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Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Interessante da vedere, se ci si passa nelle vicinanze. È vicino a Maidan, in direzione della via delle ambasciate e di Santa Sofia. Una breve deviazione è utile farla.
Jonas N, Гётеборг, Швеция
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It's an interesting building where you can feel history coming to life but you have to pay to go inside (which is basically just some stairs to get to the top and a couple of models). So if you don't want to support local culture or don't fancy climbing stairs to get the view, just stay on the outside and marvel at the building itself.
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
When you re around the gate it gives a nice feeling of historical atmosphere doesnt matter whats the weather is.. Since that golden gate's location is pretty busy you can exchange your money can find nice restaurants and even there s a subway station very closeby..
FOL-1003, Науру
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
and is worthy a visit. you can climb the roof and check out the views.recommend.once upon a time, a church sat on top, thats gone, but still impressive
Eliza V, Пейя, Кипр
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It's great to look at and has an impressive history. Nothing else to do really. Take a stall from there down the Volodymirska St towards, Bohdana Knemelnitskogo, it offers a lovely walk and great architecture of the surrounding buildings.
ontheroadagain1434, Вашингтон, Округ Колумбия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
The gate is impressively large, so although it's been reconstructed it is still interesting to think about what the city would have looked like a thousand years ago when it was in use.
Laxiaozi08200912, Пекин, Китай
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
I certainly love the specular view of the Golden Gate!! This creates a sense of community, a home for me to be welcomed by the cordial Ukrainians)
Яніс К, Киев, Украина
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Как говорят историки именно такие ворота зачищали стольный град в древние века. Впечатлило масштабами, но не более.
Glen W, Киев, Украина
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
I had not been to this for several years, but since it is in area where there are some nice restaurants, such as Pantagruel and Golden Gate Pub, I went back to see it on one of these trips. It is now a very well reconstructed historical monument to old Kiev. The inside has well documented information on the history of the Gate and Kiev. Well worth taking about an hour and see this as it gives another good perspective of Kiev history. Then go to a restaurant nearby. It is close to other good attractions so convenient as another stop off on your tour.
smolkin, Москва, Россия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Такого кирпича конечно в 12 веке никто не делал. Но советский новодел смотрится естественно и красиво. Интересная эксощиция. Оставляет хорошее впечатление. Рядом много кафешек.
ZZMimi, Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
A beautiful way to respect the history of this city by preserving the original gate that was the entrance to the city. Having listed to the composer Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" for many years seeing the "Great Gate of Kiev" was especially wonderful.
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
I was walking around Kiev and stumbled on this and the strange cat sculptures next to it. As I was lost I was glad to find this landmark and be able to find my way. The Golden Gate itself is an interesting pice of newly built history so why not visit it?
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