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Tammy Z, Kfar Tavor, Израиль
רחוב גדול מאד ומרכזי וסואן עם כיכרות מרשימות . הרבה מאד חנויות מותגים ומסעדות. נחמד להסתובב בו אבל אין יותר מידי מה לעשות בו חוץ מללכת הלוך ושוב או לשבת במסעדה או בית קפה.
Michel C, Париж, Франция
Reflecting the monumental architecture from the communist period, this avenue could be considered as the champs-elysées of Kiev. It is also going through the square were orange revolution took place.It is one of the most popular spot of Kiev with restaurants, bars and luxury shops as well as administrative buildings such as Post and Telecom directorate and the Mayor House of Kiev.
Paul F
Wow! This is one of the most lively streets I have walked down. Many street musicians (including a Ukrainian man dressed as a Mexican singing Hispanic music), dancers, guitarists, violinists, trained monkeys and birds, and even gold and silver "statue folks" that will catch your eye and tempt you to catch a selfie with them - for a fee, I'm sure - all are a part of the allure of this unique street in Kiev, Ukraine. Lots of history, including Maidan Square, imposing Communist-era buildings and hotels, and amazing dining from all over the world. This is a place you want to visit again and again!Take the Metro to Kreshchatyk Station and just have fun. People are friendly; you will love it. Many young people speak English quite well. Also underground shopping along the way provides another "level" of experience; many Ukrainian style shops with souvenirs galore.This is a "can't-miss!"Paul Fremont
Thomapeter, Борас, Швеция
Main Street in Kyiv, passing the Maidan square and the street is filled with bars, restaurants, cafés, shops, museum etc. In short, the street where everything happen.On top there is also a lot of different artists and performers in the street, especially on weekends when the street is closed for traffic. The boulevard itself is broad and remains a lot about a former east state boulevard with enormous buildings on each side. The shops have very generous opening hours, lot of shops open to 10 pm, cafés and restaurants for sure even longer. Also not forget the huge shopping mall "Global" located under Maidan square with a lot of different shops.
Andrii A, Киев, Украина
The shortest main street in Europe. Very wide with many small and big sculptures. One visit will be enough.
Can T
Kiev Ukrayna'nın, Khreshchatyk de Kiev'in merkezi. Üzerinde bir çok restorantin, cafenin, alisveris magazalarinin oldugu bir cadde. Kievde iseniz zaten orayi gormemeniz mumkun degil
Kurt W
Der Boulevard ist mächtig Gross und lang mit vielen Geschäften und Restaurants auf beiden Seiten! Zum Teil internationale Ketten wie Zara, Mango usw. Grosse Shopping Center.Auf alle Fälle ein Muss!
Путешественник TripAdvisor из Китая
jase43ukchelms, Челмсфорт, Великобритания
About a mile of upmarket shops in the main. Imposing turn of the centuary communist buildings and wide walkways architecturally intresting but could I buy a decent prices set of jeans ... wall down to Independance Sqaure intresting and weekends roadway closes to traffic so good to loiter with the crowds quite an atmosphere
kitikirina, Алматы, Казахстан
Прогулка по Крещатку обязательна в любом путешествии по Киеву! Интересно и достаточно людно. Старые но достаточно ухоженные здания, сувенирные магазины, рестораны. Проспект более чем просторный и чистый
George K
Khreshchatyk ( in Ukrainian: Хрещатик) is probably the main street of Kyiv city with a length of 1.3 km . Starting from European Square through the independence square - Maidan and ends at Bessarabska Square Along the street (which remains closed for vehicles during special days of events ) are many public buildings like the offices of the Kiev Town hall and the state administration, the Main Post Office, the State Committee of Television and Radio , markets of known products . Always a lot of people and lot of street activities . interesting !!
Эхтирам П
Мне нравится особенно в выходные дни. дороги закрывают и ходит можно свободно. Молодьеж тусуется везде танцы, музыка.
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