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Mihai D, Бангкок, Таиланд
Monumental boulevard leading to Maidan where the Ukrainian revolution started. You will find a McD there but I would suggest you to try the Georgian restaurant 30 m away. It will improve your experience greatly.They usually close all the Khreshchatyk in the weekends and there are many happenings at those times. Otherwise it is a sort of horizontally expressed Mall. You will find on it and around most of the known brands , if shopping is what you are looking for. It starts from Bessarabska market which is one of the most expensive and over-rated places in Kiev. You should rather get a Taxi/Uber and ask the driver for a proper market. When I say expensive tourist trap, I am not referring to the usual 50%-100%. I am talking about 3-4 times the price you get for the same item in a normal market. TLDR: you have to go walking on Khreshchatyk. Shop s normal in the shops. Do not touch Bessarabska!
leejunainan, Дубай, ОАЭ
Best street to spend time for shopping or street food or entertainment. Historical locations are also close by.
simply-peregrinating, Burnley, Великобритания
We were fortunate to be here on Independence Day and the street was closed to traffic. It was full of people, a lot in National dress, there were flags galore and activities along the way. I loved the architecture of the buildings and the curve in the road. Lots of kiosks selling Ice cream or coffee with queues to buy both.I suppose we were lucky to see it on such a good day.
Khalil A
החרישיאטק נקרא גם המידאן. זהו רחוב גדול ועתיק המזוהה עם עצמאותה של אוקראינה. החרישיאטק מקום בילוי והליכה להמון תיירים וזוגות מקומיים. יש בו מסעדות ובתי קפה מגוונים ורבים. לידו תחנת מטרו ומעבר חשמלי מהיר לכנסיית אנדרייבסקי שמעל ההר.
forezt_s, Киевская область, Украина
Красиво ,чисто,цивилизовано ,прошлись ,посмотрели на красивый центр города ,настоящая Европа ,спасибо.
Peter W
I love to walk to the Dnipro river from here. The friendhsip arch has nice views and the river is peaceful.
DR_markb120, Karnei Shomron, Israel
Central street. It can not be avoided, but must be visited at night and day light.On Sundays part of it is restricted for pedestrians only.
Ali B
When I was there, independence celebrations were held. So street was closed to traffic and there were soldiers marching and singing chants. It was a different thing from me to see.
D L, Тель-Авив, Израиль
It is a central street, with plenty of unlikable individuals, yet nothing really special in terms of the offer what else.
itenerantur, Франция
Cette rue est le poumon de Kiev. À ne pas louper !! Parfait pour se balader.+: bonne ambiance +: magasin c’est super pour faire un peu de shopping! +: spectacle en pleine rue +: le dimanche c’est une rue piétonne
Yagofish, Warszawa
Polecam spacer do tego miejsca. Robi miłe wrażenie. Chociaż specjalnie nie można robić zdjęć ja zapytałem się i dostałem zgodę. W okolicy bardzo dużo restauracji i barów wiec można się spokojnie posilić i odpocząć.
Annica R
Fint torg o en gata med mycket utbud på både shopping o mat. Dock hade alla väldiga problem med att tala engelska.
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