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kittykat73, Дарем, Великобритания
Nice walk through the park to the statue which is next to the WW2 museum. We didn't go inside the building next to the statue as it was closed bit it was good to see.
valtestaa, Дублин, Ирландия
The MotherLand monument is great! It has a gorgeous view. It's on top of a hill so the view is great. You will have the Museum in there as well. It has a beautiful green area. While you walk in there, you will see trucks, tanks from the war. Would recommend it. You can easily access it by a long walking from city centre or by bus/uber.
Beyn69, Tredegar, Великобритания
Very Impressive Statue! Went here on a Sunday afternoon. Loads to see in the area. Especially if you’re interested in military history. Worth a visit!
Gökçe Gökmen
İçeri 220uah girip, iç kısımlardada para verecemişiz yok artık,dıştan çekin,2.dünya savaşı müzesi 40uah emin olun bizim Anıtkabir kadar güzel yer yok
Sehr beeindruckend! Der kurze Trip mit Metro (Arsenalna) und Bus (Linie 24 oder 38) lohnt sich. Wenn ich nicht so Höhenangst hätte, wäre ich gerne ganz hoch (300 UAH/Person). Anschließend waren wir noch im Höhlenkloster, welches sich in unmittelbarer Nähe befindet.
Tahle socha mne fascinovala od chvíle, kdy jsem zauvažovala o návštěvě Kyjeva. Je větší, než jsem myslela a vydržela bych se na ni dívat hodiny. Už při příletu jsem ji zahlédla z letadla - tak dominantní monument to je. Do muzea války ani do sochy jsem nešla, zajímalo nás více muzeum Making of the Ukrainian Nation Museum, které je také v bezprostřední blízkosti. Ráda bych se do Kyjeva vrátila a znovu mohla Matku Vlast a okolí vidět.
Virogil, Прага, Чехия
very strong place. Motherland stands on a hill and from above it looks above the statue of liberty WOW!
Dinesh_Valani, Сидней, Австралия
Very beautiful park ,monument and a aircraft museum. You can take a lift and go at the top of it. You can see entire Kiev view.
It is a Communist-era statue in remembrance of the fighting in WWII. Kiev and the wider Ukraine region saw a great deal of fighting during this time. The statue is the second tallest in Europe (the tallest is in Volgograd in Russia), but there are many taller statues in Asia now. It depicts a tall, robed woman with a stern expression, the colour of burnished steel, holding a sword and shield aloft. It dwarfs the Statue of Liberty in New York. There is a viewing platform behind the shield, but we did not go to this and I’m not sure that it was open. In the plaza in front of the statue were three tanks, one painted in the yellow and blue colours of Ukraine, the other two facing the painted tank and in normal colours.Beneath the statue is a large museum set into the hill itself. This is dedicated to the Second World War. However, the exhibits one sees immediately after entering and paying the entrance fee were actually of the conflict in the Donbass. The WWII section was more difficult to understand, as much of it was primary documents from the time and thus either in Russian, Ukrainian or (less frequently) in German. It told the story of the conflict through the outbreak of the war between the Nazis and the Soviets in 1941 through to the fall of Berlin in 1945. There was even a section showing captured katanas from Japanese officers when the Soviets conquered the Kwantung Army in Manchuria in 1945. Above this was another floor, forming the interior of the pedestal. This was covered with murals and names. We couldn’t figure out the names, but they seemed to be the names of generals, as the first name in the list was Zhukov’s, who was the highest ranking Red Army officer. If this was the case, the sheer number of generals gave an idea of the bewildering scale of the conflict; the largest in human history.
camais, Осло, Норвегия
This is a must to visit if you into history military and post sovjet history and new happening in Ukraine War.There is under the rodina mat a museum that I recommend totally to everyone starts from 1900-2020...Impressive abstract
Jana M, Нитра, Словакия
Monument sa nachádza v komplexe múzea 2 svetovej vojny. V tomto obrovskom komplexe sa nachádza aj múzeum vojenskej techniky.
alisonpriceLeeds, Лидс, Великобритания
Stopped here in the middle of a work trip -So even though the museum was closed it was well worth stopping off to see the statue and wall art work
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