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MalditaMia, Киев, Украина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
За 4 дня которые были там, в номере ни разу толком не убрали. Ни белье не меняли, ( хотя следовало, нечаянно запачкали соком), ни санузел не чистили ( раковина и ванная как правило моются), и даже со стола крошки не протирали (намеренно оставленные, чтоб уже посмотреть на совестливость горничной). Короче остались неприятные ощущения, что наверное перед заездом также была проделана чистка комнаты от предыдущих посетителей и как то не очень хочется туда возвращаться. Хотя уровень гостиницы не низкий и цены приличные, а убирают не качественно. Ресторан при гостинице очень понравился!
Oleksandr Zelenetskyi
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Отель расположен на берегу живописной реки Южный Буг в самом центре Николаева, недалеко от знаменитого Николаевского Яхт-Клуба – одного из старейших в Российской империи.
Bimochka, Москва, Россия
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
была в отеле совсем недавно, в отеле все есть что нужно , очень порадовала тишина по ночам в отеле и хорошая шумоизоляция. Так же обширные завтраки с горячими блюдами - шведский стол. Если нужно можно выехать чуть позже расчетного времени - за дополнительную плату ( почасово). Вернусь еще , тем более у Вас своя пивоварня :)
Tania L, Киев, Украина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
The hotel is located in next to the water and offers splendid views. Hotel is quite new, has big parking and houses two restaurants - beer pub (very interesting interior) and, what seems to be, the most expensive restaurant in the city. Service was quite fine.What I did not like about the hotel was the room itself. It is very basic, and does not feel and look comfy at all. Looks cheap and primitive. For the price I paid it was probably fine but next time I will go for suite or the like there.
Antonina Butko
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
В стандартном номере тапки не предусмотрены, но можно уточнить и они тут же появятся без доп. платы
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Девушка Юля хорошо и вежливо приняла!
Dmytro Doletskiy
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Из всех рейкарцев, тут - наименее дружелюбная рецепция.
epicurious1234, Лаваль, Канада
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
I spent 2 weeks in Mykolaiv-Ukraine at Reikartz River Hotel, what a fantastic place. Not only are the staff extremely professional, but the hotel is very comfortable and modern. One of the highlight of course are the two fabulous restaurants. Pub Patrick is truly enjoyable with great atmosohere and excellent food. The other restaurant is even more fantastic, Stargorod is an unbeliveable european style restaurant with 5 stars cuisine.; the staff and management are amazing and deliver up to the place standards.dont miss the opportunity to stay at Reikartz River Hotel Mykolaiv.
IvyCole, Memphis,TN
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Excellent is the only thing to say about this hotel. From service, appearance, staff, food location and overall value. I have travelled to this city a lot. This is the best Hotel in town and you will not be disappointed. The only thing lacking was the ability to change money on site.
HermitDruid, Ванкувер, Канада
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
When coming to Mikolaiv, you have to give a try to this hotel. I believe that is the best in region, given the time that I stayed in the city. It's location is not close to downtown (Soviestska st), but on taxi it is not more than 10 minutes to get there and the taxis to go around the town are inexpensive, so it is definitely worth it, since its location is by the river and it is quiet most of the time. Attached to the property we have the Stargorod restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in town, perfect for a romantic dinner and the "Crazy Patrick" pub which is told to have the best beer selection in town. Forget luxury, you are in a small town - the hotel reminds like a good business hotel chain in US, but with old style decor. The rooms are nice, with a decent bed, good Wi-Fi (I didn't have a single problem all the time I stayed there) and air conditioning, with a balcony overlooking the river. It was very clean and even when I stayed inside most of the day, they cleaned it at the evening (most hotels in US won't do that). Also, is the only hotel in town that offer breakfast included, which is a huge plus and saved me tons during that time. Ok, so big con for me was lack of gym or fitness equipment. I read here somewhere that it was supposed to have a nearby facility that had a agreement with hotel, but this doesn't stand anymore. I asked at least two or three different times about it at front desk and none is provided. My solution was to head to DIROM fitness which it a 10 min walk distance from the hotel, and pay it myself. They do have a pool inside the property, but it is inappropriate for swimming, more for leisure. Overall, I would definitely come back if needed and many props to the staff, that were always eager to help and very friendly.
Artem Shift
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Отличный вид на реку. Тихо и красиво. Можно покурить кальян, но до 23:00! Wifi без дополнительной платы. Паркова включена в стоимость, правда кол-во мест ограничено. Номера соответствуют цене.
ruienc, Portugal
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
This is a tipically soviet hotel type... so do not expect luxury or design.Food is good and hotel and restaurant staff very friendly and helpful. Location near the river is great and very relaxing at end of the day - be carefull with the mosquitos after the sunset - you have been warned!The rooms decor is from the 70s, however matress was surprisingly good. Extremely clean as most hotels in Ukraine.
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