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drvineet13, Мумбаи (Бомбей), Индия
lovely street with good shops and eateries its a must visit for any newcomer. Beautiful buildings with colonial style architecture along with pretty small shops on the side-walks selling everything from curios to souvenirs to food add to the charm of the place. Locals can be seen walking with their tiny dogs or couples walking hand-in-hand enjoying the breeze/sun under the flowering trees. Can spot amateur singers performing and I even came across couple of people with monkeys!
liliZz59, Киев, Украина
It is the ugliest street of Kyiv! Very little left from the nice street after it was bombed and rebuilt by communists! In that architrcture you feel like a small helpless insect like comunists wanted people to feel there. Also it has higher radiation rate because it has a lot of granite elements. So it is even bad for your health! And you can be harassed by animators in ugly strange clothes, who want you to pay for photo with them. And to finish I want to say that Khreshchatyk was out of the city wall in medieval Kyiv! If you want to discover real Kyiv go up - to Mikhailivska square which is located on one side of the Khreshchatyk and Lypki on the other side!
jelena s
В будни очень шумно из за машин. По выходным перекрывают. Центр. Бутики. Это место не для прогулок, а больше для шопинга.
Laurent86530, Париж, Франция
I love this heart of Kiev. It suffered a lot during the Maidan events of 2014. A nice place for a walk on a Sunday afternoon when it is shut to traffic. Café restaurant Shato is a must for their locally brewed beer the Slavutych.
Frickelbude, Дюссельдорф, Германия
Well, all around Kiev you will see beautiful buildings - art nouveau, baroque, etc etc etc - but this one is a must-see. Not only because it is a loved place for ukrainians to walk or hangout, or meeting place, or other, but as well the architecture, which is undoubtedly a landmark of the Ukrainian capital, is really worth to see here - both in forms, ornaments, and arrangement of buildings. Just have a walk - otherwise, don't say you have seen Kiev...
Jodphd, Chicago, Illinois
Considered the main street of Kiev just down from major monuments of independence. It is wide, and on Sundays it is closed to traffic when you can walk it browsing shops and coffee houses. It is a great place to people watch over a cup of coffee, and see native Kievians enjoy their city center.
ohgarygary, Кипр
There's just something about this place that we love. The imposing Soviet era buildings, the wide boulevard, street performers, the feel of Kiev life going by; all are part of the real attraction. Don't worry what multinational shops are selling, I'm not sure (as a tourist at least) that the shops matter.
Hiroyuki789, Франкфурт, Германия
Андрей К, Екатеринбург, Россия
Крещатик - одна из старейших и самых красивых улиц Киева. Здесь интересно в любое время года. Советую всем гостям Киева совершить пешеходную прогулку по этому городу.
Frank L, Люксембург
A great street to explore the heart of Kiev in terms of shopping, restaurants, bars... Ideally to scroll around, to relax and to meet friendly people.
Robert A, Брюссель, Бельгия
The place to walk in downtown Kiev, this extremely large and rather straight avenue passing through the Maidan. The buildings are either of neoclassic style or Stalinist Soviet style architecture, majestic, but not lacking interest and sometimes you may discover a building quite different from the others. Official buildings, passages to cross filled with shops, monuments.
Lina P.
Сегодня суббота! А Крещатик не перекрыт! Круто!!!
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