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Ricardo R, Mogi das Cruzes
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
This square is an empty place between a bell tower and Hetman Bohdan monument, but when there are demontrations or exibitions they usually took place here. Anyway it is in this square you have to be to take pictures of St sofia Bell tower or the monuments.
platinum_gold, Токио, Япония
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Steve D, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
We walked uphill from the Maiden.The square is between the St. Sophia complex and the St. Michael's Cathedral.A beatiful photo op, We then walked throgh the park to the funicular down to the ferry terminal and Podil.
grimj03, st helier
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Good starting point to visit many monuments such as Sophia and nikolas cathedrals and independence square. The square itself is not memorable with no cafes in it.
gregwilson09, Кембридж, Великобритания
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
I enjoyed this area more than the preserve and St Sophia Cathedral itself! It is an expansive square with monuments and great positions to photograph the ornate and wonderfully Baroque bell tower. In fact, entering the bell tower itself costs a mere 20 UAH per person where you can get views from a higher vantage point of Sofiyskaya Square. The area is one of Kiev’s best known landmarks.
B1714D, Белград, Сербия
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
The Sofiskaya square is in front of the terrific historic Sofiyski Sabor complex (please see that review).Moreover, being a huge sq, when standing in the middle of it you can see both: the green-white-gold St. Sophia complex and the blue-white-gold St. Michael's rebuilt Cathedral on the opposite side.A perfect photo op, don't forget to come back at night for lit up night pics.
tylkopolska, Дублин, Ирландия
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
on both side of the square if you are lucky with a sunny day it will be amazing for your eyes and your pictures
blntouri, Берлин, Германия
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Bei unserem Besuch des Platzes waren gerad, anläßlich eines Marathonlaufes, dort etliche Bühnen aufgebaut. Dadurch natürlich stark von Besuchern frequentiert. Auf dem Platz befindet sich das Bohdan-Chmelnyzkyj-Denkmal, sowie der Zugang zu der Sophienkathedrale.
Oksana Z, Дублин, Ирландия
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
There are many celebrations scheduled at this square, for example around Christmas time; visit churches
B T, Лондон, Великобритания
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
This is a nice square that gives a good view of the bell tower in St sophia's cathedral and you can also see down to st. michaels monastery
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
The place is the entrance to the Sophien cathedral. The cathedral and the bell tower are must dos.The place by itself is too big.Typical Stalin style too wide and too huge.There are some shops but for me the place is not really nice.Go there for the cathedral but don’t expect anything about the place.
Оксана Гриневич
Киев, Софийская площадьЗолотые ворота
Гарна в нас столиця! Безліч історичних пам'яток! Люблю Київ!
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