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Alicia G, Хаф-Мун-Бей, Калифорния
very nice. shops, people, monuments , cafes. the Maydan - the main area in the center of Kiev. a lot of people on weekends and holidays but still you should see it
Alexandr Krasnoperov
Главная улица Киева
Marilyn M, Stocksund, Stockholms Län, Sweden
Ukrainians are great strollers, and this is strolling-street par excellence. Many good shops and excellent cafes and restaurants. But the main attraction is the street itself. Closed every weekend to all motor traffic, it becomes an 8-lane flâneur paradise, with live music, segways, rickshaws, often acrobats, other entertainers... Benches under horse-chestnut trees, stands selling snacks, drinks - including kvass from the barrel. Some nice architecture, too.This is where friends meet, by accident or design, families parade, youth hang out, locals and visitors gawp at each other. See you there - for preference, between a Friday night and Sunday night. Wear jeans, shorts or an evening gown - you'll not feel out of place.
David C, Сан-Франциско, Колорадо
Wouldn't it be great if major American cities closed their main street to traffic and gave people the opportunity to stroll, shop, eat, socialize, explore ... like a giant open-air mall. I was in Kiev on a Sunday, and the day will be a lasting memory for me. The Ukraine people are very friendly, so with my camera and a smile, despite the language barrier, I had a wonderful time. There are tourist sites in the area, beautiful fountains with kid playing in them, and all the fast food (Ukrainian and "American" you could ask for ... don't miss it.
Живописнейшая улица Киева, по которой никогда не надоест гулять тихими осенними вечерами, периодически поднимая голову вверх и любуясь зданиями.
Viktoria A, Эрланген, Германия
We were in Kiev during the Victory day on 9th May, and there were no traffic in this street it was blocked for cars so people could just walk around. The area is sooo nice, lots of trees everywhere, beautiful buildings, lights.
Hateshabbyhotels, Novi Sad
Nice spacious street with interesting architecture, branded shops and good restaurants. However, the best time to visit it probably on Sundays when it's closed for traffic and turned into a pedestrian zone. Eight lanes of surreal walk. Very cool.
morl8tr, Лондон, Канада
The spring weekend I was there, they shut down the main boulevard to cars, and set up all kinds of pedestrian events -- basketball, Segway rides, etc. The atmosphere is bustling, and lots of shopping if that's what you want to do.
Ternosky, Plano, TX
The balcony of our apartment overlooks this boulevard which is closed to traffic every weekend. However if you can get there for May Day (the 1st) or Victory Day (May 9th) you will be treated to a parade and much ado. In any case, we spent the first 3 days of our trip just exploring this street.
Kendziro, Brjansk, Bryansk, Russia
Множество ресторанов, магазинов. Пешеходная зона вечером.Основное место тусы всего прогрессивного населения =))
ShulgaMarina, Chernihiv, Ukraine
На Крещатике всегда много людей, особенно на выходных когда перекрывают движение. Множество магазинов так же привлекает народ. В ларьках продаётся вкусное лимонно- шоколадное мороженное :) В общем приятное место для прогулок
Vsevolod Borisov
Где еще можно сфотографироваться на двойной сплошной ))
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