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Ilya M, Кишинёв, Молдова
What is khreshchatik? First, it is the main street of Ukraine. All major buildings are located here. During our visit, it was closed for any type of transport. Historical and cultural point for tourists visiting Kiev.
minnesotans4, Сент-Пол, Миннесота
We took Bus 62 from the Sherborne Guest Hotel which is near the Lavra. for 1.5 UAH. There is a person on the bus who you give your money to and then you will be given a ticket. There were not many shops we were interested in on this street except for a smaller Zara and Mango. There were a few souvenir shops but when we compared prices to the same product elsewhere, they were more expensive on this street. The street is closed on the weekends to vehicles and it becomes a pedestrian street. There are many ice cream vendors and a huge McDonalds. We ate at Shato Brewery and that was our worst experience of our 8 day trip. The food was expensive and poor quality. The restaurant had two tables of customers and yet it took 40 minutes for our table of four to have the food served. There are several pretty foundations and monuments on this street. Of course you should go to this street but compared to other major European shopping streets, it doesn't compare.
Andrey P, Москва, Россия
быть в Киеве и не посетить главную улицу столицы Украины не возможно! Солнечный день, пешеходная зона и атмосфера праздика - это все Крещатик! Хорошо сохранившиеся здания вдоль улицы создают величественность и поражают красотой. Самое лучшее, это отстуствие машин (по выходным движение машин там запрещено!). Вокруг чистота, много солнца, света и улыбок жителей и гостей Киева.К сожалению не радует глаз пустырь на месте снесенного ресторана "Столичный" и огромный экран на стене здания на бывшей площади революции, ныне Майдан незалежности, в солнечный день он смотрится просто уродливым серым пятном (((.
Mikhail1963, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Крещатик за последние годы потерял свою предыдущую красоту. Старые каштаны - делающие его неповторимым- умерли, а новые ещё не выросли - и вырастут ли - при таком движении транспорта и при парковке авто монстров на пешеходной зоне?
gasptoronto, toronto
Beautiful, wide, treed boulevard which closes to traffic on weekends, many places to eat, drink, & shop. While there try delicious Ukrainian snacks sold from kiosks & have them al fresco. Sit & relax on many benches.
Папа 😜
Лучше обходить параллельными улицами)
Marcio C, Braganca, Portugal
This is the center of the big country of Ukraine... We visited this street while the celebration of Kyiv day were taking place, so there were thousands of people around us, which gave it an even nicer feeling.
Max P, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
Обязательно пройтись. Шопинг конечно дороговат, но есть хорошие места где покушать и посмотреть много чего. Майдан - главная площадь.
Alicia G, Хаф-Мун-Бей, Калифорния
very nice. shops, people, monuments , cafes. the Maydan - the main area in the center of Kiev. a lot of people on weekends and holidays but still you should see it
Alexandr Krasnoperov
Главная улица Киева
Marilyn M, Stocksund, Stockholms Län, Sweden
Ukrainians are great strollers, and this is strolling-street par excellence. Many good shops and excellent cafes and restaurants. But the main attraction is the street itself. Closed every weekend to all motor traffic, it becomes an 8-lane flâneur paradise, with live music, segways, rickshaws, often acrobats, other entertainers... Benches under horse-chestnut trees, stands selling snacks, drinks - including kvass from the barrel. Some nice architecture, too.This is where friends meet, by accident or design, families parade, youth hang out, locals and visitors gawp at each other. See you there - for preference, between a Friday night and Sunday night. Wear jeans, shorts or an evening gown - you'll not feel out of place.
David C, Сан-Франциско, Колорадо
Wouldn't it be great if major American cities closed their main street to traffic and gave people the opportunity to stroll, shop, eat, socialize, explore ... like a giant open-air mall. I was in Kiev on a Sunday, and the day will be a lasting memory for me. The Ukraine people are very friendly, so with my camera and a smile, despite the language barrier, I had a wonderful time. There are tourist sites in the area, beautiful fountains with kid playing in them, and all the fast food (Ukrainian and "American" you could ask for ... don't miss it.
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