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Os Pes M, Порту, Португалия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It is not very interesting inside but considering cheap price for entry it is worth a visit. There are some exibitions inside and you may climb to he top and enjoy nice views. Sqare in front of it is very nice and cafés too.
HugoPenaV, Виго, Испания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Se trata de un punto de interés bonito que habla sobre la historia de la ciudad. Es una reconstrucción interesante de dicha puerta, y aunque de visita a sus alrededores obligatoria, no merece gran cantidad de tiempo para ser vista.
Jo S, Люксембург
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Die Golden Gate liegt auf dem Weg zu anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten und ist geschichtlich sehr interessant.
하루코, Сеул, Южная Корея
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
한국의 남대문 이라고 보면 됩니다. 그것도 1000년이나된.. 키예프 공국시기에 키예프 도시 성곽을 제외하고 출입문으로 사용하던 게이트입니다. 성곽은 전부 없어지고 게이트만 남은것을 보수하여 현재까지 보존하고 있는 겁니다. 내부투어도 입장료를 내고 가능하지만 저는 외부만 구경했습니다
ML M, Огайо
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Golden Gate is the last surviving entry point into the ancient walled city of Kiev. Its restoration was one of the positives that came of the October Revolution of 1917.
Jackal C
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Ukrayna'nın giriş kapısı. Artık şehrin göbeğinde kalmış olsada hala güzel bir anıt olarak muhafaza edilmiş.
sheri m, guildford
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
this imposing buiding stands 18 metres high. despite having had extensive renovations for preservation it is a fine example of the original gate. well worth a visit.
IntlTrainer, Солт-Лейк-Сити, Юта
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Golden Gate in Kiev is the monument of fortified building of 12 century, one of few, which remain. The day we went it was closed so we just walked around the outside. It is impressive. There are a lot of restaurants around it and a park so it is a nice place to walk around.
GrahameHportsmouth, portsmouth
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Came across the golden gate by chance and turned out quite interesting, worth stopping for 10 mins to walk around it.
King Z, Украина
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Cold at night but historical and cultural. I am happy to see and enter. You don't get the best pictures!
wikid01, Newtownabbey, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
This is an amazing building from the original city walls of Kiev. We visited with a guide who even explained how it was built using mortar from manure egg straw etc and it is still solid after over 1000 years. In a busy part of Kiev surrounded with cafe's and shops it is worth a visit as part of a tour.
Jimbo732, Сандерленд, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Went here as it was being used as a meeting place with colleagues - very interesting look and also great surroundings with the park and food outlets.
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