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Umran Сейитоглy
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
время очень быстро...
Sadany_ua, Киев, Украина
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Центр столицы. Вечером много людей. Вокруг есть много мест для отдыха под любой бюджет. Грязновато возле глобуса
293neilk, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Maideman Nezalezhnosti is without a shadow of a doubt the main square in the city of Kiev. Located off Khreshchatyk Street, over the years its had many different names but to the locals its simply known as Maidan ( Square ) .From the very beginning of Ukraine's Independence Movement in 1990 this square has been the meeting place for political rallies including the 1990 Revolution On Granite, 2001 Ukraine Without Kuchma demonstration, the Orange Revolution in 2001 and the Euromaidan between 2013 - 2014 ,as demonstrators were killed on this square nowadays celebrations such as for the Christmas period and New Years Eve have been moved on Sofiyivska Square. The area comprising the square is a joy to wander around, lots to see such as the Musical Fountains,The Founders Of Kyiv Monument, Fontan Kul 'Baba ,the Flower Clock and many more interesting things to admire,architecture all around this square is grand and theres lots of pubs,bars and restaurants, it's a great square to check out,most definitely well worth checking out if your planning a trip to Kiev.
shmeva44, Москва, Россия
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
This is the heart of the city. It was the geographical centrepoint of the two most recent revolutions. It is currently a living museum of sorts, remembering what happened in the winter of 2013/2014
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Miejsce najbardziej charakterystyczne dla Kijowa i całej Ukrainy zapewne. Wieli plac z pomnikiem i wpisaną historią wydarzeń pięknych i okrutnie smutnych zarazem. Trzeba zobaczyć !
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
I was walking alone and the place really got my attention from really far. I am really not a historical visitor but this one is worth to visit
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
iamfine39, Префектура Токио, Япония
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Yevgen Gusovskyy
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Wonderful history but a mall doesn’t make it any better
viktoriyak912, Киев, Украина
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Used to be better with a grand fountain but still nice and fun place to visit in summer. A bit dull in winter, but there are plenty restaurants and cafes around. Place of revolution and city gatherings, so worth a visit. My suggestion is to walk down Khreschatyk to get a feel of it.
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
It’s a main square of the city.. and it’s all about it. Yes, it has a history, but I just didn’t know that to do on it. Come and see for 10 minutes, that’s it. If you want some action, you’d better take a tour in rope park or military tour with tank riding and Soviet guns shooting - even better!!
Castanyer, Матаро, Испания
Киев, Независимости площадьМайдан Независимости
Historica plaza, con enorme significado por las celebraciones y revueltas que ha alojado. Recuerdo a las victims. Por lo demás de estética discutible
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