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Nevpadlo, Kyiv, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
Khreshchatyk is the central street of Kiev, which passes through three squares: European, Independence and Besarabska. By the end of the tenth century, this area was a forest thicket. In the future it has been built and destroyed. Now, along the entire street the shops, cafes and many monuments are spread. The street is completely blocked until the end of Euro 2012, as it is purely for tourist destination.
chocolateyeti, Регион Оклэнд, Новая Зеландия
The beer tents and stages were being assembled and looks like its going to be a full on and well organised event.beers are looking to be about 15uah for a pint (£1.20) on the street, plenty of food vendors, although the restaurants are quite pricey.Most of the shops on the street are generic chains you can find in other places - for a more ukrainian experience try the malls under the independence square metro station.
KandVaroundtheworld, Nairobi, Kenya
I was born in Kiev yet every time we went out to the Khreshchatyk either for a walk or to have photographs taken it was an amazing trip. It has everything including the famous Opera house. Make sure to take photos at all the statues right in the center of it and other places such as Zoloti Vorota. YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO KIEV IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO KHRESHCHATYK!!!
detroncj, Дублин, Ирландия
Lots of shops , was closed for the football matches . Great buzz when people visit
TOREANDRE, Ньон, Швейцария
A great street to walk down and observe life going by, shopping, eating or even just sitting with a drink. Great in the summer months and also at the weekends, when traffic is banned from the main section of the street
moosuddeea, Кентербери, Великобритания
Try the chocolate dessert,a cross between a mouse and a praline cake..with a strong coffee,a perfect match!
Views A, Брисбен, Австралия
Main street of Kiev (Kyiv), nice shops, restaurants, clubs along the street. You can have fast food or nice dinner. Tip: you can drop in there by subway station as well, name is the same with street name.Very close to Independence Square (Maydan Nezaledznosti)Walk there...
Bella_S_9, Israel
Good athmosphere, many shops and eating counters. There also decent public toilettes- quite important in the big city,On weekends most of the street becomes a pedestrian only area, and that's great!Pay attention that in this street and some others you may cross the street only in an underground passages with many steps. This is inconvenient/impossible for disabled, week, strollers.
Julie P, Портленд, Орегон
The fashion of Kiev truly is epitomized on Khreshchatyk. I love strolling through on weekends when they close the street to traffic and you can walk in the middle of the road. Lots of chain stores here, make sure you check out the underground mall as well.
Julia V, Kyiv, Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
This is the main street in Kiev. It is nice, and clean and very crowded. As a native Kiev citizen i prefer to visit it only when i host some of my foreign friends! I think there is much more interesting places to be seen beside of Khreshatyk. Any way it is very modern, lots of stores, coffees and restaurants.
KarinLarsson, Гётеборг, Швеция
Kievs heart, Khreshchatyk, in a vibrant street with alot of shops and restaurants. At the end of the street you will find the Independence Square with beautiful buildings and interesting history.
Annalea5, Прато, Италия
Questa enorme strada, trafficatissima come un po' tutta Kiev, offre, con i suoi enormi marciapiedi sui due lati, la possibilità di passeggiare, specie sul lato destro, per chi va verso Maydan Nezalezhnosti, nelle ore pomeridiane fra artisti di strada, venditori di fiori, banchetti con souvenir dell'Ukraina. Si respira un'aria di allegria, di voglia di vivere, tanti giovani, mamme con i loro bimbi, persone che tornano dal lavoro e che si rilassano qualche momento prima di rientrare a casa!!!Grandi negozi di marchi internazionali invitano a comprare con le loro vetrine invitanti e non si smetterebbe mai di girellare in questo splendido viale!!!!!!!!
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