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Vova Chuhai
Для тех, кто любит идти по 2м сплошным :-)
Pavel Zubarev
Как ни пройдем, все время перекрыта :-))
Артём Панфилов
Первым делом в киеве отправляйтесь на эту улицу
Olya Kocharyan
Очень много чужеземцев, смотрят на тебя голодным взглядом и пристают...бесит однако
Douglas D, Highland, Юта
The Main Street in Kiev hosts high end retail stores and is the main site of action in Kiev. Independence Square, St. Sophia, St. Michael, and other important sites are along or visible from the street. On Saturday and Sunday a large part is closed to traffic and the street fills with people. Street musicians, performers, and high fashion women wander the street shopping, eating ice cream, and relaxing with friends. At night the buildings along the street glow and heavy traffic persists with club goers and wanderers and couples. Many coffee houses and restaurants are found along the street and under Independence Square is a shopping center. It seems like a street that never sleeps. A walk on Kreshchatiyk exemplifies the elegance of this classy city.
Edoardo C, san marino
E' la via principale di Kiev, che termina in Piazza della Rivoluzione; è molto larga e trafficata, contornata da enormi marciapiedi, ed è la sede di diverse attività commerciali, di medio livello. Molti palazzi sono belli ed eleganti; peccato per i molti condizionatori, montati sulle facciate con effetti scoraggianti. Non si può fare a meno di percorrerla, nel tratto vicino alla Piazza della Rivoluzione, almeno una volta.
Illia Grybkov
По вечерам и особенно на выходные тут очень много классной живой музыки. Например, зачетные старые рок-н-роллщики.
Tim G, Уппсала, Швеция
Just love the atmospehere here on weekends. Underneath the ground there is also all kind of shopping available. Small pancake tents at end of the street are great for lunchin' too.
PixieMagicJ, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
I'm giving Khreshchatyk Street based on the fact that this place is best seen at around dusk or shortly afterwards on a Saturday or Sunday because the street is closed to traffic and the people take over the streets. Otherwise, it would get 4 stars.I've been here from fall through summer so I've seen this street in all its states. In winter lights are turned on and a big tree is on display. At that time there are also temporary kiosks set up selling winter holiday trinkets. There's a kiddy merry-go-round on one street now that looks a tad out of place but kids like it. In all other seasons cafes expand to outside patios and balconies. It's Kiev's main street to shop at, meet friends, go out to eat in and just generally to walk around because most major sights in the city are walking distance if you know where to go. At night it's lit up and a great place to take a stroll after a long day of sightseeing or to start your day because there are fantastic sights to see in all directions if you start here.
thomas M, Париж, Франция
une horrible avenue soviétique sale , pleines d alcooliques et de prostitues...des énormes panneaux de publicités sauvages cachent la vue des quelques beaux immeubles ...vraiment honteux.
Tanja33, Farmville, Virginia
If you are English speaking, there is a phenominal restaurant around the middle of Khreshchatyk Street right by the fountains. I wish I could remember the name. It is close to Marks and Spencers, you can sit inside or outside near the fountains. They have a lovely menu, in English as well as Ukrainian, the staff are very friendly and speak English well. The food is phenominal, especially the beef kebabs. There is sometimes live music nearby and it is a very pleasant place to take a stroll in the evenings.
Alexey Gordeychuk
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