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cemfidan03, Мармарис, Турция
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
I found here eighter tripadvisor or youtube, this place exactly for who wants to be entertain. its lil bit scary to find this bar in the night. i dont remember see any label. entrance was also scary like there is a hangar from horror movies, i get adrenalyn there and ask one girl we are looking this bar, and she point the stairways going down :D it makes me more scary, i walk through the stairs and there was door. i opened then i took deep breath and invite my friends (they were watchin me far). besides very cheap drinks, there is entertaining shows on the menu and also very cheap. The concept is insane hospital, waitress are nurses and when on the show time they are making us unforgottable time.
stevegrenford, Стоук-он-Трент, Великобритания
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
This place is insane!! which is apt, because it used to be an insane asylum! we were taken there by our daughter in law, who is from Ukraine, but even she didn't know what we were about to go through!! this place still runs off a menu with prices from 2010! it is CHEAP AS CHIPS! it is hard to find because there's no signage and it looks like you are going to someone's basement flat from the outside... but once you are inside, there are staff walking around in medical attire, old gurneys in the bar and you can feel the great atmosphere there... our lad and my wife thought it would be funny to set me and our daughter in law up with the burning helmets thing... i had seen this before but didnt know it happens here.... they put us in straight jackets and helmets and set them alight, gave us 3 shots of something weird and hit us over the heads with wrenches and beer barrels, they then blow the flames with fuel... it gets warm... then the guy takes the lit napkin off your helmet and you have to high five him to put it out... awesome!! go there, get set alight and enjoy it!!!
sylwiak350, Варшава, Польша
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
To miejsce zagwarantowało nam najlepszy wieczór w Kijowie! Duży wybór ciekawych drinków i oryginalna atmosfera. Przystępne ceny i przyjaźni barmani. Koniecznie obejrzyjcie dokładnie zdjęcia z zewnątrz lokalu bo inaczej może być trudno tam trafić.
Sophia Gryzovska
ул. Анри Барбюса, 3-А
Люблю це місце. Моя мама часто замовляє каву саме тут, тому що вважає її найкращою. Дякую персоналу, вони круто працюють ♥️
cihanbektasofficial, Диярбакыр, Турция
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Gözlerden uzak ve gösterişsiz bu mekanda şehir hayatının içine karışıp, onlarla vakit geçirebilirsiniz. Şahsen Kiev'de geçirdiğim en güzel zamanlar burada geçti, insanlar çok sıcakkanlı, içecekler ucuz vs. Ancak birşeyin gizli olması aslında güzelliğinin bozulmaması için şart olabiliyor. Burası da öyle, bilindikçe muhtemelen eski güzelliğini yitirip diğer mekanlar gibi sıradanlaşacaktır. Ancak şimdilik kesinlikle Kiev için "Must See"
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Найти место нелегко, если б друг тут не был, то и не нашли бы. Вывески никакой.Шоты в пробирках,деленые на 2 раза, - это ппосто топ! Лонги тоже хорошие. Цены очень устроили.А вот с едой лажа - заказали куриный сендвич, принесли два бутерброда - обжаренный в масле багет, а в середине два маленьких кусочка курицы и немного жареного лука. Еще подали к этому картошку фри и майонез в качестве соуса. Только картошку и можно было есть. Цены на еду низкие, как собственно и качество, наверно.Экстрим шоты не пробовали, это будет на следующий раз. Но со стороны прикольно выглядит :)Обслуживание хорошее, оперативное. Обстановка нормальная, как в любом баре, только сильно темно - чтоб читать меню включали фонарик на телефоне. Но минусом это не считаю.
07cengizhan, Провинция Анкара, Турция
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Burayi kesfetmek bulmak tam bir eglence.Bilmeden gitmek biraz zor cunki ana caddeden bir kapidan bir avluya giriyorsunuz degisik bir aura.sonra yer altina inen merdiven ile kapiyi actgnizda anliyorsunuz mekana geldgnizi.icerisi cok eglenceli Helmet shot ve Sedye siringa tafsiyemdir.fiyatlar cok cok uygun:)
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Раньше очень любила это заведение, были приятные официанты и атмосфера, а сейчас это просто ужас, садишься за стол он грязный, официантка у нас была Даша очень не приятная особа, ждали ее минут 30 чтобы подошла к нам и с таким лицом принимала заказ будто мы ей денег должны, еще и хамила, туалеты все вонючие,грязные противно зайти,следите за чистой своих туалетных комнат,это ж хуже чем на вокзале!!!!!Меню:заказали стейк и салатики, еда отвратная, стейк как дерево,зубы на нем можно оставить,салат одна маслина и два кусочка феты, ужас а не еда!!!! Палата стала как наливайка на вокзале а то и еще хуже, не рекомендую это место!!!
Hakan Özükanar
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Chemical tube shot’s
DTTTC, Ланкастер, Великобритания
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
A great fun place staffed by very cool people. A fantastic concept. We worked our way through some extreme cocktails - including the burning helmet!. Tried some cocktail 'longs' and generally drank and ate until we couldn't do either any more. Check it out.
nidaalkee, Вильнюс, Литва
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
This is one of the best place to have a great time in Kyiv! Prices are reasonable, staff is really helpful. If you want you can have a legendary burning helmets experience but have some cash.
rls3011, Бристоль, Великобритания
Киев, Бульварно-Кудрявская улица, 29БУниверситет
Decided to come here after hearing about it when researching our trip. We were a little worried after reading reviews about poor service and how difficult it was to find but decided to give it a go anyway. Luckily we did as we had a fab night! It really wasn’t difficult to find, once we read it was hard to find we checked google maps and the pictures of trip advisor and had no issues at all, even in the dark. We walked in and the lady at the bar instantly greeted us and gave us English menus. It was quite busy but there was plenty of space at the bar so we sat there. The guy who served us was great, he spoke excellent English and was very efficient and friendly, we didn’t get his name but he looked like a young Eminem The price is SO cheap, we couldn’t quite believe it! £17 quid for 6 (strong) cocktails, a bacon cheeseburger, plate of fries and 4 (brutal) shots. Wouldn’t hesitate to come back and would recommend to all.
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