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sorairo5, 静岡
It was an interesting experience during the English tour I took in the cathedral. I found out that the acoustics was so special inside because the empty ‘voice’ clay pots were mounted inside the wall. However, it was still a bit boring in comparison with the tour we took some time ago. It was military tour from Kyiv military tours travel agency and it was so stirring I couldn’t imagine. We drove the tank and shot from kalashikov and did a lot of military activities there.
293neilk, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Kiev,certainly one of it's most famous landmark features and day or night looks stunning. My twin brother Stephen and I had never visited Kiev before and this was one of our must go destinations and our visit easily surpassed our expectations. My twin brother Stephen and I were in Kiev in January ,and like most countries were the main church is Orthodox they celebrate Christmas on January 7th ( old Julian calendar) so we headed to one of the Christmas markets and as a stunning backdrop to the Christmas market was Saint Sophia Cathedral. This beautiful cathedral looks amazing especially at night when illuminated, it's a large complex encompassing the cathedral, bell tower and House Of Metropolitan, beautiful illuminated and built in the Byzantine style of architecture that is so pleasing on the eye, the cathedral complex makes for some great photographic opportunities,this was Ukraine's first World Heritage Site, part of the Seven Wonders Of Ukraine and is easy to locate along Volodymyrska Vul.Well worth checking out if your in the area.
After the exciting tank driving we did yesterday we decided to choose something more relaxing the next day. (btw I totally recommend the military tour we booked from Stay in Kiev travel agency – it was breathtaking!). We took a ride to the center of the city. Noisy streets were around, but we found ourselves in the beautiful and pacified place. The Saint Sophia Cathedral is saturated with antiquity. You felt like you took a ride in the time machine…
There are many information stands about the buildings and territory of the Saint Sophia Cathedral, but the staff don’t speak English. I wanted to have a guided tour, but the language they spoke was Ukrainian only, which I didn’t understand unfortunately… There are many places in Kiev where people don’t understand English and it’s hard to be English-speaking tourist there… However, once I met people with great English skills! It was a Kyiv military tours agency; we had an awesome trip together to a shooting range.
Piękne saktuarium, podobnie jak inne w Kijowie, zlokalizowany na starym mieście. Warto zobaczyć, wstęp bezpłatny.
anna d
It’s the oldest cathedral in Kiev and I really loved it! My husband and I usually visit all the attractions together, but here our interest split up. I came here while my husband took a military tour from Stay in Kiev travel agency with tank driving option. We both were happy about our activities for sure. I am a religious person and I love the Ukrainian cathedral so much. This one is the best in Kiev in my opinion. The Saint Sophia Cathedral is the heart of the city.
bratakus, vancouver
It was ok. It's claimed to be old. But I think everything is maximum around 100 years old. Still, it's worth seeing. Take a guide. You will miss a lot without a guide cause most stuff is just in Ukrainian.
przepiękny Sobór w centrum Kijowa z bogatymi zdobieniami - zdecydowanie warte zwiedzenia :) odpłatne zwiedzanie poszczególnych miejsc ale warto !
Matvei G
It’s not only the one main building here, there are also an ensemble of supporting structures such as a bell tower and the House of Metropolitan. I really loved how it looks like, it’s amazing building… I came here with the same guide I took for my whole trip. I also took her to the Kyiv military tour, where I didn’t need a translation though.. She was my company for that! She told me the whole history of the Saint Sophia Cathedral.
iamfine39, Префектура Токио, Япония
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