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Sergii Pozharov
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Саниехнику можно было бы и починить, но свежий воздух с реки по утрам это несомненный плюс.
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Хороший отель.
Gennadii Pylyponko
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Отличный отельчик, цена-качество соответствует на 100%
Olga S, Paris
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
A couple 3-day-stay on Orthodox Christmas, 4-7 January 2013, River Hotel Nikolaev.1- no smile, no xmas greetings by the receptionist at check-in, only one receptionist at such a big hotel, no help (!!!) with 3 pieces of luggage;2- had to change keys of the bedroom twice as they didn't work after few hours after checking-in;3- had to change bedroom twice: first - no sofa table, second - a heater was broken.4- way too small elevators;5- no place in the bathroom to put travel needs; a wall hook of the bathrobes was broken;6- no shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste provided by the hotel (except shower caps and cotton pads);7- one of the two heaters of the bedroom was broken;8- no water pressure in the shower;9- breakfast is available by a menu order only. Included, but need to wait 10-15 mins. Not available if one is on a hurry.10- no fitness center (but it was mentioned in a paper I was asked to sign at check-in).Unprofessional service, way too small bedrooms, poor facilities. During check-out I was on phone with a manager complaining (no manager was at the hotel on a Xmas day) and I was told that I was black listed by the whole Reikartz chain of Ukraine. I was called insane and insane customers are not welcomed there :-) Any discount, any apologies were made.Nice river view. Excellent restaurant!
Starguywisc, Webster, Висконсин
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
I spent 6 days in Nikolaev recently and I stayed at the Reikartz River. I found the hotel to be clean and well run. The staff was friendly and helpful. I must admit the streets in the area were rough, but no worse than the streets in my hometown.My room was on the 5th floor and had a balcony overlooking the river. The bed was very comfortable, probably one of the best beds I've had in a hotel. (I have a bad back so good beds are a blessing.) While the room was rather small it was well laid out and had all the amenities I needed. The bathroom again was on the smallish size and the shower was great.The hotel serves a breakfast buffet that is included in the price of the room. The buffet was very good, with items like omelets, sausages, meat filled pancakes, fruit, cereal, and good coffee. At the time I was there the buffet was held in the downstairs pub with seating overlooking the river.The hotel is a way from the city center but the walk was enjoyable with many sites to see. I enjoyed the walk several times. And at night I enjoyed the lack of traffic near the hotel.I would highly recommend the Reikartz River Hotel in Nikolaev.
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Чисто, хороший завтрак, отличный вид, рядом набережная. Цена оправдана, в Николаеве пожалуй один из лучших отелей. Бесплатная парковка, вайфай, тапочки нужно просить на ресепшене. . . . АДМИН! 200символов на отзыв для меня слишком много, зачем флудить, основное написал: чисто, вкусно, не дорого - этого уже достаточно.
Cora_v, Kyiv
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Shortly before Mykolaiv, I had a wonderful stay in Reikartz Zhdenieve. So when my business trip appeared to have coincided with a special personal event, I thought of Reikartz as hopefully apt for festivity and some relaxation by the river. And even though I enjoyed Korall Hotel (recommended by colleagues) in the centre of Mykolaiv (see separate review), I also booked a suite in Reikartz River for two nights. What a huge disappointment it turned out to be! Reikartz River and Zhdenieve appeared poles apart, and Korall left it behind in many aspects, including price. LOCATIONOn approach to Reikartz River my impressions were spoilt by terrible road quality. If you drive, better reach the hotel from Lenina Ave, not from the quay along B.Morskaya Street, full of holes and high tram lines to cross. The hotel is located away from the city centre, and the neighbourhood might seem a bit dodgy if it’s your first time here. If, by any chance, you are in Mykolaiv in tourism (which is unusual), you’ll be too far from the main sights, city restaurants, stores etc. The river in Mykolaiv is not too scenic, neither tempting to swim in, and unlike I hoped is hardly a good reason to choose this hotel for. PARKINGFree parking is on the narrow street right in front of the hotel entrance. To be able to open the trunk and take our luggage from it, we had to first wait for all the cars to pass by on the street behind. HOTELFrom the outside, the hotel looked like a typical dull Soviet resort («sanatorium»). The new owners obviously did some renovation inside, so it is a combination of an average hotel and a Soviet resort now - not at all appealing or cozy for my taste. It also seemed to be