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PeterG873, Сидней, Австралия
Beware the touts selling everything for photos with monkeys to falcons. Just enjoy the sites, shopping, food and drink.
tylkopolska, Дублин, Ирландия
lots of chops on each side and cafe shop and a nice walk to arrived to maiden square and then the milenium arch
HelenK_10, Перт, Австралия
Kreshchatyk is the grandest boulevard in Kiev. It’s very wide and is lined with a variety of shops and eateries. On Sunday part of the street is blocked for pedestrian use, which means you can freely walk around the central part of Kiev without any traffic (which is nice). Locals like to promenade here in the afternoons and evenings, so it’s a great place to absorb the vibrant atmosphere.
T4232XIjohnb, Торонто, Канада
Khreshchatyk is a fabulous street to stroll not only to drop into the many stores (must dos are the Tsum department store and Roshen chocloate) but to people watch and, in the evening, see the beautifully lit buildings around Maidan Nezalezhnosti. On Sundays the street is closed to traffic making it even better to stroll. Do avoid the 'pigeon men' - you'll get suckered in for a price if you allow them to put the bird on your shoulder/arm.
viajante321, portugal
On Sunday, the street is closed to traffic and is transformed completely: many live performances of musicians, dancers, etc. Well worth it.
baboeni, Кантон Невшатель, Швейцария
I like to stroll on Khreshchatyk Avenue, specially on Sundays, when part of it is closed to traffic. The Avenue starts from Maidan Squareand on the right and left side there are many shops, art galleries, shopping malls and a few restaurants. The many little places serving coffee are great.
Татьяна Г, Киев, Украина
Достопримечательность Киева, здесь всегда людно. Особенно красиво, когда цветуту каштаны, и город утопает в зелени. Большое количество кафе, ресторанов, развлекательных заведений. Подходит для прогулок, отдыха.
GREG M, Вьен, Франция
artère principale de la ville pour ce qui est du pouvoir, beaucoup à voir en sculptures, monuments, restaurants et prestigieuses boutiques avec de grands malls ultra modernes, sympa à faire !
maruoh, Варшава, Польша
Interesting places to visit. So many cool stores and restaurants around kreschatyk street. And Every weekend the street is closed for public. So everyone can walk around.
snbboard, Bystrc, Чехия
Nic moc zajímavého - klasická nákupní třída jako jsou v každém velkém městě na západě. Butiky, restaurace, směnárny, kavárny, bary a diskotéky...
Lance_Kerwin, Тромсё, Норвегия
Khreshchatyk st are downtown, in the epicenter of the city’s life. Typically, as is the case in most world capitals, the area is crowded with overpriced restaurants, cafesand souvenir shops. The street becomes pedestrian-only on weekends, making the area even better for walking around the city –center.
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