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Отзывы - Ресторан Куманець

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Andreas Sandberg
Very Good food. Had the veal entrecote, superb meat!
Alexandru Simion
All nice and cozy until they bring the food. Tasteless borsch, chewy meat, old bread and old mashed potatoes. I will definitely not return here ever again.
Wojtek Skrzypczak
Food is excellent but what you really want to try here in the horseradish vodka + pickled watermelon!
Ukrainian style restaurant with good prices. delicious food and attentive waiters
Big tasty dishes, national food. Very kind and professional stuff. Much recomended.
Alexandra Faynburd
Great Ukrainian and Odessa kitchen. It appears that "Kumanets" is a kind of vessel. Take a cake in the form of this ancient jug
Dylan Byrne
Great decor, great staff and great food. Chicken livers with strawberrys was more delicious than you could imagine it to be.
Eugene Kharlamb
Great atmosphere, great service. Very professional establishment. Food was very good. Real Ukrainian.
Hannu Hyvärinen
Excellent local Ukrainian cuisine. Good service, decent pricing. Local beers :)
Trisha WitchBlade
Totally love the chicken decor, the waitress dresses are a little OTT but still good for effort... as long I don’t see one of the head-dress in my soup. Great for tourist
Josefien B
I have been eating in this restaurant last night and the experience was awful. When we arrived the ladies looked like they didn’t want to work and they didn’t help us on a good way to a table. The waitress of our table was absolutely not friendly and after we ordered we had to wait about 40 minutes until our meals arrived. I ordered a Shish kebab chicken fillet but it was not as good as it seemed. First of all, my mais was served cold and it didn’t look really fresh. The meat should had been longer on the grill, it didn’t had a good colour. When I got home last night I became really sick... it seems that the chicken was absolutely not OK!!! Now I have food poisoning and I don’t know how bad it will be. I have been throwing up for about 5 times now and I will never eat here again... horrible experience.
Agata Gorzyńska
Great service with a waiter who knew English. Interesting and unusual decorations - for me a bit overwhelming and messy. A bit crowdy and loud, however, dishes were perfect. Ukrainian borscht - full of taste, old-style Ukrainian dumplings with cabbage - I have never eaten anything as tasty as that!
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