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Ricardo R, Mogi das Cruzes
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
If it was far away from city it will not worth the visit but it is near Khrechatyk avenue and Independence Square , places you will see in Kiev for sure so take a chance and pass by to take a picture.
visablewoman, Colne, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It is very impressive as a structure but at the same time it is very obviously modern.It's also a shame that most of the real parts of it are in a museum far away rather than here. Overall I would pop by if you are passing but it isnt worth it by itself
sabe1984, Lammi, Финляндия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
It’s a nice piece of history, don’t get me wrong. I guess for someone who is I Tete-a-tete in these kinds of stuff, you’ll love it, but it was not my kind of thing. Downstairs you can see the old passage and afterwards you can climb some stairs and have a look outside. There is also some kind of church inside. We went there late in the evening. It was quite a short visit for us. I did not even bother to take pictures.
vankrimpenmaarten, Роттердам, Нидерланды
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Nice, interesting monument to spend some 20 minutes of your time here. It could use definitely some more information about the wherabouts, but it's a nice piece of history of the city that I did not know about. People at the ticket office and checking the tickets were nice too!
PedroBeirao, Португалия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Golden Gate é um dos antigos portões de entrada da cidade de Kiev, capital da Ucrânia.Existiam 3 portões de entrada nas muralhas da cidade, sendo este o portão sul.
Ben927, Нортгемптон, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
This golden gate is unmissable, but too be honest if you do manage to miss it, you won’t be missing out on much.It was the main gate in the 11th century for Kiev and it was demolished and then rebuilt again in the 80’s but because there was no It’s a very busy square teeming with locals and shops around the square with a metro station directly opposite the gate.You also have the option to pay to visit the museum and go up the balcony to have a view of the city, we decided to give this a miss as we weren’t particularly bothered.
gregwilson09, Кембридж, Великобритания
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
What was an aged earthwork fortification of Kiev is now, arguably, a restored and overdone tourist trap with very little appeal.Reading about the history is a lot more interesting. We poked our head in to see what prices were and whether or not the Golden Gate would offer a unique experience, however, we felt these ramparts and original fortifications were extremely spoiled by the wooden beams. According to records, no enemy broke into Kiev through its Golden Gate and its ruins have stood the test of time since the eighteenth-century.For us, it just seemed a little too tourist orientated and I felt it was a lot more interesting to read and internalise its history this way rather than visiting what was a limited about of original features. It also photographs better from outside than in, surely?!
B1714D, Белград, Сербия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
On this place once stood the main city gate of old Kiev. With barely nothing left, they built this replica in the sole city center.There's no doubt you will see it, but it's nothing to write home about - looks very new, Disney style, made to earn some money from tourists.Far more interesting on the same sq, opposite Yaroslav the Wise monument in front of the Golden gate is a museum housing Orthodox icons, free to enter (you recognize it by an old facade with a castle like tower).
Antonio C, Лиссабон, Португалия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Porta reconstruída nos anos 80 do séc. XX é uma das 4 entradas da cidade no séc XI, ao tempo do príncipe Iaroslav. É interessante, mas, porque isolada, dá uma deia de qualquer coisa falso. Com pena, não tive tempo para a visitar.
svenn435, Дрезден, Германия
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Dieses Stadttor bei Nacht und am Tag besucht. In der Nacht sehr schön beleuchtet. Am Tag sieht man, wie dieses Stadttor verfällt. Echt schade.
Advontuur, Йоханнесбург, Южная Африка
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
The Golden Gate is one of the symbols of Kiev. It was known as the main gate of the ancient Kiev for centuries. Based on the main entrance to Constantinople Presently there is a museum in the three-tier pavilion over the gate
Martin v, Beesd, Нидерланды
Киев, Владимирская улица, 40А
Tussen alle kerken en kathedralen door, is dit wel een leuke afwisseling. De Golden date is een onderdeel van de geschiedenis van de stad. Een bezoekje duurt niet lang en kost ook niet veel. Kleine tentoonstelling en leuk uitzicht.
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