ban
En primer lugar, queremos disculparnos por la experiencia que ha tenido con su pedido. No es nuestro estándar habitual y entendemos lo frustrante que debe ser este retraso. Durante este período, mientras la demanda de nuestro producto aumenta, estamos implementando un nuevo flujo de trabajo de gestión de pedidos para asegurar que todo sea seguro para nuestros clientes y nuestros empleados. Trabajar con todas las medidas de seguridad en su lugar - el distanciamiento social, la protección, la sanificación de cada producto y cada embalaje - a veces retrasa el tiempo de entrega en algunos pedidos y sentimos que usted haya experimentado esto. Le pedimos que se ponga en contacto con nosotros directamente por correo electrónico RBSocialEU@Ray-Ban.com y haremos todo lo posible para ayudarle. Durante estos días estamos reforzando nuestro servicio al cliente para garantizarle el mejor nivel de servicio y resolver cualquier problema rápidamente. Gracias por su cooperación y paciencia.
Kendal Olivia Walker
My order for two pair of sunglasses was placed on April 20, 2020. Delivery date was listed as April 27, 2020. One pair of sunglasses was delivered on April 28th. It is now JUNE 11th and I STILL have not received the second pair of sunglasses in the order, yet our card was charged for the full payment amount. I have not received a shipment tracking number or any information regarding the order or the status of the order. I have called customer service and have been on hold for 4 hours or more on multiple occasions. I also haven’t had any luck sending multiple emails and attempting the chat. I understand the pandemic might have affected things, but this is absolutely ridiculous!!
21:28 11 июняSarah Weber
Same here. I even contacted my financial institution. They emailed Ray Ban and now Ray Ban is trying to tell them my order was delivered so I can't get a refund. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Katherine Goggin
I am so disappointed with the lack of customer service at Ray-Ban. I ordered sunglasses over a month ago and it has taken up until now to be notified my order has somehow glitched and frozen in the processing phase. Now I have been told to wait another 5 business days to hear if they can proceed to fulfill the order or give a refund. Every time I email I have to wait over a week to get a response and I have waited on hold for over an hour twice, before finally hanging up. I have been unable to speak with an actual person on the phone. I understand Coronavirus slowing everything down but my order has extended 3 weeks beyond the extended time they mention on their voice recordings and that is no excuse for poor customer service.
19:28 11 июняKendal Olivia Walker
How did you find out that your order had been frozen in the processing phase? My order for two pair of sunglasses was placed on April 20th with an estimated delivery date of April 27th. I received one pair of sunglasses on April 28th, but here it is June 11th and I still have not received the second pair of sunglasses or any information whatsoever regarding the status of the order or anything, but our card has been charged for the full payment amount. I’ve been on hold currently for 2 hours (have been on hold previously for 4 hours or more on more than one occasion), and haven’t had any luck sending emails or through the chat 🙄😩
Korey Bell
I have officially filed BBB complaint and will be looking into my further legal options to get my money back since you failed as a company to provide even the basic level of customer service that every other company manages to provide. I’ll never be returning as a customer. It’s literally been weeks with zero helpful response other than automated responses that don’t answer my questions.
21:29 11 июняSarah Weber
My bank told me I'm probably going to have to file a police report for theft against them in order to get my money back. I've practically begged for a refund on my glasses I ordered over 2 months ago, and nothing.
Chris Lemke
Kundenservice ist nicht vorhanden
00:05 12 июняRay-Ban
Wir bedauern die Unannehmlichkeiten sehr. Wir haben diesem E-Mail-Postfach mit einem engagierten Team von Kundendienstmitarbeitern Priorität eingeräumt. Wir bitten Sie, uns direkt per E-Mail unter RBSocialEU@Ray-Ban.com zu kontaktieren, und wir werden unser Bestes tun, um Ihr Problem schnell zu lösen. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Kooperation und Ihre Geduld.
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