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Роман Залозний
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Вкусная еда
C 🐒
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Неплохой Тартар. Но безумно вкусный салат с авокадо гриль и киноа! Ещё вкусное куриное филе + киноа. Можно заказать все, что захотите из продуктов супермаркета и их кондитерки
Алина Максимова
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Очень вкусная курица в имбирём соусе , утка Конфи и чаи ))) Также чизкейк очень не плохой . Салат с креветками бомба . Цены очень дешевые 👌🏻
kpoupazis, Ларнака, Кипр
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Next to the independence square offering burgers and salads Need improvement and quicker service hope they do it since people request good grill location restaurants
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Disapointed. We heard from friends that the Le Silpo offers fantastic FRESH croissants and decided to try the Grille on the first floor. The staff is not trained properly - for a place that caters largely to westerners... We had to wait for a long time for our hot drinks, then wait again to order, finally we had to call the waitress. Mind you - this is at a mostly empty restaurant. The waitress didn't write our request and repeated it wrongly back to us - I corrected her in Russian and when she brought the order (2 almond croissants, Syurniki and SHakshuka), she brought us 3 croissants. The food came in different intervals, until the last order of Suirniki topped the 30 min. When I asked what is taking so long (all 5 of the waitresses were just chatting together, instead of helping us) I was told, "You see... the surniki have to be heated all the way through...". Which means what? they are frozen and need to be de-frosted and reheated to be served as fresh? ANd the strangest of them all were the croissants...They have a bakery on site, so serving croissants shouldn't be difficult. OUr almond croissants were OLD! At least a day or two. I asked if we can just have plain croissants with some jam on the side, but no, it's not on the menu, so the waitress couldn't wrap her brain around my simple request, so we had to get the Almond ones - sweetened, creme filled. The only other croissants were with avocado and bacon and Braciole. Our friends are vegetarian, so not a lot of choices there, when it comes to croissants. The shackshuka (tomotoes stewed with eggs) was not good either - strangely sweet and not spicy as the original recipe requires. I didn't try the syurniki, but I would imagine that de-frosted ones won't taste as good as fresh ones. All in all, big disappointment.
Irv A
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
They do not care about clients. Even if they spend money there every day. Good wine is much much better. I do not recommend anyone to go here.
AKTrasbo, ...
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Alt var helt fint og maden var rigtig god. Vi spiste frokost og fik lækre bøffer. Betjeningen var venlig og priserne var rimelige.
olhabaranik, Киев, Украина
Киев Бассейная улица 6Дворец спорта
Посетила заведение Le Grill, впечатления приятные. Экстерьер-сердце города, торговый центр Мандарин, территория маркета Le Silpo. Персонал вежливый, чисто, опрятно, сервис хороший. Заказывала баранью рульку на двоих в грибном соусе, очень вкусно и сытно, кофе обычный. Не смотря на то, что рядом супермаркет, было относительно тихо и уютно. В целом, впечатление на 5.
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