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dianinha m, Лиссабон, Португалия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Esta casa situa-se na zona do palácio presidencial de forma que o seu acesso está limitado pelos forças militares. O interesse está nas esculturas no rebordo superior do edifício
Vicky H
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Well, there is nothing spetial in this house.It is a beutiful house located in nice neibourhood. I have been there at 2006 and 2016.Durng my 2nd visit therewere seme policemen that forbid us to come near the house, it seems because we had our cameras on us.The rest of the people could pass without any problem. When I asked what is the reason for not letting us pass they told us that only the residences can go on that street.so just put your camera in your bag.
John H, Брисбен, Австралия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
You can't go inside or get within 100m due to the security as it's beside the presidents office but this is well worth a visit to take pictures at least. It's unique and very interesting to read the history of the place.It's an Art Nouveau building located in the historic Lypky neighborhood of Kiev. Situated across the street from the President of Ukraine's office at No. 10, Bankova Street, the building has been used as a presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies since 2005. The street in front of the building is closed off to all automobile traffic, and is now a patrolled pedestrian zone due to its near proximity to the Presidential Administration building.Architect Vladislav Gorodetsky originally constructed the House with Chimaeras for use as his own upmarket apartment building during the period of 1901–1902. However, as the years went by, Gorodetsky eventually had to sell the building due to financial troubles, after which it changed ownership numerous times before finally being occupied by an official Communist Party polyclinic until the early 2000s. When the building was vacated, its interior and exterior decor were fully reconstructed and restored according to Gorodetsky's original plans.The building derives its popular name from the ornate decorations depicting exotic animals and hunting scenes, which were sculpted by Italian architect Emilio Sala since Gorodetsky was an avid hunter. The name does not refer to the chimaera of mythology, but to an architectural style known as chimaera decoration in which animal figures are applied as decorative elements to a building.
quieroaguadecoco, Базель, Швейцария
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
You can only see part of this house from the outside, since it is gated. It is interesting to see how they used concrete to do the sculptures.
Ольга В, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Экскурсия потрясающая. Дом с химерами - безусловный шедевр! Фантазия Городецкого впечатляет и восхищает.
Darrel J, Перт, Австралия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Can only be viewed from outside as it is part of the Presidential complexA Ukrainian architect who liked using concrete & accumulating hunting trophies so he combined the two into a house Worth a look
rad r, Донецк, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Учитывая отсутствие прямой доступности к осмотру этого объекта, интерес к нему пропал...С расстояния двухсот метров не заинтриговал.Всё...
Natalia H, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Экскурсию на Банковую организовывает "Интересный Киев" очень познавательно и интересно!!!Эта экскурсия абсолютно бесплатная. Что необходимо сделать - это зарегистрировать в системе и ожидать, когда Вам придет приглашение!!!
Людмила Б, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Экскурсия очень понравилась!Здание необычное и очень красивое, долго можно любоваться и восхищаться фантазией архитектора В. Городецкого.
Oleh K
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
It's not standart architectural building in KievYou can go and look at it and here is also the Ukrainian's president palace
KumpelDnepr, Днепропетровск, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Очень необычное и интересное здание, фигуры сделаны из бетона, персонажей можно рассматривать подолгу.
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
No access as its all gated and guarded by police and officials. You can get some good photos from outside but would be great if you could get closer.
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