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Ci sono stato un paio di volte, di giorno. A parte la larghezza, non ho trovato nulla di particolarmente interessante. Comunque è di fianco a Maidan e una occhiata non costa nulla...
aleksshparkyy, Нижний Новгород, Россия
Посетил сие место в мая 2014. Главная улица революции Достоинства. Только вот достоинства и не увидел. Всюду грязь, много мусора, разобранный местами тротуар, следы "стоянок" приезжих и местных аборигенов. Много воинствующего люда в камуфляже. Прошлись молча не выдавая что приехали из России. Такое ощущение было что совершили экстримальную прогулку.
Jonas N, Гётеборг, Швеция
I'm not sure if we visited at the wrong time (Easter Sunday) but there wasn't much shopping to be done (at least not above ground as we discovered the underground mall later in the day.). There were plenty of people but not much to do.Also be aware that almost none of the shops speak English.Nice to have visited but don't have huge expectations.
MichalSkowron, Краков, Польша
Main street of Kiev. Unfortunately traffic jams made driving this street impossible. In the middle of the street there is located Majdan Place.
Yuliia Zagorodniuk
В будни отличный поток машин, на выходных такой де поток людей
LesHawrylyshyn, Kiev
Kiev 's main street, closed to traffic on Saturday afternoon and Sundays, a local's favorite to stroll, shop, eat on week-ends always quite busy ) even in the winter, fantastic from Spring onwards
Steven O, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
Kreshchatyk Street is the heart and soul of city center in Kiev. From McDonalds to McDonalds and beyond it is the gathering place for teens drinking and celebrating weekends in the warmer months. There are booths that offer beer (of course) and food, ice cream and boutique stores lined up sidewalk to sidewalk on both sides of the street. Cafe style restaurants overflow onto the sidewalks and coffee house style terraces appear in warmer months. Independence Square and Globus (underground 3 story mall) are mainstays for political discourse and shows and general gatherings. It's also the scene of the notorious shootings in February of 2014 when the government assassinated pro-euro demonstrators (about 70 died).Weekends allow traffic closures so the main portion is closed to vehicular traffic and often there will be displays or shows in the street geared mostly to children. There are a myriad of animals available by street venders to get a picture, Owls, weasels, birds of prey, and such and many artists align the area of Independence Square who are remarkably talented for portraits!Occasionally, there are city days or special celebratory times when arts and crafts are available on the streets or side streets.There are government buildingsand grounds, easy transportation by Metro, and people galore! Take part, you won't regret it!
Rauf024, Баку, Азербайджан
Был проездом в Киеве. Решил пройтись по улице туда и обратно. Так ничего особенного улица как улица, может бить был один вот поэтому было одиноко... посмотрел Майдан прогулялся и обратно в аэропорт.
Dmitrij899, Киев, Украина
Часто провожу свободное время гуляя по Крещатику. Красивая архитектура радует глаз. До событий 2014 года - атмосфера больше нравилась. Сейчас как то все угнетает.На выходных можно классно погонять на велосипеде.
Pavel Prokopenko
Обожаю Киев. Прекраснейший город. Красивый, приветливый и добрый. Кто считает не так - вы не правы!)) Великолепна наша столица :-)
Eliza V, Пейя, Кипр
Not as impressive as its French counterpart yet somehow has its own charm. Very expensive compared to other areas of the city when it comes to shopping and certainly not the safest area at all.
Kurt79, Roma
La via principale di Kiev , lunghissima e nel fine settimana isola pedonale! Colpisce per il contrasto con l'Ucraina. Molti negozi di lusso e poi dietro l'angolo la miseria
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