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Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Interesting, unique building, next to city center, 10 minutes walk from Kreshatyk bvd. A must when you visit Kiev.
Chris F, Брисбен, Австралия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
It's a bit of an uphill hike from the Kreshatyk boulevard to get there, but the building is too magnificently eccentric to miss. It looks distinctly like the set for a horror movie, but the grotesque creatures squatting and sliding along the facade and parapet are cheerfully entertaining rather than creepy. It's in a very handsome square, but don't sit on the inviting steps of the government building opposite - I was politely told this wasn't permitted.
Kate87M, Дрезден, Германия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
very impressed place, just nex to presidental palace! was there during the day and then when dark, if u have no time choose secound option
LucyTors, Таллин, Эстония
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Really nice to walk by especially for fairytale lovers but it is a pity that you can not enter. Really unique style for a home. Best to include in a city center walk.
Muwatalli, Москва, Россия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Очень переоцененная штука. Лепные штуки идентичны в каждой серии (т.е. все лягушки серийные, то же про слонов, ящериц). В строго архитектурном плане совершенно ничего из себя не представляет. Очень хороши виды вниз сбоку от особняка.
ZenHealer7, Эшвилл, Северная Каролина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
One cannot go inside this house, and I am not sure there is much to see inside, However, it has a lot of quirky architecture on the outside, set in a very nice location opposite the President's office on a hill, overlooking the Kiev city center. I went on a Sunday, when the adjoining government offices were all closed, and there were many tour groups swarming around. Dont forget to take the steps to the left of the house to walk down and get a different perspective.
GalkaKyiv, Kyiv
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
It impresses you inside and outside, special atmosphere, unusual story of a talented man behind. Must-see if you are in Kyiv
RossoNeroPerSempre, Минск, Беларусь
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Здание безусловно интересное, но интересно наверное больше для ценителей такой архитектуры, а не для всей массы туристов. Серость здания немного выпадает из хронически праздничной и яркой атмосферы Киева.
RoelR, Wuustwezel, Бельгия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
This building really has no other like it. Although almost entirely grey, the sculptures and details on it are incredible. A 10min walk from the main boulevard, a must see to visitors.
do_vostr, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Очень красивое здание. Любила осенью гулять возле него вечерами, когда со всех сторон подсвечивалось. Сейчас не нагуляешься, что очень расстраивает. Так что - спешите увидеть!!!
pieramadrid, Madrid
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Aunque se pueden ver muchas fotos de la casa en Internet, es una visita que hay que hacer personalmente. Además la casa está situada justo al lado de una zona residencial donde se sitúan algunos otros edificios muy interesantes, por lo que se puede programar como un paseo por todas ellas. La decoración es con animales reales (rinocerontes, ciervos, elefantes...) y con animales imaginarios (sapos gigantes, serpientes aladas, reptiles de varios metros etc.).Pregunté para visitarla pero no se puede entrar. Ahora se reserva para eventos programados por lo que sólo se puede ver por dentro si se es invitados en uno.
zambrosia, Auckland
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
We were fortunate enough to manage to get inside for an hour long tour. We had a tour guide for the day and she prevailed on her contacts for us to make the visitor list - we had to pre-supply copies of passport details and these were checked off the list so yes, you can get inside on Saturdays only if the House of Chimeras is not being used by officials.Some of the interior has not been restored to the original as photos were not available to copy for restoration but much is as it was including the beautiful staircase and walls, the entrance lobby with underwater/ocean detailing and the functional layout of the building - apparently a cow was housed in the basement/barn to supply fresh milk. So, if you can get in take the opportunity remembering that although not original, much of it has been as faithfully restored as possible.
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