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Andrew L
I like to climb. This is a good cardio-fitness. City Hall offers the possibility to climb all the way up. Just follow the sign “Tower”.The view is really good.
817Tango, Южная Африка
Maciej B
Trochę trudu to wymaga (schody naprawdę wysokie - w końcu to 65 metrów nad poziomem Rynku), ale widoki to rekompensują. Za 30 hrywien/dorosły, 10 hr/dziecko można oczy nacieszyć widokami Miasta. Specjalnie użyłem wielkie M, bo Lwów (przynajmniej ten stary, przedwojenny) jawi mi się jako kwintesencja tego słowa - nie za mały, aby ujść za prowincjonalny grajdół i nie za wielki, aby zasłużyć na miano bezdusznego molocha.
Diana B
Walking up the 300+ stairs was well worth it because the view is breathtaking. Once you're at the top you get a nice view of the city.
CJW913, De Pere, Висконсин
This 4-story stone building, also called Ratusha, which is located in the center of Old Town, was built with symmetrical neo-Classical facades. It is a typical administrative building lacking the attractiveness of the other architecture in the historic area. About all it has going for it is that it is a tourist attraction for those who want to pay out money to climb the hundreds of steps for a view from the top. While some members of our tour group of 20 chose to ascend, my spouse and I remained at the bottom along with many others. All of us did however, enjoy the buglers dressed in red and gold military jackets who appeared in an upper window at 11 am to announce the hour. Other than that, I would hardly declare this the "main attraction of Lviv." There are so many other sights more worthy of this accolade.
Екатерина Алекс
Многовато подниматься вверх, но замечательный вид того стоит
Anastasia R
Конечно ступенек не так уж мало нужно пройти ,что б подняться туда ..Но то какой вас ждёт вид на город это того стоит безумно красивая панорама ,и такие красивые фото там получатсяобязательно сюда загляните
JamzyW, Гленротес, Великобритания
This place is well worth the effort to get to the top.. the views are amazing feom the top!.But, beware! The elevator only takes you up 4 levels.. then you have to walk up about a 800 steps to get to the top!! Worth it if you can do it!
Cветлана Б
Здорово, что в здание Ратуши-мэрии вход свободен. До четвёртого этажа можно подняться на лифте, но вот в саму башню довольно высоко карабкаться по ступенькам! Кто-то вроде считал: 306!) зато наверху очень красиво, ну и горнист - классно)
YuktiAgrawal, Дубай, ОАЭ
Very nice place with great views from top. It is the main attraction of Lviv and to be added in must visit list of Lviv attractions.
whydoineedthis, Торонто, Канада
It's a lot of stairs to reach the top of the City Hall bell tower, but the reward is a great panoramic view of the city, particularly if you have binoculars, but even without. On a hot day, as well, there's an added bonus of a light breeze possible at the top. Along the way you'll get a glimpse of the clockworks as well, which is neat. The climb is not especially arduous, but there's not really many places to stop for a break if you wind up needing one, either!
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