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Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Here one can enter a small room with space age designs and look at the artworks through microscopes. There one might see a rose placed inside a human hair hollowed and polished like glass. Or perhaps a 3mm long model ship, or a caravan of golden camels passing through the eye of a needle? There you may see a chess set smaller than the head of the pin on which it sits and a flea shod with minute golden horseshoes. Photography is not permitted, but due to the miniscule scale of the exhibits, not much would be seen anyway.
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
It looked so different inside and outside… The exterior of Mykola Syadristy Microminiatures museum is like and old merchant house, but the interior has some space design in my opinion. It is so contrasting! I find contrasts everywhere in Kiev! Indoor activities are so different from outdoor activities! That was the best indoor thing, but the military tour was the best outdoor activity I’ve ever had! I booked a tour in Kyiv military tour agency and I was totally satisfied! I mean TOTALLY! and even more. I recommend everyone to visit these two places first!
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Can you imagine that??? The tiny artificial rose is inside a polished human hair!!! It’s really unbelievable! The artist is wonderful and nice person too… I’m glad I didn’t passed by that museum and came in occasionally… I was looking for something relaxing for my body after I did a great job riding the BTR a day ago and a shooting experience from Kyiv military tours, and it was amazing by the way…
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
There so many different materials used for those tiny masterpieces! I loved the gold ones more! It’s really hard to imagine how did he make all that. By the way, Kiev is the city of contrast you can see everywhere. Yesterday I drove the huge tank by myself from Stay in Kiev travel agency, and today I am starring at the tiny glass, where the Oginsky polonaise is engraved. That’s really amazing!
Matvei G
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
I wish there were some micro miniatures of tanks or guns or something military. I’m in love with soviet military and I come to every museum in Kiev to see something close to it. Last time I was impressed by the tour was Kyiv military tours; they did a great job with making fun on the shooting range and driving a BTR. That was something! I wanted to see something special here in the museum too.
Андрей Е
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
I have recently visited the Mykola Syadristy Microminiatures Museum. It was really weird experience… I am not an art-lover at all. So I didn’t really understand the art. However, I was impressed by the job the artist did with all those tiny details… On my next visit, I would better take the Kyiv military tour though. Again. I prefer the outdoor activities like running, shooting, riding the tank or eating military food outside.
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Kiev is a place of contrasts - what I found out in Kiev. You can see micro-miniature objects all around the museum, ranging from chessboards to boats to drawings, here in Mykola Syadristy microminiatures museum. You can see also huge buildings and installation everywhere outside too! You can also even ride a huge tank or shoot from stechkin or Kalashnikov in military tour, or take a church tour as the opposite.. There are so many things to do in Kiev, I will come again!
critik14, Кривой Рог, Украина
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Всем очень понравилось, в голове не укладывается, как можно сделать такие работы. Очень увлекательно, всем понравилось. 5 балов из 5
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Музей посетили второй раз, при первом посещении остались в таком восторге и остались под таким впечатлением, что когда снова появилась возможность, привели сюда друзей. В голове просто не укладывается, как это возможно. Шахматная доска с шахматами на головке шпильки, самая маленькая в мире книга, размером чуть- больше полмиллиметра, сшитая паутинкой, портрет гагарина из терновой косточки, стрекоза, в голове которой находятся часы и знаменитая на весь мир подкованная золотая блоха. Это лишь малая часть экспозиций, которые представлены в музее, у каждого экспоната расположен микроскоп, чтобы разглядеть в деталях предметы искусства. Однозначно придём в музей и третий и десятый раз!
ScholzHamburg, Hamburg
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Wir waren begeistert von diesen Mikrominiaturen. Die Dame im Museum war so herzlich und hilfsbereit obgleich wir uns nicht mit ihr verständigen konnten. Wo kann man schon ein Schachbrett auf einem Stecknadelkopf sehen. Einfach toll!
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
Es war interessant in die Welt des Mikrokosmuses einzutauchen aber der Preis ist für die wenigen Exponate zu hoch
Ben927, Нортгемптон, Великобритания
Киев, Лаврская улица, 21Арсенальная
This place is just amazing, it’s a very small exhibition and can be easily completed within 15-20 minutes but it’s worth it.It only cost 60UAH which is about £1.86 per person to enter. No pictures or video filming allowed and they’re very strict on it.There’s micro-miniature objects all around the museum, ranging from chessboards to boats to drawings.It’s a little difficult to find but it’s inside the lavra ground, round the back of the bell tower. Definitely worth a look.
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