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Александр Зайцев
Стараюсь обычно следить за питанием, сало 4 года не ел. Но тут меня понесло) очень вкусно) отнесите меня до дома!
Nata Y, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
****I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone.**** Waitresses never smile. They had impressions at their faces like they cannot stand visitors, and they hate this job. My family went there for a dinner (one man, 3 women (one of them grandmother), 9 years old child, and 3 teenagers age 14-17.) We made an order. While we were sitting and enjoying our family conversations, nearby us was a table of drunk young people 3 men and their girlfriends. One of the young man's chair was attached to my son's chair. That man was so drunk that his head time by time failed on my son's shoulder. I nicely ask young lady who seemed to me was the most responsible at that moment if that young man was okay, if he needs any help. He didn't look ok at all. She meanly answered:” Yes!!!", and after moment without any reason started insulting my mother who was sitting by her and call her abusive names. My mother is an elementary school teacher. She hasn’t heard anything like that before. I tried to ask a waiter for a help or a manager. He was just staying there and watching. My mom started crying. The "sleeping-drunk" man waked up and with his friends started to attack my family. I started to dial police phone#. It took a while for the manager to show-up. I asked my family to leave this restaurant immediately. Instead of helping us and resolve a conflict the manager asked the security guy to keep us in the restaurant till we pay in full for the food and drinks which we haven't even been served. Police wasn't been helpful because they asked me for my phone # and I just bought the phone and didn't remember it. I tolled on the phone where we were located at; however, the police was not interested in the address of incidence. Only after I paid in full for the food which we haven't even seen, the security guy, the waiter, and the manager who is also was an owner of the restaurant let us go. It was the worst, worst Ukrainian experience I have ever had. It is still in my mind after so many months.
Василий М, Тула, Россия
В этом рестране прекрасно готовят именно блюда украинской кухни.Наслаждаться можно с утра до вечера!
Thlaspi, Bucarest
Bien décoré, chaleureux et dépaysant (pour touristes), ce restaurant vaut le détour. Maintenant, s'il est exact que le Bors est excellent, je conseille à ceux qui mettent 5 étoiles d'aller un jour dans un vrai restaurant gastronomique...C'est bon, original, le service est agréable (mais long) mais ça s'arrête là.
Неплохой ресторан, интерьер украинский очень домашний, как будто переносишься в эпоху Кобзаря.. Очень вкусный штрудель с курицей, блинчики с маком, ну и громадная порция борща))
Irina Barska
Не думаю, что напихать во все подряд тонны чеснока - это признак настоящей украинской кухни. Если не брать это в расчет, то еда вполне приличная. Интерьер неплохой, только смущают снующие между столиками пешеходы, которым больше просто негде пройти из-за узости улицы.
Evelina F
National Ukrainian restaurant with great atmosphere and delicious food. Waitresses dressed in national costumes, beautiful country decor, Ukrainian dishes with country decoration. Of course, it's the tourist place, but it's not minus ;)
WonderfulWorld59, Missouri
This Ukrainian restaurant is clearly tourist kitsch but good food and great photos are fun! We sampled several varieties of dumplings and truly enjoyed this very touristy place! My favorite kind of dumpling was the sweet poppy seed. The cherry dumpling was good but watch for pits. The sauerkraut dumpling was a nice savory contrast. The well-done country decor and waitresses in colorful costume makes for great photos! Enjoy!
Valerii48, Подмосковье, Россия
Всё: и еда (заказывали традиционные украинские блюда), и интерьер (оформление под крестьянскую избу), и обслуживание (быстро), и цены (вполне приемлемые)
Leonid S, Сомерсет, Нью-Джерси
I use to go there several times before, last time around 4 years ago. It use to be great restaurant with lots of special items and mostly everything in menu use to be available. Menu is still huge, however several itmes we asked are actually not. Some great items are gone forever which is very upsetting. Service is so-so, vodka was limited to the Nemiroff brand and they don't allow to bring and open our own bottle of wine. Pretty stupid rules for upscale restorant as they are presenting themself. Prices are still quiet high but nothing special in taste or available selection anymore. It was my last visit there.
to4ka_keepeniya, Москва, Россия
Ресторан очень понравился. Была в отпуске с друзьями и решила посетить его по рекомендации. Были в нем на майские праздники, необходимо обязательно бронировать столик, иначе мест нет.Порции гигантские, качество великолепно, очень хорошее обслуживание и гуманные цены.Заказали несколько блюд "в стол", они всё не кончались и не кончались. Мне кажется такого количества вкусной еды за раз я ещё никогда не ела.Рекомендую этот ресторан обязательным для посещения всем гостям прекрасного города Одесса!
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