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Samuel L, Чейпл-Хилл, Северная Каролина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
This Reikartz hotel is a nice, quaint hotel with one of THE restaurants to go to (Stargorod), and a nice pub, both overlooking the Southern Bug River. On a nice day, and there are a lot of them, you will see sailboats along the river. Ok, and for you that are not familiar with hotels in the area, do not expect a Wyndham or Hyatt. The room basic/standard room is small, not tiny, but enough for you to walk around the bed. There is no dresser for your clothes, only an amoure to hang suits, and shelves for your other items. Oh, and you will find the frig in there also. The bathroom is basic, shower stall, sink, and toilet. Remember those days in the 60's and 70's in elementary school when the toilet paper was just little squares of scratchy paper ..... Do not forget to put your room keycard into the slot in the entry way when you walk in. It turns the power to the room on. My suggestion if you have things like phones or computers/tablets charging, get two keycards, because when you leave the room those items will not be charging.I am not complaining. I enjoyed my room. It was nice to see how hotels are outside of the States. So I do not want to seem like a pampered American, I liked it. The staff was very nice, the breakfast was good, and the pub was enjoyable. I stayed for 5 nights, and it only cost me $236.00 USD, yeah, no kidding.My girlfriend and I had a wonderful, romantic dinner at the restaurant. I pre-arranged our date and we were taken care of wonderfully. I was allowed to pick a table right by the river's edge. When the sun went down, and the temperature dropped, the staff came out with blankets for the ladies. I have never seen any restaurant is the US do that for their customers. Our dinners were fantastic, I had a Filet Mignon that was huge and cooked perfectly, fork tender. Our whole bill, for dinner, appetizers, and dessert, was $40 USD. Try getting an incredible Filet for that alone in the US.The Drunk Patrick pub was nice. Ukrainian flags around the bar, no Irish flags ... lol .... and the bar food was typical, but good.All in all, I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. Would I recommend it to someone else? If you are looking for a quiet hotel, away from downtown, and with a pleasant veiw then yes I would definately recommend this hotel.
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Отель выбирала фирма, по этому пришлось полагаться на хороший вкус коллеги. Такого яркого впечатления не оставил даже отель в Греции на порядок выше и пока нигде не встречала лучше отеля. Вежливый квалифицированный персонал, безупречные номера, в которых есть все до мелочей, шикарнейший вид на Южный Буг, отличные разнообразные завтраки, наличие бассейна – любой каприз! Единственный недостаток, который можно с натяжкой назвать недостатком – долго проверяли номер, после выселения. Отель в который хочется вернуться и который посоветую всем и каждому!!!
Samuel L, Чейпл-Хилл, Северная Каролина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
So, I am going to echo Tania L's review. The hotel is located next to the water and offers splendid views. The hotel is quite new, and has two restaurants - "Drunk Patrick's" beer pub (very interesting interior) and, what seems to be the most expensive restaurant in the city. Which for me worked out just fine, because I had my first date there, and I was taken care of by the staff who set up a reserved table by the rivers edge. It was a chilly night, and they brought blankets out for all of the women. What better way to impress a lady. The service was quite fine. The receptionists were wonderful.Do not make this American mistake. Do NOT walk up to a taxi that pulls in and just jump in, as though you are in New York, big mistake. Go to the reception desk. Ask them to call you a cab. A "designated" taxi will come to pick you up. Although the gentleman who the cab was for invited me to join him, none the less the cab driver was pissed.Yes, the single rooms are small. As this is my first European Vacation ... LOL .... and the room in Istanbul was even smaller. I found it to be cozy. Unlike American hotels, you get an amour, not a dresser with drawers and a closet. The bathroom was adequate, nothing fancy.My negative, as you saw in the title, was the road. It is narrow, pot-hole ridden, partially paved and partially cobblestone. The cars and trucks battle for who gets to pass in front of the hotel, as taxis and visiting autos are parked in the street.Okay, to answer this ongoing question. There is an airport, but no longer in use for the public. It currently houses several military aircraft. Don't go there. Next.... As my girlfriend told me. There is only one way in and one way out of Nikolaev/Mykolaiv, and that is the bridge. Which is guarded by the military. Nikolaev is pro-Ukraine. You will see cars, trucks, and motorcycles flying Ukrainian flags, as though a college football game was in town. These issues are not spoken, but they love their country.
Евгения Кунина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Ранее санаторий "Парус"
Aleksandr Gruzkov
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Советую при поселении завести себе карту, на которую ложится 10% оплаты бонусами.
Vasiliy S, Печора, Россия
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Приехав в этот славный город, решил остановиться в этом отеле на одну ночь и такое чувство, что я попал в советское время, т.к. номера а ля 70-е. Персонал доброжелательный. Отель расположен недалеко от реки, а значит ждите "гостей" - комаров!
MalditaMia, Киев, Украина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
За 4 дня которые были там, в номере ни разу толком не убрали. Ни белье не меняли, ( хотя следовало, нечаянно запачкали соком), ни санузел не чистили ( раковина и ванная как правило моются), и даже со стола крошки не протирали (намеренно оставленные, чтоб уже посмотреть на совестливость горничной). Короче остались неприятные ощущения, что наверное перед заездом также была проделана чистка комнаты от предыдущих посетителей и как то не очень хочется туда возвращаться. Хотя уровень гостиницы не низкий и цены приличные, а убирают не качественно. Ресторан при гостинице очень понравился!
Oleksandr Zelenetskyi
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Отель расположен на берегу живописной реки Южный Буг в самом центре Николаева, недалеко от знаменитого Николаевского Яхт-Клуба – одного из старейших в Российской империи.
Bimochka, Москва, Россия
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
была в отеле совсем недавно, в отеле все есть что нужно , очень порадовала тишина по ночам в отеле и хорошая шумоизоляция. Так же обширные завтраки с горячими блюдами - шведский стол. Если нужно можно выехать чуть позже расчетного времени - за дополнительную плату ( почасово). Вернусь еще , тем более у Вас своя пивоварня :)
Tania L, Киев, Украина
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
The hotel is located in next to the water and offers splendid views. Hotel is quite new, has big parking and houses two restaurants - beer pub (very interesting interior) and, what seems to be, the most expensive restaurant in the city. Service was quite fine.What I did not like about the hotel was the room itself. It is very basic, and does not feel and look comfy at all. Looks cheap and primitive. For the price I paid it was probably fine but next time I will go for suite or the like there.
Antonina Butko
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
В стандартном номере тапки не предусмотрены, но можно уточнить и они тут же появятся без доп. платы
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Девушка Юля хорошо и вежливо приняла!
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