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BroonsBane, Inwood, Западная Вирджиния
This is the central street where a lot of attractions are located. One thing I particularly liked is that it's very clean. Didn't see any trash/garbage laying around. The Ukrainians have class.
SeyyahBerat, Istanbul
Klüblerin ve barların olduğu bu cadde Kiev'in kalbi gibi. Gidilecek onlarca mekan var. Hepsine teker teker girilip atmosferini yaşamayı kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum. Hepsi olmasa bile birkaç bar'a kesinlikle uğranılmalı ve Beluga Rus Vodkasıyla hazırlanan Cranberry Vodkanızı yudumlanızı tavsiye ederim.
vmilman, Cambridge, UK
Do go there for a walk on a weekend when the street is closed to traffic. There is always some fun going on, and illumination in the evening is fantastic too.
Andy S, Грейвсенд, Великобритания
For the shopaholics amongst you this is a fascinating way to spend a hour or two exploring the local attractions. For those for whom shopping is not a fascination spend time admiring teh architecture or just people watch you will be entertained.
EgorParienko, Киев, Украина
You can't possibly claim you've been to Kiev unless you strolled along this street.It's the main street of the city, decorated by the Soviet era architecture and some modern day details. It's always busy - with cars on week days and with pedestrians on week-ends (the traffic is blocked on holidays and week-ends), it's diverse, it's broad - you simply cannot miss it!
stetien, Париж, Франция
Une des rues le splus populaires de la ville ... A voir en effet ,a vec la place de l'indépendance au milieu, un énorme centre commercial en face enterré, et le centre ARENA d'un côté, de l'autre, l'arrivée sur le DNIEPR et le stade du Dynamo de Kiev...
Tomas S, Stockholm, Sweden
We stayed at Khreschatyk Hotel at Khreschatyk street, very convenient. From this street you have easy access to everything, shopping close, the big squares around and the street itself is impressing.
Kathy Barbarisky
Патролирует улицу кудрявый бомж в брендовых шмотках. Вымазывается в грязь, любит украшения. Эпатажный псих!
David427, Boston, MA
I like to avoid Khreshchatyk during the weekend when it gets flooded by the locals from the surrounding villages.Best time is during the evening 1800-2000
RoelR, Wuustwezel, Бельгия
Everything in the city is on or around this street. At the end is the metal Rainbow sculpture and in the middle the Independence Square. If you want something to eat, there's definitely something you'll like. A stroll on its side streets will show you more shops and restaurants.
Makedonskii01, Москва
Для тех кто в первые попал в Киев стоит разок прогуляться по этой улице, на ней множество магазинов, кафе,ресторанов. Архитектура зданий "Сталинская послевоенная".
Norman H, Tweed Heads, Австралия
This broad boulevard is well worth a leisurely stroll perhaps only interrupted briefly for a stop at an attractive pavement cafe for a coffee or a cold beer, either of which is so cheap in the Ukraine.
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