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Отзывы - Бренд Ray Ban

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Tanya Bee
7 days ago we brought a pair of wayfarers II - first day I wore them an arm falls off. So I return them and get a new pair only for this pair to have the arms put on crookedly. They sit crooked on my face and when put on a flat surface do not sit flat either!! Very dissatisfied and disappointed- I do however have a pair of $5 knock offs that I have had for 2 years an never had an issue, my boyfriend thought it would be nice if I for once allowed myself to have something nice and now I’m having to return my second pair in a week due to shonky workmanship, clearly the $275 we paid was just for the label - definitely not for quality! Such a waste of time having to go back and forth to the shops!!!
04:30 07 янв.Tanya Bee
And now to top it all off as I just took them out of the case to show the problem - the case RIPPED!!! Absolute crap!!
Graça Silveira
Mau atendimento ao cliente no pós venda.
Tash Wincikaby
ordered sunglasses for my mom for xmas on November 28, was told they shipped out and would be delivered by dec 2. I have yet to receive them and learned that they have not even been shipped and Ray-Ban is not even willing to help me out or compensate in any way! TERRIBLE customer service and I will definitely not be ordering from them again.
José Moreno Sánchez
Ray Ban una empresa pesetera donde las halla, que siguen vendiendo gafas en decenas de distribuidores "descatalogadas". Y te dejan sin recambios. Un TIMO en toda regla. Así que cuidado que no os pase como a mi, mis gafas favoritas RB(tengo varias) comprada hace 3 años y se araño una lente y ya no tienen repuestos............ Lo peor aun que te las puedes comprar aún como dije arriba. Ir a otras marcas que no se paga tanto la marca(el 50% del precio es por la marca y lo que gastan en publicidad). En otras marcas buenas no hacen eso a sus clientes.
Hakan Boztaş
Kaliteli Gözlük Gözde şık görüntü veriyor
Sérgio Costa
My 150€ foldable Wayfarers' tiny plastic front hinge broke and I'm told they can't replace it! This is either stupid or dishonest. What a waste! Ray Ban never more!
Alberto Dion Sander
todo esta bien su diseño tipo de vidrio su diseño de armazon
Ram Dayana
no me gusta es viejo y caro
Dayana Ramírez
no me gusta es viejo y caro
Tomasz Starczak
Very good glasses 👓 highly recommended
Matt T-b
Beware ordering from Ray-Ban they didn't have the correct shade and instead of advising us they sent a similar pair. They replied saying we have 100 days to get refund but the 50% Off promo is not active anymore. This is very bad customer service. On top of it it was a Christmas gift and now we are stuck to send back the wrong pair they sent and the gift is missing Good job #ray-ban
Jacqui Rose
I’ve had the same pair of Ray Ban aviators for 8 years, they’re the only thing that hasn’t rusted or fallen apart on the boat! I live in the Caribbean taking guests around the islands & I wear them all day, every day, my Ray Bans have never let me down! Now looking for some lighter plastic ones just for a change! 🥰😎
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