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Antoine05, Neuquen, Аргентина
Es la avenida más importante de la ciudad, es ancha amplia, con una gran cantidad de edificios preciosos, hay que ir mirando para arriba constantemente para no perder detalles, las veredas son muy amplias con gran cantidad de kioscos ofreciendo diversas cosas gastronómicas y demás, es un paseo hermoso.
Desiree D, Швейцария
Kreshchatyk Blv. is kind of the very center of the city and there is something for everyone. You can listen to music, have some rest at one of the many many coffee shops and restaurants, go for shopping etc. Even if you want to leave the boulevard the metro station is right around the corner, you can catch the Hopp On Hopp Off-bus or walk up one of the hills for a wonderful view.
FiddlinGypsy, Rockaway Park, Нью-Йорк
Kreshchatyk in the summer is full of energy! There are multiple concerts in the streets, loads of vendors, and people everywhere. Maidan is so moving, especially as you walk up the hill and see the memorials. There is a whole other world beneath the streets, with shops and food stands and even a supermarket and a mall. Fun and not to be missed.
Alexandra V
It took 5 minutes for the police to block the street, entertainment trucks to roll up and the street to be flooding with pedestrians, drawing, dancing ,singing, with restaurants and bars along the street! I loved the atmosphere!!! If you wish to see this go Saturday night
Luc F
One of the best place where to walk on Kiev. Full of shops, bar, restaurants and café. Many places to exchange your currency, and hotels as well. Metro station available also on this road. Nightlife nice at Buddha bar
David D
Shopping, listening to the musicians that set themselves up all over the place, watch the dance acts, buy a coffe ice cream or a beer.This street has it all.
Atilla K, Kyiv, null, Ukraine
This is the very center of Kiev. Street is surrounded by the best architectural pieces of Kiev. You may find a lot of cafes, restaurants shops and attractions going on here. On weekends, the street is closed for cars. I suggest a visit on weekend.
akmacca, Хобарт, Австралия
I stayed on Khreshchatyk Street and whatever time of day or night I looked out of my window it was always busy. Most of the buildings were destroyed in WW2 and were rebuilt after the war. The street is wide and closed on Saturday night as a pedestrian mall. Many high end shops as well as restaurant and cafes line the street.
Bilgesu E
On Sundays that street is closed to traffic so that means, you will see a lot of skaters, street dancers and singers. In addition to that fun you can make your evening more enjoyable with a drink or more innocently with a chocolate bar by local brand Roshen
Meir L, Vienna
Khreshchatyk street is a moderate length street, around one Km or so, and many activitys are happening in it. During the day - most of tourists will be there to visit the Independent square and at night there are shows and public activities. A MUST visit. You can also find many local restaurants and many cafes. The locals are hooked on coffee!!!
Сюзанночка Дьякова
Самое популярное место в Киеве)
Dartagnham, Rio de Janeiro
It was really worthy strolling around on Sunday evening. They close this large street and everybody comes out, singers, dancers, lots of popular street shows !
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