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TheShis, Тель-Авив, Израиль
This wide street is probably the most famous street in Kiev, and rightly so, as it's so long and wide.It features numerous shops and eateries, with lovely buildings.Having said that, however, I personally found it to be a little overrated, as other parts of the city are just as lovely.
Stephane2006, Ницца, Франция
Une rue sympathique pour faire un peu de shopping ou boire un café, prendre une photo avec un petit singe ou simplement se promener.
Laura L
Central Street of Kiev, wide and crowded. I have been there for two times, both of them on Sunday, when this big street is closed for cars and open only for pedestrians. Nice caffes (despite the fact that this caffes are more expensive than in other places in city), cool atmosphere. I really enjoy this place in Kiev
Наталья Д, Москва, Россия
В выходные и праздничные дни улицу делают пешеходной. Играют и поют. Различные соревнования проходят
Ala A, Дубай, ОАЭ
A very famous busy and vibrant street in the heart of Kiev, with numerous restaurant, shops and lively spots to enjoy the easy going Ukranian capital spirit
Peter v
Let op goochemerds die je van alles willen aansmeren en als je niet oplet ook met je camera er vandoor gaan. Val vooral niet voor de portemonnee truuk!
Sofia R, Стамбул, Турция
The main street of Kyiv. It's beautiful and long. You can see the beautiful architecture. Many different shops, cafes and places to spend time are located on this street. At one end of it there is Bessarabka Market and a modern art gallery. Maidan also is close. Basically, it's the central street of Kyiv, with a nice atmosphere and style.
kri4tina, Бобруйск, Беларусь
Крещатик очень многолюдный,с красивой архитектурой,вдоль очень много кафе и магазинов.Очень много цветущих каштанов.
rumabo, Азия
Auf diese Prachtstrasse können die Kiewer stolz sein. Die Bauten sind zwar im Sowjet-Stil aneinandergereiht, haben aber so viel verspielte Elemente, dass das Ganze nicht zu wuchtig und steril aussieht (Frankfurter Allee, Berlin).Hier finden sich viele kleine Restaurants und Cafe´s, die Straße ist gut belebt. Wir haben eine "Sperrung" erlebt, da tobte das Volksfest.
אילן מ
The main and central street of Kiev, the place has an underground shopping center where the orientation is difficult, the street itself has a lot of restaurants and shops, it is recommended to visit and buy at Rushan's candy shop - very cheap and quality. Be very careful of the people who hold monkeys and falcons for a photograph, they will fly over you to be photographed with the animals and will ask you very high sums very aggressively - do not approach them at all !!!
Alla B, Киев, Украина
Здесь всегда людно. В выходные улица закрыта для машин и можно кататься на всех видах велосипедов и все что на колёсах. Очень приятные заведения, магазины.
JoeGage_92, Норвегия
A terrible street.Traffic everywhere and cars wherever you look. Not worth seeing. I'd recommend going to one if the city's many parks instead.
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