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Makedonskii01, Москва
Для тех кто в первые попал в Киев стоит разок прогуляться по этой улице, на ней множество магазинов, кафе,ресторанов. Архитектура зданий "Сталинская послевоенная".
Norman H, Tweed Heads, Австралия
This broad boulevard is well worth a leisurely stroll perhaps only interrupted briefly for a stop at an attractive pavement cafe for a coffee or a cold beer, either of which is so cheap in the Ukraine.
SpotsDad_12, Аннаполис, Мэриленд
Kreshchatyk "Baptismal" in Urainian is the main street in old Kiev. It is a broad boulevard with gorgeouse chestnut trees lining one side.Men, if you are a "girl watcher" as am I, sit on a bench on a sunny afternoon and enjoy.
leon b, Марсель, Франция
c es un endroit sympa surtout le samedi car en zone piétonne , attention au personne dans des costume d animaux style disney land qui veule vous faire des photo piege a touriste voir raquet il me demandais 90euros après avoir fais les photos il a eut 20 et j ai éte sympas voila sinon sympa
Atistanbul, Istanbul
Gündüz ve gece hayatı ile degisik fotograflar çekeceginiz güzel bir meydan. Hafta sonu bilhassa daha hareketli ! Meydanın altında çok büyük bir alışveriş merkezi var.
Stephanos1, Лимасол, Кипр
It is the main street of Kiev, that contains a big number of shops as well as many administrative and business buildings. The street is full of life (and much more during EURO 2012 used as a fan zone). Worthy to have a walk from the begin to the end (around 1 km).
ibgyahoo, Levittown, Pennsylvania
the sidewalks and streets are crouded with cars and tents. It is difficult to walk on sidewalks because of tents.
DerekRomanchuk, Эдмонтон, Канада
the street has suck a great atmosphere and it very alive theres so many shops and diffent stores to choose from i couldnt belive how much there as to do and see. this is a must see street if your in kyiv
Furious111, Дубай, ОАЭ
Very lively, good for nightlife and simple city walks. Good cafes, and diners. The Arena is a very nice place to spend time. Nothing disliked.
Daniel M, Киев, Украина
this is a cool idea, on weekends they close the street for cars and there are heaps of people around
Dariya L, Неаполь, Италия
E' la strada principale della città, piena di negozi e ristorantini. Tutto è contornata da maestosi palazzi sovietici e da musicisti di strada, che si improvvisano nelle ballate dell'epoca sovietica.
dave294458, Бухарест, Румыния
Choosing a good location for a hotel I advise should be done with a street map in english and a metro map which can be downloaded.(see my review of the lybid hotel situated at PEREMOHY SQ -10 minuite walk from the main railway station and UNIVERSITET metro station at the Botanical gardens.)You are on Shevchenko Bulevard in the direction of Bassarabska Sq. and market.,on your left a beautiful Cathedral (volodymyrskyy) then first street left to the Opera House and one street right at a cluster of museums returning to Shevchenko Blvd which leads you till Khreshchatic Blvd.To your right the Bassarbska market for an interesting peek at local food culture (crossing the street carefully please).Continue along the right side towards the city center and you will see a candy manufacturing store - go in and enjoy,then continue a nice walk till Independance Square.(MAIDAN NEZALEZHENOSTI)..monuments- fountains - stalls and everything expensive.We made the mistake by following the signs at the circle end of this square so save your energy by returning to KHRESCHATIC and taking the first street on your right up to the Golden Gate(ZOLOTY VOROTA) - an iron gate which can be seen from the outside ,no gold ,only a wooden structure on the rebuilt remains of a tower entrance to the ancient city.We could not resist our curiosity and paid to enter ..our stupidity. Continue on the street oposite the gate till you reach the ST SOPHIA CATHEDRAL,where if you read the sign at the ticket office you pay to enter the courtyard and pay again and again every step .. we took pictures from the outside.In front of you the beautiful Mykhailyvska Sq. and magnificent church of ST MICHAELS (.free entrance)On the left side of the church - Desiatyynna St which will lead you to ANDRIYOVSKYY -ANDREWS DESCENT.Just follow the crowd -An historic street,church and lined stalls selling antiques art and souveniers.From the end of the descent continue to follow the tourist guides to other monastrys and then return by funicular railway or subway back up the steep hill.(we could'nt do this because the funicular was being repaired).
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