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Ronald H, Surprise, Аризона
On weekends, the street is closed to traffic allowing everyone to walk on the street. Wonderful European feel with many outdoor cafes and fine restaurants. On many weekends, there will be concerts at Kreshchatyk and Independence Square. It's the best place in Kiev to people watch.
AZglobetrotter, Скоттсдейл, Аризона
This is Kiev's main street always bustling with activity. The street is lined with stores, cafe's, restaurant, kiosks and services. At weekends, the street is blocked to traffic and turns into pedestrian only.This is the Champs-Elysee, 5th Avenue, Via Condotti of Kiev. All sorts of characters are out strolling from tourists to young people drinking. I felt safe even at night as long as you are aware of your surroundings, as in any large city.
Anhen, Россия
Обычная улица, притом небольшая, даже удивилась. Да, может и красиво, но ожидала большего. Вообще большего от Киева, а так не тронуло.
fruBustenskiold, Осло, Норвегия
Lang og innholdsrik hovedgate som begynner ved parken, krysser den store frigjøringsplassen Maidan og ender oppe ved Leninmonumentet. Mange gode og rimelige spisesteder der man kan sitte og se på folk, og en del merkevarebutikker. For rimeligere shoppingopplevelser anbefales markedene i de mange fotgjengerundergangene. En del av arkitekturen er av det sovjet-brutale slaget, men det er også vakre, utsmykkede eldre bygninger.
BMikhail, Дзержинский, Россия
Быть в Киеве и не прогуляться по Крещатику? Вас не поймут. Обязательная пешая прогулка по этой улице! От Майдана и до Бессарабки. Особенно хорош, когда цветут каштаны. Устали? Огромное количество кафешек открыты для Вас. Отдохнули, Подкрепились и снова вперёд - изучать Крещатик.
Xep Bam
Collins рекламирует унизительную работу- стоишь на витрине и махаешь рукой
runbhk, Оксфорд, Великобритания
If you hear, and see money being dropped on the pavement, don't look at it, don't pick it up, and just keep walking. If need be, walk in to the nearest shop. This is a scam, and the "victim" and his accomplice will steal some of your money. Ask yourself, would you carry several months pay around, and "accidentally" drop it???That said, it's a safe place to be.The street is wide boulevard, close weekends to cars. Very much the "centre" of town.
Philip L, Гаага, Нидерланды
Khreschatyk Street is named after a stream which used to flow here in the deep valley between the old city to the north (Sofia cathedral and Golden Gate) and Lypy on the south side, on the way to the Pecherska district.The stream flowed down from the sandy woods at the Dnipro escarpment away from the Dnipro, towards the present location of Bessarab market and beyond to flow into the Lybid river. The main railway line follows the Lybid valley through the city.In the early 19th century, Kyiv expanded, and the stream became a dirty open sewer. It was culverted and a street was laid out along the valley. A new City Hall was built where Khreshatik met Mikhailovsky and Sofiisky streets, and the City Hall Square (Dumska Ploscha) became an open maket place.The street became a busy traffic artery; trams ran along it and the economic center of the city gradually shifted here.At the other end of the street a new market was opened, named after Bessarabia, the region bordering on Rumania where a lot of the traders traditionally came from.The street was totally devastated in the second world war. And was rebuilt in the 1950's in grand Soviet style. The street was widened so that it would be suitable for Soviet military parades, fitting the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. This is what gives it its monumental feel.The parades are mostly gone now, many of the buildings have succumbed to western capitalism: Nike, Zara and Marks and Spencer all have branches here.But Khreshatik street is mostly famed for the summer weekends, when it is closed to car traffic and people can stroll along the wide avenue, people gazing or otherwise enjoying the relaxed atmosphere or one or more of the attractions on the way.The famous Central Department Store, half way along, is undergoing reconstruction at the moment and is planned to reopen in 2015 as a super modern gallery behind its Soviet era facade.
Dakles, Hampshire, England
Great to stroll along in the evening as the lights come on. Lively, energetic and atmospheric with some truly imposing architecture.
Michael B, Ульм, Германия
Abends am Wochenende wird ein Teil der Straße für den verkehr gesperrt,die Restaurants und Cafes in dieser Straße sind entsprechend teuer,macht aber Spaß an einem schönen Sommer Abend herumzulaufen
yagodakiki, paris
SUPER SYMPA Pour une promenade à pied...Belles boutiques,jolis cafés...N'oubliez pas boire la spécialité KVAC très bon!!!
Svetlana K, Moscow
По моему мнению, обычная центральная пешеходная улица! Такая есть во многих городах и в Киеве она ничем не отличается! Под Крещатиком находится один из самых крупных торговых центров.
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