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Ed L, Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It costs UAH15 to go in (about GBP 0.75), from a small ticket window hatch.There is information about its history in English and Ukrainian.It's worth going in to "tick it off" but there are no particular views, and it's interest lies mainly in its original role as gateway into the city.
PavloKot, Токио, Япония
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
место, которое обязательно нужно посетить в Киеве. Это центр, здесь рядом памятник Я.Мудрому, ст. метро Золотые Ворота. Музей отреставрирован и смотрится красиво, в залах интересная экспозиция.
Oleg Y, Белград, Сербия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Very near to the St.Sophia Square and Cathedral, is located the Golden Gate or as it is called in the ukranien language, Zoloti Vorota. It is placed between the Yaroslaviv Val (the Moat) Street and the Volodymyr Street. Here You can see the remnants of the old fortification objects, since it was in the past times, the main historic gateway to the ancient city fortress. Now the Golden Gate serves as the museum. When You look at it, You can easily differ the part of the wooden construction with the beam logs, the wooden piers and behind is the very nice stone building of one church with the gilded cross on the top. In fact, the church is the part of the body of the old fortress. Very impressive, when You stand in front of it, trying to imagine how it was look like to go through these doors of old Kiev and get to the interior of the city with all the craft stores, commercial shops, the food markets, the fish markets, the trade of the wheat and other cereals.That was the grand historical figure, the ruler Yarosav the Wise who contributed to the building of such construction beside the two others.As a young man, back in the 1980 when I visited for the first time the Kiev, then in the USSR, I was amazed before this sign of the former power of the Ukraine, that was one of the principalities on the territory of nowadays Russia.
norgeva, Екатеринбург, Россия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
This looked pretty cool. Although it was closed when we got there being 6 pm. It was still cool to walk around and take photos of it though.
nicolas_seven, Lencois Paulista
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Esse é o Golden Gate, a reconstrução de um portal da Kiev Medieval. Fica no centro de Kiev, perto da Maidan (Praça da Independência) e próximo a Opera Nacional. O local fica em uma praça muito agradável. Sempre existe ali algum show local, com a população muito bonita e demonstrando muito patriotismo e alegria. Há ainda quem diga, que pra mim é uma imbecilidade imensurável, que o povo de Kiev é um povo fascista, eu simplesmente dou risada disso.
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Een prachtig gebouw verstopt achter een leuk pakje. Absoluut de moeite waard om te bekijken. !! Een grote poort geeft je een blik naar binnen. Om de hoek is een piepklein raampje waar je een ticket kan kopen voor de bezichtiging .Je kunt zelfs de toren in klimmen om een uitzicht van boven te hebben. Buiten aan de weg staan enige koffieautootjes.
Corrado_foodpasha, Куала-Лумпур, Малайзия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
I am still puzzled why this is the symbol of Kiev. rather ordinary, sure you imagine this was the door of Kiev walls...but
ABW27, Сан-Франциско, Калифорния
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Maybe not worth visiting on its own, but it's right next to St. Sophia and an easy walk from St. Michael cathedrals, so worth passing through it. It's an impressive remnant of the old wall of Kyiv. There's an English recorded explanation if you go inside. Not much to see inside that you can't see from the outside, though.
Lalaki-Papaki, Афины, Греция
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
We (a couple) didn't have a chance to go inside this building to enjoy its exhibition. However, building itself was very impressive for us without entering it. No matter that it is more like an attempt to reconstruct famous ancient Kiev's gate, its artificiality didn't bother us. This building made us to imagine how Kiev used to look like one thousand years ago.Besides main building, there was also a nice monument of Yaroslav the Wise, who was Kiev's Prince during construction of Golden Gate.We definitely recommend you to walk by this place to feel the spirit of ancient Kiev.
Rambler-NG, Ростов-на-Дону, Россия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Увидеть эту достопримечательность Киева можно сразу на выходе с одноимённой станции метро. При этом сами ворота, хоть и попадают в число символов города, долго осматривать их смысла нет. И немного отдохнув в сквере рядом, сфотографировавшись на фоне ворот и памятника Владимиру, можно отправляться дальше.
Meitli, Люцерн, Швейцария
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Beim golden Gate handelt es sich um eines der Stadttore von Kiew. Im Innern ist die Geschichte gut erzählt. An "Hörbox" gibt es die Geschichte u.a. in Englisch, Deutsch, Russich, Ukrainisch zu hören. Von der Aussichtsplattform hat meinen schönen Ausblick
ormi, Lombardia
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
la porta di per se non è nulla di eccezionale, la visita interna offre dei bei panorami sulla città ma nulla di più. In ogni caso è uno dei luoghi storici più caratteristici di Kiev e quindi merita comunque una visita. La piazza e la zona in cui si trova sono invece molto belle.
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