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Sergii Pryshchepa
Отличная украинская еда. Борщ с пампушками - просто супер. Очень советую.
OrlandoDon, Вашингтон, Округ Колумбия
We are here twice in 3 days. Ukrainian/Russian decor and dress of help staff creates a nice ambience. Food is authentic and good variety. They have English language menus upon request and English fluent staff. Try the local beer.
Valeriy Gelatov
Вкусная еда! Впечатление несколько подпортил сопливый нос официанта и вчерашние пампушки к борщу.
Виктория М.
Щира укрвинська кухня в центре одессы. Борщ- песня, а хреновуха просто вводит в дзен. Не для слабых желудком и духом.
Mibe83, Milano
Good restaurant in the city center of Odessa.We ate pancake with red caviar as starters (maybe few caviar inside...), as main dish some meat and a chocolate cake that I strongly recommend. With some sparkling water and a coffee, about 30 euro per person.The staff have to improve the knowledge of english, very poor to be honest...
dgreenarc, Лондон, Великобритания
This was a very interesting restaurant, just across the street from the main central park. It looks a little touristy from the outside (wait staff dressed in traditional outfits, etc.), but the food was fantastic and interesting (highly recommend the Ukrainian Borscht). I would definitely return. It was also incredibly reasonable.
MOENS Y, Брюссель, Бельгия
This place was recommended to me by a friend born and living in Odessa. Nice surreounding, friendly, nice and efficient service. Waiters wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes. Food typical and tasty. Two steps from the Derybasisvka street. A relaxing place which I would recommendA favourite place.
Alesha Popovich
Божественная украинская кухня! Получили огромное удовольствие и от еды и от замечательных официантов в национальных костюмах! За борщом, варениками, салом и хреновушкой всем сюда!!!
Barbara S, Вормс, Германия
During a visit to Odessa I have been invited by my friends to Kumanets to get to know the typical Ukrainian cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Kumanets. The surrounding is very colourful and gives you the impression of being in the countryside and the waiters, who were very nice and helpful, all wear traditional Ukrainian clothes.The variety of food on our table was amazing - thanks to the very good choice of my Ukrainian friends and the waiter who seemed to be very attentive to their suggestions of what we should have to give an impression of Ukrainian cuisine.Even though I cannot remember the names of the dishes, I can only say that everything tasted very good and that I can only recommend to everybody to choose Kumanets to get an impression of Ukrainian food, drinks, atmosphere and great hospitality!And be sure to try the drink "Kompot"!
Alex B, Киев, Украина
Если вы хотите попробовать действительно национальной кухни в Одессе, то тогда вам сюда. Интересный интерьер, вкусная кухня и прекрасное обслуживание. В самом центре Одессы.
ulrich f, Одесса, Украина
What to say ? The service is like it should be, the dishes are typical ukrainian and very very tasty, the ambiente is a little bit too much native style, but still very nice. If you want a place, where you get something tasty for your money, visit this restaurant. One of my favourites in odessa. Always a good choice
Zexworld, San Diego, California
The title says the story. I stuffed myself on my first night in Ukraine and it was at no better place. The staff dresses up in some traditional Ukrainian clothes, keeps the beer and the plates coming. There were pretty ladies in there that night, so I'd say it's a great spot for families, but especially couples. I ate some Ukrainian salsa-like stuff, some hoblichi, and bull tongues. Yeah bull tongues... I know right?!?! It actually wasn't that bad! Had coffee before I left. Like I said, it was a cool experience for my first time in Ukraine. The tab was sort'a expensive, but it's probably the best in town! Ideally right up the street from the Odessa Opera, on the corner of Lanzheronskaya & Gavanna.
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