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kobjeglavski, Любляна, Словения
This is the backbone of commercial/ shopping life Kiev. Lots of shops, bars, restaurants. Many of them in a Oriental (meaning the Levantine Europe) style which looks a bit kitsch to the Westerner. Safe during the day, some people do not feel at ease at night.
Salerno78, Поццуоли, Италия
È sicuramente l'arteria principale della città , piena di vita e di locali.. non si può andare a Kiev senza passeggiare per Khreshchatyk street
Uğur A, Амасия, Турция
Cumartesi akşamı kievdeysen burada yürü. Geniş caddesi renkli insanları dans eden gençler çok güzel.
ML M, Огайо
The Khreshchatyk is the heart of Kiev with the central post office, underground shopping mall and Independence Square. You can find most varieties of foods, street vendors to boutiques, and most any other thing you may wish to find/do here. A word of caution though. The ice cream vendor about midway offers two flavors, with a swirl of both as well. What looks like chocolate and vanilla is actually chocolate and lemon. Ask before you order to make sure you're getting what you expect... especially if you can't read Russian or Ukrainian.
Jackal C
Ukrayna - Kiev'e gidipte gezmemek, İstanbul'a gidipte Taksim meydanını gezmeden gelmekle eşdeğer. KESİNLİKLE GEZİLMESİ GEREKİR.
Aleks123452014, Киев, Украина
Как не странно, но данная улица не пользуется большой популярностью у местных жителей из за большого потока приезжих людей, среди которых бывает не мало неприятных личностей.
Kim c
What a great place to hang out, either just people watching or listening and watching the buskers, Indian dancing, hip hot, sax player, modern pop, magician, street clown, side show games and atmosphere. Plenty of places to eat or chill with a wine or coffee.
tomdibling, Maumee, Ohio
This is the main drag for central Kiev. Lined with Soviet era architecture if one is interested in comparing Kiev's style to other eastern cities. There are sidewalk cafes, street vendors and lots of activities.
Jackfan777, Moscow, Moscow City, Russia
Крещатик изменился за несколько лет, очень шумно и много неопрятных людей(скажем так).С туристической точки зрения, обязательно нужно посетить, думаю понравится.с точки зрения жителей Киева, центральная улица утратила свою привлекательность.
Wendy C, Bethany, Канада
Wonderful street vendors on this cobblestone road. Had a delicious lunch overlooking the street.We had perfect weather, 27 degrees and sunny.Started at St. Andrews and worked our way down to the end.
Krzysztof K, Одесса, Украина
The most central street of Ukrainian capital is a bit disappointing. With international brends' shops and very money oriented atmosphere - it has lost the climate it used to have. But still a "must see" place.
King Z, Украина
Clean and well organized city center. Perfect place to meet new or old friends. Simi expensive shopping. Samsung, Nike, shops type stuff. Cafés and compared to other countries it is one of the bigger centers.
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