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Отзывы - Ресторан Mur Mur

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Анастасия Рыбак
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Очень классный интерьер,прекрасный вид на город,еда очень вкусная,но размер порции или выход продукта лучше уточнять заранее
tmuc, Берлин, Германия
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Der Laden ist top, wunderschönes Ambiente! Etwas zuvel Auswahl auf den Speisekarten (man bekommt 8 Stück!), Essen kommt schnell.Generell aber der Service ist sehr schlecht. Kellner sprechen nicht Englisch, sind arrogant und kommen selten an den Tisch!
Lesia D
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
The place is fancy and has a beautiful view but its standards are below simply low. We waited for the waiter for a good 15-20 min. Once he came around he took the order and left wandering for another 20. Then he brought my friends their mango ice cream (a ludicrously small portion btw, like half a normal scoop) but never brought me the wine. We waited for another 10-15 min but the man never came back, as he was busy having a giggle with whomever. We told him to cancel the order and what do you know: he immediately brings the wine. We said, "dude, we're leaving take that wine away." And he's like ok and then he brings the bill, which still had wine in it. Everyone was furious but the dude didn't seem to care and so we had to talk to the manager. They took off the wine from the bill, which he, later on, returned to the bar, saying arrogantly "it's ok, nobody touched it, we can serve it again." Kyiv has plenty of wonderful places but this one is not among them.
Mariannamur19, Киев, Украина
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Прекрасное заведение с бомбическим видом на Киев. Вкусная кухня. Зона для курящих отдельно, что радует тех, кто не курит) Рекомендую к посещению)
LeslieNL, Роттердам, Нидерланды
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Came here for a drink and some bar snacks to go with cocktails..Took a long time before the staffs came and take our order. No bar snacks. I.e olives or anything.Ultra pretentious and arrogant staffs... I dont recommend as it's a waste if time.
squall3399, Вена, Австрия
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
I visited this place a few times since the food is excellent and there’s a variety of drinks to choose from. The prices are on a bit more expensive end, but the terrace view is worth it.
sdgt625, Сан-Диего, Калифорния
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Location - relatively short walk from the Hilton area. As a rooftop venue, it has nice views of the city. Atmosphere- felt more like a club. Music was too loud for conversations. Looking at the crowd around us, I felt like people come here to be seen... The food - I was really worried about the quality of the food when I first looked at the menu-they serve Mexican dishes as well as Thai ones, in addition to some European dishes . But the food I had was good. The cold beetroot tomato soup was very tasty, and the veal cheek dish with red quinoa was excellent - the meat was tender and well seasoned. I enjoyed my food and wine here - but I did not care for the party atmosphere. I came here mainly for dinner , not to go clubbing .
325antonisa, Лимасол, Кипр
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
Great restaurant with great food and nice shisha. One of the best spots in Kiev, Ukraine with nice views of the city
Ярослав Попович
не рекомендую
16:36 17 апр.Ярослав Попович
відсутня інформація українською мовою
MattH606, Лондон, Великобритания
Киев, Пушкинская улица, 42/4Площадь Льва Толстого
A very ‘cool’ joint, with cocktails and low lighting. My partner had the grouper in pistachio sauce, which she loved and I had the vegan shawarma - not a huge portion but it did taste good. The wine and cocktails were quite pricey, especially for Kiev, but it was a nice place to go. Try and book ahead as we ate at the bar, due to it being busy, but the other seating looked better and more suited to eating. I would recommend this place, not so many vegetarian options but if that doesn’t matter to you then the other food looked good. Nice views from the smoking area too.
Bogdan Smolyar
Замечательное заведение) Рекомендую!
Ирисска Ириска
Красиво, пафосно, иногда можно заходить)
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