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marcins421, Варшава, Польша
Miejsce niemożliwe do ominięcia. W weekendy mieszkańcy Kijowa, tłumnie zbierają się na tej ulicy, aby wypić kawę przystanąć na ławeczce, spotkać się ze znajomymi. Warto zrobić to samo z kubkiem kawy Aroma lub innej lokalnej ulicznej kawiarni.
dodger107, Ашфорд, Великобритания
A wide road with all the well known brand names present on or just off the road. Cafes, markets and the road is closed part of the weekend to make it pedestrian only. A good place to shop and enjoy yourself
Thomas K, Копенгаген, Дания
Dette er en af de helt centrale shoppinggade i Kyiv, den har blandt andet en Zara, et par gode guldsmede, en souvenirbutik, en del andre tøjbutikker, restauranter og shoppingcenteret Tsum, som er i den mere eksklusive ende, de har de dyrere mærker såsom Hugo Boss, og en dejlig foodcourt på øverste etage, de har også en god souvenirbutik med lidt mindre turistede ting. De har nogle af de gode ukrainske designere, både med herre og dametøj.
rogerka, Братислава, Словакия
Amazing avenue, we were absolutely charmed. We were there on Saturday's night, the road was closed for cars. Music played and people danced. It was full of life. We loved the beautifully lit buildings.
Op een zonnige dag is het goed vertoeven. Mooie winkels en vanaf de vele bankjes is het leuk om de mensen te observeren.
blacknikie, Графство Кент, Великобритания
Very busy street to walk around:many shops, restaurants, coffe kiosks. Try underground shopping centres.
We slept in an apartment that was situated at the high street. During the day it's very busy but a nice feature is that when you want to cross the road you can take the stairs and just walk under need the road. During the weekends some parts of the high street are vehicle free!
Am freien Tag vor der Tour dort und auf dem Maidan umgesehn, leider bei Regen und Kälte.war trotzdem interessant da geschichtsträchtig.
Timo K, Эспоо, Финляндия
The main street has boutiques of western brands. Also it houses the department store Tsum with the same characteristics. Rather dull on weekdays.
Bernard D, Намюр, Бельгия
Basiquement, il est évident que c'est une artère commerciale. Mais il faut lever le nez et on découvre une perspective riche, et une architecture digne d'intérêt. L'ambiance vaut la peine et de toute façon, d'une manière ou d'une autre, vous serez forcé d'arpenter les trottoirs. Autant se faire plaisir en ne le boudant pas. Et puis, le tout Kiev ne se retrouve-t-il pas ici ? C'est donc le bon endroit pour regarder les gens passer...
JonDoe04134, Лидинге, Швеция
It becomes a pedestrian street on weekends and it's booming with life, with many musicians and dancers and people gathering around them. An absolutely lovely experience. Could only be improved by some more interesting shops, pubs and restaurants along it, but for now - those who seek shall find.
Tomi K
if you want to feel Kyiv at all, this is the street where you must visit. Most likely you will anyway but just to make my point that this is the spot in Kyiv!
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