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Alex J, Одесса, Украина
Visited Kiev for the first time, especially for Wizz marathon. The boulevard is good, the houses around are rather beautiful) Nice place to have a patient walk. But in October you should take some warm clothes with you.
MariniMarin, Люксембург, Люксембург
A good initiative to have this Boulevard pedestrian on Sunday. Families can enjoyed doing bicycle and look at the numerous amateur street shows. The other can shop at TSUM or Zara. Walk from Teatralna to Maiden it is nice
goallway, Графство Голуэй, Ирландия
this is the city centre maidan area always busy shops restaurants bars hotels all here in one area even underground this area has shops of all sorts,
Karl S, Мэн
While planning our trip to Kyiv, received many recommendations on areas to stay in. Glad we picked this street. It is right in the middle of everything. We have easily been able to walk to all the other recommended neighborhoods as well as all the attractions. We love walking cities so strolling a few miles to see something is part of our vacation.
ModaleTurk, Антверпен, Бельгия
In het weekend autovrije laan waar diverse handelszaken zijn. Erg ruime laan waar je rustig kan kuieren en Kiev kan zien voorbijrijden - of wandelen.
Алексей М
Место многих революций. Центральная улица города, куда киевлянин забегает 3 раза в году. Даже ЦУМ... Донецкий почерк. Крещатик уже не тот.
DariaHai, Одесса, Украина
Luxury boutique is here! I like it so much. A lot of different people from all the world! Good atmosphere!
rmurray86, Ashton in Makerfield, Великобритания
nice bars and places to eat dotted along it, always some sort of street entertainment going on, but very very busy. Beggars galore.
buxino, Турин, Италия
Via molto ampia, pulita e con una moltitudine di attività commerciali! Fantastica... da visitare assolutamente!
Alessandro T
A very nice place for a walk, but considering what my friends told me, I had greater expectations... nonetheless it is a good place to spend a couple of hours and of course to get to Maidan square. I had chance to walk on this street both during night time, on Saturday, and frankly speaking I expected much more people... and also during daytime, on Sunday morning, and this time there was some event and the atmosphere was nicer than the day before.
George09822, Брисбен, Австралия
First of all this street is overly rated! Seriously, it is rundown and looks like a rubbish dump. Don't waste your time here!
stuart7s2, Киев, Украина
Lots of fun and lots of people. Many things to see and many shops to buy many things. Very many restaurants of almost every type. This is the center of Kyiv. On weekends, many things to do and see in warm weather
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