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Vermontman, Vermont
Simply great food. Those Ukrainians know food. Definitely not a tourist trap as the clientele was overwhelmingly Ukrainian. This is traditional Ukrainian food in huge portions, carefully made. Nearly everything on the menu reminded me of my grandmother's cooking. She came from Kiev area. That said, the food is done with modern, light, and very creative touches. I had a white fresh water fish wrapped around a wonderfully light cheese filling that was baked and then perhaps pan-fried for 20-30 seconds. I couldn't figure out how they did it but it was excellent. Classic borscht was done with a light broth and was delicious. Finally, we had dessert, which is rare for me. A cake that looked too filling but simply melted away when you ate it the way cotton candy just disappears. It was unlike anything I have eaten. Great service. Nice environment. Cheap by US or Euro standards. Give it a try.
Katarzyna-Jo, Варшава, Польша
W porównaniu z okolicznymi knajpkami tego miejsca nie można polecić. Jedzenie średnie, do tego rachunek bardzo duży( jeżeli porównamy podobne miejsca w tej okolicy zapłaciliśmy 3 razy więcej). Wystrój miejsca Ok, obsługa kelnerska duzy minus. Trzeba przypominać kelnerom zamówienia.
YuliyaS440, Rochefort, Poitou-Charentes, France
Nous y avons mangé plusieurs fois en trois jours de notre voyage à Odessa. L’intérieur est tout simplement magnifique. La déco est superbe et les serveurs et serveuses portent des costumes typiques de folklore ukrainien. La carte se compose également des plats typiques. Tout est délicieux et servi avec un sourire ! De tous les restos où on a mangé à Odessa, ça reste mon préféré !!!
oskarsmo, Коценская волость, Латвия
Absolutely wonderful place! Great, polite and friendly stuff, great menu. We took salo, horilka and borsht! It was amazing!!!
932kristip, Эстония
Wow, what a place! We happened to walk by and as we wanted to go to some Ukranian restaurant, we thought will give it a go - we did not have to dissapoint. Service was pretty good and fast - they had english menus as well and waitresses spoke some english. We had lot of different dishes: meat snack platter, some very delicious filled seashells with mushrooms, cheese cream and some seafood? or something like that, pelmeni, chicken liver with apples and rasberries, Perch fish and some desserts and drinks. Everything was super delicious! They brought some bread as well to the table with what seemed to be like foamed grease/fat with seasoning - that was the best thing ever! I cant praise the food enough, it was really really delicious. Portions are very big, its definitely very good value for the money. We had 4 people, everyone had 3 courses and different drinks and we paid in total 2000 grivna (around 64€ only for 4 people). Ou, and kvass is really tasty as well!
dima_neumann, Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Помимо богатого выбора традиционных украинских блюд гостей ждёт интересный интерьер и комплимент от заведения. Долгая подача в силу полной посадки не испортила впечатления.
kalinakulig, Ченстохова, Польша
Wystrój trochę jak rodem z Krupówek, kelnerzy troszkę kiczowato poprzebierani, ogólnie nie lubię takiego klimatu, jednak jedzeniem byłam pozytywnie zaskoczona:) pyszne pierożki i małże! I miła obsługa.
Alena_Moksiakova, Москва, Россия
Зашли на обед, все очень красиво оформлено, официанты одеты аутентично. Заказали салат из баклажанов (очень вкусно),бутербродики с малосольной мелкой рыбкой (не помню как называется, тоже очень понравились), форшмак (по мне, так на 3ку) и вареники с картошкой и капустой. В самом начале приносят хлеб и перетертле сало с чесноком, это оказалось очень вкусно. Из напитков понравился квас, прям как и должен быть. В целом осталось очень хорошее впечатление. Имейте в виду, что порции вареников очень большие. Счёт на троих чуть меньше 800 грн, но мы просто очень много заказали и выкатились оттуда с полными животами
460olenkas, Киев, Украина
Если хотите увидеть не профессиональных официантов и почувствовать их работу на себе , милости прошу в данное заведение. Результат нашего посещения - ожог на ноге. Опрокинута официантом тарелка борща ( практически кипяток , видно сняли только с огня) на ногу .
piotrha, Краков, Польша
Super jedzenie, w rozsądnej cenie. Barszcz ukraiński z tej restauracji chodzi za mną od 10 lat. Nie jadłem lepszego.
gtrtfromyeg, edmonton, Alberta
while on a mission trip to Ukraine my wife and I ate at this restaurant with 3 of our Ukrainian friends. we visited the restaurant on Monday the 16th of July. the service was great the food was AMAZING. we have many Ukrainian restaurants in the city where we live in Canada, but they do not compare to the quality of the food that we had here. we all tried something different and it was an experience that we will not forget. if we are in Odessa again we will eat here for sure. I have always liked Blueberry Perogies, the ones here were the best ever. (GOAT) greatest of all time. My wife had the Cold Fruit Soup for desert and that was also fantastic. everyone liked their food very much and the décor of the restaurant was great. we will be back for sure.
Aydin Altun
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