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Dennis G D
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
One of the nicer metro stations.
Mike Preston
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
(Translated by Google) This station is architecturally outstanding and is therefore a listed building. Numerous mosaics show representations of the princes of Kievan Rus and ancient churches. In the interstices of the mosaic arches hang ornamented bronze chandeliers with 12 lamps each. The columns of the main hall are tiled with white marble, their white ceiling is divided by diametrical mosaic strips of glazed bricks. (Original) Diese Station ist architektonisch herausragend und steht ebendeshalb unter Denkmalschutz. Zahlreiche Mosaike zeigen Darstellungen der Fürsten der Kiewer Rus sowie antiker Kirchen. In den Zwischenräumen der Mosaikbögen hängen mit Ornamenten verzierte Bronze-Kronleuchter mit jeweils 12 Lampen. Die Säulen der Haupthalle sind mit weißem Marmor gefliest, deren weiße Decke wird von diametralen Mosaikleisten aus glasierten Ziegeln unterteilt.
Magellanson, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
This is mostly a new reconstruction of the storied Golden Gate of Kiev. It is well done and worth it just for the views.
bahadirkilicaslan, Стамбул, Турция
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Şehrin tarihi giriş kapisiymis. İçeride hic bisey yok. Ama giris ucuz oldugu icin gormedim demezsiniz iste....
MikeFo, Брайтон, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
I guess this is the best that can be offered as the original has long since gone, but this is a clear modern reconstruction. There are far more important and interesting things to see but you will probably pass by at some point - close to opera house and St Sophia's.
marcins421, Варшава, Польша
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Budynek nie robi wrażenia. Wybudowany wg wyobrażeń współczesnych budowniczych. Przed nimi kameralny skwerek, gdzie można wypić kawę i posłuchać muzyki.
Maris Z, Сигулда, Латвия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
The gate characterizes the owner of any house. Looking at this, one can conclude that the ancient Kiev was ruled by mighty rulers.
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Рекомендую сходить к знаменитым "Золотым воротам". Часто бываю там. Рекомендую туда сходить и посмотреть.
Michael H, Westfield, New Jersey
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
We couldn't visit Kyiv without visiting the famed "Zolotiy Vorota" Golden Gate. We had learned about it as part of Ukrainian history and its role in the defense of Ukraine's capital. One could just imagine sentinels manning the gate in anticipation of invaders who wanted to occupy the strategic site, Kyiv, also the capitol of Ukraine. A must see part of any visit to Kyiv, you won't be disappointed and it is a very pleasant hike.
Bernard D, Намюр, Бельгия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
... vous n'aurez rien perdu. Mais si vous passez à côté (je me comprends), faites un crochet. Je ne sais pas si on peut visiter l'intérieur, mais l'extérieur ne laisse pas un souvenir mémorable.
JonDoe04134, Лидинге, Швеция
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Seems out of place, as the reconstruction lacks reality and could have been done better. Can easily be skipped.
Vasyl Masnukha
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Lovely station Apple
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