the place for foreigners to meet with local girls. Compared to the lovely quiet comfortable Korall hotel, this was rather a bustling bazaar. We felt like leaving right as we entered.. And we did, shortly after. The receptionist was very slow, but nice and trying her best. By the looks of the hotel one would have expected a porter there, but we were offered no help with the luggage. There is a small elevator. Our «suite» (brackets intended) was at the 4th floor, at the end of the long dark corridor. SUITE - OR IS IT?This was one of the smallest suites I’ve ever stayed in throughout Ukraine. And certainly the most ascetic one. It consisted of a spartan bedroom and a living room. And rather looked like an average «double standard» in an old Crimea hotel to me. The interior was very simple. Not much effort was felt to make it cozy let alone justify its cost. The river view with an asphalted quay could have probably pleased the eye, even though was not too scenic. But the only place to «enjoy» it from was the long narrow balcony, common for the entire floor, without a single partition on it. And you could only «enjoy» it standing - no chairs, no tea table, nothing on it. If I was here in business or transit, for just a few hours of sleep, this wouldn’t matter. After all, it was a typical small boring hotel room. But I came here for leisure, and it was absolutely not appropriate for it. Luckily, they soon gave a good reason to leave without staying. CONSTRUCTION INCLUDED! As I was on the balcony, small bits of construction litter suddenly fell on my head, accompanied by a terrible rock drill noise. How lovely - they were maintaining capital construction works right above this «suite»! And I was expected to pay over US$230 for a leisure stay on the noisy construction site? I booked far enough in advance, and called the hotel at least twice, but not a single word has been mentioned about the construction neither at booking nor during check-in. The receptionist whom I called to complain sounded very surprised. Well, so were we to have been offered this «suite» where we couldn’t hear each other being in the same room. By intuition, the very last second at check-in I decided to pay in cash rather than credit card (these are accepted, too). So at least they were almost fast to refund - it only took the receptionist some time to find all proper forms to fill in, but other than that, there were no problem. After all these ordeals I was happy to return to the cozy mansion of Korall, which is now my top pick in town. RECOMMENDED?Perhaps when there’s no maintenance and/or on a very short stay this hotel can be okay, if you expectations aren’t high. But I’m not ever getting back: too noisy, too crowded, not cozy and nothing special for my taste.
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
завтрак до 10.00; wi-fi; бассейн
Vadym V.
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Wifi pass: 87654321
Timotis, Мельбурн, Австралия
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
I stayed 2 night in Reikartz River Hotel, and I couldn't fault it.From check in till leaving the staff where 100% helpful, friendly and able to answer any questions i had of the area.My room faced the River bug, so the view was fantastic. The room its self was ample for a solo traveller.Its was clean, the decor may be a little dated for some, but to me, it suitable! The bed was comfy, the air con worked perfectly (I'm Australian, we love our air con's). The bathroom was ok size, the shower water could have been hotter, Though I found all showers in both Ukraine and Russia to have luke warm water. Still not an issue, just an observation..It is about a 30min walk from the city centre, A walk I must say enjoyed a few times. Taxi is another option for people who don't wish to walk, and the staff are more than happy to call one for you. Even though its a little way from the centre, I think the position on the river dismisses this...I'd recommend this hotel to anyone, and would quite happily stay there again, when ever in Nikolaev.
dbuChris, UK
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
The ordinary rooms are functional, clean and unexceptional. The really good rooms are much nicer but the prices went up to much higher levels ($120-$180 per day - completely out of line with the quality of the hotel).One lift works, the other still does not - more than a year after it was taken over by new ownership.On weekends be prepared for crowds of semi-naked footballers wandering the corridors - this is the hotel of preference for visiting teams., since the football ground is almost opposite. Also in weekends there are weddings with reception held in restaurant next door (Stargorod),
stricki63, Jessen, Германия
Николаев, Спортивная улица, 9
Bin wirklich positiv überrascht worden.Sehr saubere Zimmer,nettes Personal und ein toller Ausblick auf den Fluß Bug.Hier kann man mit dem Preis/Leistungsverhältnis noch zufrieden sein.Die Lage ist sehr schön,gleich nebenan gibt es ein gutes Restaurant.Eine ruhige,natürliche Gegend,nur einige Fahrminuten von der Altstadt entfernt.
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