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Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
You’d better come in the morning, so the light comes in a appropriate way and you can see all the beauty. However, it looks like a fortress with all these fences. The architect indeed spent a lot of time to invent all these beautiful details… The exactly different way to invent was used for tank design in Soviet Union. I tried to ride the tank recently by myself and I checked the details in a closer look. They look plain and elementary. It was a trip from Stay in Kiev travel agency. Everyone can try it, it’s easy to find. There are so much interesting in Kiev!
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
I love outdoor activities even in the cold or rainy days! Therefore, it was not a problem from me to spend several hours walking around the building and looking the small details with the English-speaking guide. She told me many interesting stories about that chimeras and the architect. However, it was a little bit boring in comparison to my recent tour to the shooting range with Kiyv military tours. We gave me soviet military clothes to try on. I shot from Kalashnikov and it was awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t go there every day, it would be too pricey for me.
shmeva44, Москва, Россия
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Like most people, I've only seen this building from the outside. It was blocked off for several years during and after the most recent revolution. Eye catching, for sure.
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Piekna budowla z chimerami rzeczonymi na całym budynku. Niemniej lepiej prezentuje się na folderach niż w rzeczywistości. Warte zobaczenia !
AleksanderKiev, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Fabulous building in city. It is really mysterious, magical, gorgeous and spectacular. I don't want to write, because it's highly recommended for visiting. You won't be disappointed with your visiting, I promise.
alexfire06, Харьков, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Здание необычное. Так как расположено в центре, то стоит сходить. Вот только каток во дворе с кучей народа как-то смотрится не очень.
Андрей Е
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
It looks so weird. Medieval chimeras in front of secretariat of the Ukrainian president... Exactly the same feeling I had on my military tour with stayinkiev. Soviet weapons in my hand next to my iPhone. So weird. Kiev is really something. You should check it out!
kondrsev, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Здание построено в начале прошлого века Городецким. Довольно интересное, а главное энергетически необычное, место. Нужно там побывать, чтоб почувствовать о чем я говорю, иначе словами это не передать. С прошлого года убрали ограждения вокруг здания, так что теперь смело можно туда пройти. Чтоб попасть внутрь, следует заранее записываться на экскурсию.
773chrish22, Кру, Великобритания
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
A house built by a man determined to show what can be achieved with concrete! It is covered with animals and you can amuse yourself by hunting for the crocodile!
Ion88, Афины, Греция
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
Ένα αρκετά ιδιαίτερο κτίριο που συγκεντρώνει μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον λόγω των περίεργων γλυπτών που το περιβάλλουν. Βρίσκεται σε περιοχή με πολλά κυβερνητικά κτίρια και συνεπώς έχει μεγάλη αστυνόμευση. Αξίζει μια επίσκεψη!
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
I love walking tours in Kiev! The house with chimeras was one of the places I really interested in. I didn’t take a tour inside, I was just walking around outside with the personal guide. I spent about an hour watching the details of the house. However after the Kyiv military tour all other tours are not as exciting as they could be in the beginning of my trip. So if you chose something as breathtaking as tank riding or gun shooting, live it to the end of the journey.
viktoriyak912, Киев, Украина
Киев, Банковая улица, 10Крещатик
The world class example of XIX th and XXth century « Art Neveu » architecture. By looking at the building it is like you see a book of Pushkin’s Fairy Tales. Favorite photography spot. Too much of a crowd may be annoying and make it hard to enjoy. One of the best examples of Kyivan architecture that was preserved.
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