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NewcastleRobert, Ньюкасл-апон-Тайн, Великобритания
Walk down this street if you do nothing else here in Kiev. it is the heart of the city and it seems the spiritual heart of Ukraine. The top part of the road is pedestrianised so you won't have to worry about cars. The monuments are beautiful and very photogenic. There are two underground shopping malls full of designer shops as well as excellent souvenir shops. By the side of the road are kiosks selling ice cream, others selling coffee and others souvenirs. There are also reasonably clean pay toilets every so often. You may be bothered by people holding white doves and others dressed up as bears or Mickey Mouse They are trying to get you to take photos for a fee. It seems strange to write about a street as an attraction but when you visit it you'll see why it is.
Vasyl P, Днепропетровск, Украина
It's just a street, but on week ends they stop the traffic, and you can enjoy different actions, events, etc. Usually you cannot predict what you experience every next time.
ass0uma, Эль-Кувейт, Кувейт
This is the most famous street in Kiev..You can enjoy shopping in this street or just strolling around. At the weekend, there are no cars allowed as the street is available only for pedestrians to enjoy.Also,there are nice shops underground that are full of wonderful clothes.The street can be reached by metro ( Kreshchatyk stop ). You can easily walk to Maidan and The Independence Square.There are many restaurants of good quality food and drinks with reasonable prices. The Kreshchatyk street is a must see for all tourists.
Olga_kolokol, Москва, Россия
Как всегда Крещатик - центровое место туристов и жителей города. Большая улица с многочисленными кафе и ресторанами. Площадь, архитектурные ансамбли, новыми мемориалами, гостиницами и торговыми центрами, магазинами. Многолюдно. Много переулков выходящих на главную улицу города также с магазинами и кафе. Чисто, просторно. Сувенирные лавочки, тематические кафе, салоны связи и другие магазины. Лавочки практически всегда заняты отдыхающими. На праздники здесь всегда проводятся различные массовые мероприятия и праздники. Весело, шумно и колоритно.
yerevan2015, Япония
מסעדה י
Красивая улица, много кафе, ресторанов, магазинов. Пешие прогулки по этой главной улице Киева дают заряд бодрости и вдохновения.
travelabound, nyc
this street is the heart of kiev and runs all the way to the famous maidan sq , the most filmed sq in kiev . it is a very wide street with wide side walks for pedestians. from my hotel which was "rus" I took the metro to maidan and went back walking back to my hotel by foot. along the street as you expect are the major boutiques and foreign brand name.I liked to sit there early evening take the breze and enjoy people watching.there are some food vendors and souvenir stands along the way , I especially liked the ice cream which is of good quality only 1$ .in the other end of the maidan there is bsarbka market and arena city which has restaurants and bars.all and all not as glitzy as paris or nyc , however kiev is not as rich !definitely recommends a stroll along khrechatyk !
cloggytrucker, county durham
if you want to shop or just walk its a beautiful place to look at architecture and there are plenty of shops to look in if you want to sit and watch the world go by there are lots of benches to sit on as the pavements are wide also some pavement cafes where you can sit and enjoy just a drink or a meal the choice is amazing
MaximoMarcelo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Es una avenida especial y única de la ciudad de Kyiv. Con sus diferentes arquitecturas Impresionante edificaciones a ambos lados de la avenida. Desde la plaza Maidan en todo el trayecto
43Tete, Catanduva
Rua central de Kiev, que tive o prazer de percorrer em agosto de 2012, em pleno verão, com temperatura de 27 graus centígrados! Conta com muitos prédios, lojas, restaurantes! É ponto de partida para muitos dos pontos turísticos da cidade! Imperdível!
StephenCulleton, Эстепона, Испания
Esta calle se corta los domingos al tráfico para convertirse en peatonal. Es la calle de las tiendas, así como la calle en la que se asentaron las acampadas en 2014.Existen numerosos kioskos de helados y como curiosidad, venden el helado al peso, es decir, te pesan los 100gr de helado con cucurucho.
Mister S, Киев, Украина
Начало начал. Когда прогуливаешься по Крещатику, кроме впечаления от архитектурного ансамбля улицы, ее характерного и такого узнаваемого изгиба в районе почтамта, волей-неволей вспоминаешь и историческую роль последней в жизни наших далеких предков. По преданиям, в нижней части улицы князь Владимир крестил в водах речных киевлян... Отсель христианская вера начала шествие по славянским землям. И сейчас Киев и Крещатик с Майданом -символ всех начинаний в Украине,, которые нeсмотря на все горькие потери приведут нас к истине, правде и добру.
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