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Deborah Boucher-Carter
I purchased my watch on Princess Cruise line in September 2019, and two months later it stopped working. I mailed it in for service/repairs in November. Customer service keeps saying that they made the repairs and it as been shipped. I keep contacting them and keep getting excuses! Send me my watch or reimburse me for the cost! Ridiculous customer service!
19:28 15 янв.Philip Stein
Hi Deborah, please accept our sincere apologies. We understand your frustration and we can only say that we are evaluating our internal process to make the turnaround time much quicker and to make sure this doesn't happen again. We appreciate you letting us know and providing feedback. Your case particularly caught us in the midst of the holiday season and things got complicated, but that's not an excuse. The good news is that your timepiece has shipped, we can send you the tracking number via private message. So sorry for the inconvenience.
Nona Taylor
Need to either Re-train or Replace your After Sales Manager, Gary Seymour. He was totally unprofessional when I tried to explain my problem. Kept talking over me on the phone when I was trying to state why I was questioning the quality of the watch product that we had purchased. Asked to speak to his manager and he says. I don't have a manager I report directly to Philip Stein. I have called the corporate office a number of times over the past 4 years of owning this watch and have never had this type of experience
Barbara Riley Carlson
Great watch. Everyone I know that has one just loves them.
Ate Annie Rubio Restua
I have one. I bought it in the philippines. I love it because i can see the time from philippines and USA. Looks elegant.
Kim Hutchins Blackketter
I purchased a Philip Stein watch in a lovely jewelry store in St. Maarten in 2006. A local jeweler replaces the batteries (my watch face has 2 dials) when needed and I wear my watch 7 days a week. I continue to receive compliments on it. I love, love, love this watch!
Dulcie J Visser
I received mine as a gift. Since I have Fibromyalgia they thought this may help improve the pain, nope!! It concentrated the pain and intensified it ten fould!!
19:36 25 июняPhilip Stein
Hi Dulcie. We've never claimed our products to help with Fibromyalgia or related diseases nor to reduce pain of any type. Our products channel natural frequencies of the Earth that can be beneficial in terms of helping you sleep better, feeling less anxious, more relaxed, grounded, etc. If it's been less than 60 days from the date of purchase, whoever gifted you the Sleep bracelet can email us to return the item.
Ligia Stoica
The best watch that you can wear and looks amazing and help you sleep
16:49 19 июняPhilip Stein
Thank you for your kind words Ligia!
Erin Borthwick
My husband bought me a watch with a leather strap as a gift earlier this month, the second time I wore my watch, the strap broke. I received a prompt reply to my first email and provided the required information straight away, however, I’m still awaiting an update 10 days later (I don’t know the SLA). I’m slightly concerned about the service from other people’s reviews.
Rmos Joie
I love mine. Lovely piece.
18:26 21 маяPhilip Stein
Thank you for your kind comment Rmos!
Virginia Gideon Devereaux
Bought a watch on a cruise November 15,2018, battery is dead. No one is an authorized repair in our area. Very disappointed! Wasted money!
18:44 09 апр.Philip Stein
Hi Virginia, If however, you don't find one near you, you can always email our customer service team to service@philipstein.com, they will be able to provide you with more details so you can get your watch serviced, you can always send it to us. Our b...Ещё
Kathleen Baldwin
The awesome products that they make
Noy Balasolla
you have a low quality of leather strap.... just a waste of money...
14:19 26 апр.Ruscelle Lopez Garrido
Tell me about it. Mine is worst.
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