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JudyF453, Elloughton, Великобритания
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
We do a lot of these tours and this was very good. There were about 14 of us from maybe 7 different nationalities. The guide (Natasha?) was lively and informative. The tour was well paced (about 2.5 hours) and I learnt a lot. Later once it was finished and we felt we'd had a useful introduction, we revisited some of the places we personally felt interested in. I'd certainly recommend it.
Dlosuna, Мадрид, Испания
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
Feels like this tour does not exist anymore. Saturday we were waiting at 12.00 next to the Duke’s monument and there were no blue flags. In the tour information website it’s also said that the place to meet was the city Garden park, which is also confusing but ok, we assumed we were mistaken. Today, Sunday, we showed up again at 12.00 in the park and nobody’s here either. Quite disappointing.
Korklara, Краков, Польша
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
Przewodniksię nie pojawił na wycieczkę o godzinie 16 - sierpień szczyt sezonu. Czekaliśmy 20 minut, strata czasu.
более 100 отзывов
отлично провели время на веолсипедах благодаря фри турс! спасибо и рекомендую
madthesurfer, Амстердам, Нидерланды
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
As the web page of the tour states that no pre-booking is necessary, we went to the meeting place to take the 4 o'clock tour as a couple and there were 4 other tourists waiting already. The guide did not show up and after 20 minutes of waiting, I have contacted them using FB messenger. And their terrible reply was: "Sorry, you have missed today's tour". That was obviously a lie, because we were there at 16:01. Anyway, after a few messages back and forth, they have apologised for the situation and stated that there will be 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock tours the next day. So we went to the meeting point the next day again at 12 o'clock and after 15 minutes of wait, we have figured that we're fooled again. Once more, nobody has shown up!I have taken dozens of free walking tours in other cities but this is the first time that a guide does not show up without any prior notice, and that is two times in a row!These people obviously neither respect their own job, nor the time of other people. So do not waste your precious time in Odessa waiting for unprofessional guides.
bukovel-ski, Паляница
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
Раньше здесь были бюджетные экскурсии с малограмотными студентами как на красных электромобилях. Люди желая получить шару портили только впечатление об Одессе.
Ксения И, Екатеринбург, Россия
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
Прекрасная альтернатива самостоятельным прогулкам. Здесь вы узнаете много интересного от гидов, это был наш первый опыт экскурсий такого формата и нам все понравилось. Рекомендую
belleretraite, Монреаль, Канада
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
We showed up at the top of the stairs with 4 other people at the time indicated on the web site and we waited for 20 minutes for a guide to appear . It was a No Show both on Friday and Saturday . We had asked the tourist Information Office nearby if they knew about this organization and the answer was that sometimes a guide shows up , but that they were not very reliable . If this group only offers its services during the summer season , it should indicate it on its website and advise the tourist information office about its schedule ! Not only was it a loss of our time but also we missed the opportunity to visit this beautiful city with another group !
Treesah, Сан-Диего, Калифорния
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
I waited for a long time next to Duke's monument. I checked with several locals and nobody knew about this alleged "free tour". Perhaps they don't offer them in October? I was very disappointed since I wasted a lot of time. Odessa is a beautiful city but be warned, very few people speak English and everything is written in Cyrillic alphabet. I visited several beautiful churches but have no clue as to their names or the history. I found the prices to be very reasonable. Would definitely return to Ukraine.
Roberta R, Hamilton, Ontario
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
We were in Odessa on October 12 with our printout about the Odessa free tours. We rushed to get to the Odessa Duke monument at the top of the Potemkin steps, and we waited but no one from "free tours" arrived. We were very disappointed.
Ivan L, Познань, Польша
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
I photograph a lot when I travel.Photographed the beautiful minibus near the monument to Duke.In the evening at home accidentally examined by minibus site address.Turns out this a sightseeing tour of Odessa in 4 languages​​, of the headphones.Looked at the schedule, 5 voyages.Funny price - 60 UAH, about 6 EURO.Very interesting tour. Approximately 1 hour. I listened to the German language.It is strange that no one knows about it in Odessa.I was riding in a van.I recommend. If someone else does not know.
dug1380, Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк
Одесса, Гаванная улица, 10
Great way to get an overview of Odessa in two hours. The tour guide was interesting and helpful. The office also rents nice bikes at a decent rate. I was overall disappointed in Odessa but glad I did this tour which was surely the highlight...
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