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francesm624, Херефорд, Великобритания
We visited to see the giant statue and view then walk down through the cityWhen we got there we found s new museum has opened telling the history of Ukraine. It’s excellent as it deals with more than just Chernobyl or the Soviet Era. I never knew most of the European royal lines were founded by one of their Kings. There are Audio guides in many languages as well as English and the staff are really helpful and happy to see you. Definitely worth a visit to learn more about this fascinating country
하지만 다르다리우데 자네이루는 예수님이고이것은 조국의 어머니이다고통받고 억압받는 우크라이나 시민들을 지키는 수호자 같은동상
Questo luogo è all’interno di un grande parco dove sulla camminata si trovano mezzi militare di ogni genere.Sotto la statua si sviluppa una struttura come museo dove è possibile vedere oggetti appartenenti alla storia Ucraina passata e attuale.
woaqzo, Lyngby, Danmark
The monument is amazing, so is the view from here. some tanks in front, and some great soviet sculptures
derkemi, Pfaffstatten, Австрия
Hier kann man nicht nur die Rodina Mat Statue besichtigen sondern auch einen netten Spaziergang machen.Weiters sind viele Panzer, Flugzeuge, Helikopter ausgestellt zum besichtigen.
PietariP, Хельсинки, Финляндия
Nice statue and an interesting place. There's nice views all over Kiev from top of the statue. We went to first level and it was high enough for us. Top level was closed due to windy weather.
Gezginim, Ankara
Müzeleri ziyaret etmedik, ancak bahçesinde 2. Dünya savaşında kullanılan tanklar toplar var. Geniş uzun bir bahçeden sonra heykele ulaşıyorsunuz. Kiliselerden sonra Gezilecek yerleriniz arasına yazabilirsiniz
Holger B
Ein Besuch dieses Imposanten Denkmals ist ein Muss in Kiew. Sehr beeindruckend duie Größe des Denkmals. Der Park und das Museum ist insgesamt sehr militärlastig gestaltet.
margohmarkell, Манчестер, Великобритания
We visited the Statue of Motherland with our guide Kate and the Museum of World War II during a 6-hour tour of Kiev, which was designed individually for our family.And, probably, Motherland was the highlight of our itinerary. Its scale is breathtaking.I recommend to everyone
586samirz, Манама, Бахрейн
nice to roam around, I was not interested in the monuments. On a sunny day, you will have nice photos in the place.
Isa-Francis, Монреаль, Канада
As you can see this statue from far away, even on your way in Kiev... all has been said about the size of this thing.Standing next to it still makes the lady look impressively tall... and you extremely small.The complex houses a museum as well. It is quite big in size and has several rooms (technically 17, but 5 were closed during our visit). The topic of the museum is somewhat vague, as it covers a few things... but it is mainly about wars, from WW2 onward.If you are not speaking Ukrainian, you have to take the audioguide (50 UAH) as the descriptions are only in Ukrainian. The audioguide describes very thoroughly the items being on display. In fact... too thoroughly, as the descriptions go on for several minutes in each room, which made us lose our interest after 4 rooms. We then accelerated the visit pace and skipped most of the audioguide.Recommendation for the museum: Split your descriptions in various items, each with a number, matching the exhibit it will describe... so that the visitor can decide if he wants to listen to that part or not, depending on his interest. The access to the observation platform (regular one) is done at the top floor of the museum, where a very narrow elevator takes you a few floors up before you have to climb about 2 stories of submarine-like stairs. The view is interesting, but not that spectacular given the statue already sits on a hill herself, already prompting elevated views of the surroundings.Only for the statue and museum, expect to spend between 1,5 to 3 hours, depending on your interest in the museum.
PowerTrippersTravel, Leland, Iowa
The Motherland Statue is massive and can be seen from many different areas in Kiev. One of the best views of it can be seen via a Dnieper River cruise, which are very inexpensive and gives you great views of many parts of the city. The Motherland Statue looms large wherever you are in Kiev.-The Power Trippers
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