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Leonid S, Сомерсет, Нью-Джерси
I use to go there several times before, last time around 4 years ago. It use to be great restaurant with lots of special items and mostly everything in menu use to be available. Menu is still huge, however several itmes we asked are actually not. Some great items are gone forever which is very upsetting. Service is so-so, vodka was limited to the Nemiroff brand and they don't allow to bring and open our own bottle of wine. Pretty stupid rules for upscale restorant as they are presenting themself. Prices are still quiet high but nothing special in taste or available selection anymore. It was my last visit there.
to4ka_keepeniya, Москва, Россия
Ресторан очень понравился. Была в отпуске с друзьями и решила посетить его по рекомендации. Были в нем на майские праздники, необходимо обязательно бронировать столик, иначе мест нет.Порции гигантские, качество великолепно, очень хорошее обслуживание и гуманные цены.Заказали несколько блюд "в стол", они всё не кончались и не кончались. Мне кажется такого количества вкусной еды за раз я ещё никогда не ела.Рекомендую этот ресторан обязательным для посещения всем гостям прекрасного города Одесса!
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Jane Privalenko
Потрясающе вкусно и по-домашнему!
Борщи действительно супер! Но квас - супер, супер :)
BuckiFan, Колумбус, Огайо
My wife and daughter are Ukrainian and I am an American. We visited this establishment for some "authentic" cuisine. I was with my wife, son, daughter as well as my wife's mother and her sister and their children. We were eating outside because the weather was so nice. Unfortunately, there was a table of Russians (as in not Ukrainians) at the table next to us. One of the men in their party was so drunk he was struggling to stay conscious. He left and returned several times in what apparently was an attempt to "walk it off." The Restaurant should have closed the groups tab and asked them to return another night but that did not happen.Things deteriorated when this mans wife suggested that he " Go puke on our table and pointed at my mother law and told him to throw up on that old woman." This of course created quite a scene with my wife and her sister... Did the Restaurant throw out the unruly group instigating a problem because they were hammered? Nope...Did they apologize to us for the brackish behavior of a guest? Nope.... Did they offer to pay for our drinks? (we had not even been served yet) Nope....Only after my wife called a high ranking government official she is friends with did things get somewhat straightened out...This is NOT a place for a family looking for a safe place to enjoy a meal. This establishment needs to protect sober clients from raging drunks... they get an F for service.
Вадим Панченко
Волшебный борщ!!! Вареники с мясом тоже очень вкусные. При заказе дают пригласительное угощение-сало с черным хлебом)
Бабрарис Цветков
Борщ и правда волшебный. Все очень вкусно и обслуживание отличное.
rbaffert, Лион, Франция
I was really scared of the result eafter having often been disappointed by such "authentic" / old style restaurants that focus more on the communication and decoration than food and service !BUT WHAT A GOOD SURPRISE ! the restaurant was over full, the waitress took our phone number And promised to call when a table was ready, we didn't expect much and went to have a drink at kompot, thinking we might end up eating there again (very good place as well !).well, we didn't have time to order wine before she called us. the table was ready, and the impressive thing (first good point) is that they were smart enought to notice that only my friend talked Russian, and they brought English menu for me even if I didn't ask !!then, even if the restaurant was 100% full, the service was fast, fluent, nice, efficient. I can't tell more, the kind of experience where you don't have to bother about anything!the food was good, simple, and prices were very affordable (we paid 500 for two with lots of drinks included but no desert).definitely a good place !
George V, Салоники, Греция
From my experience this is the best restaurant in Odessa to try real Ukrainian food. Everything we got was tasty and the service, despite the place was packed, was great. The food is a bit overpowered with garlic, but if you like it, like me, you will love all food selections. Try borsch for sure, along with the homemade pepper vodka. It is definitely not a cheap place for Ukrainian and Odessian standards, but for European and US tourists it is affordable. We went there twice and the price tag was 20-25 Euros per person (200-250 UAH) with drinks and desert. A must see and taste!!!!
Владимир Федосов
Ребзя! Борщ отличный! И голубцы! Разве что водка не холодная
Palmeroa, Тегусигальпа, Гондурас
I think this is the best Ukrainian restaurant in Odessa. And so thinks the Ukrainian people I went with... Service is nice and friendly and will go two extra miles to accommodate your wishes, and the food if just delicious, if you are into savoury but a but heavy stuff Not for every day, but definitely to try. and enjoy. And the veranda is very enjoyable indeed.
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